The ultimate Christmas cocktail guide: 17 of the best festive cocktails

Cocktails and Christmas go hand in hand, so why not veer away from the classic G&T and impress your guests with some of these superb spritzers

Christmas kir royale

Nothing says Christmas like a festive toast, and the perfect Christmas cocktail can make a gathering special.


If you want to impress your party guests this year, here’s our top pick of the best Christmas cocktails.

Coconutty Christmas

Coconutty christmas

Add a tropical twist to traditional Christmas flavours with this coconutty cocktail.

Creme brulee martini

Creme brulee martini

If you’re looking for an after Christmas dinner treat, then look no further. This surprisingly easy recipe creates a perfect and indulgent Christmas treat.

Cranberry Christmas in a glass

Cranberry christmas cocktail

Festive cocktails don’t get much simpler than this 4-ingredient sparkling cranberry gin cocktail recipe. This winter fizz is sure to impress all your guests!

Campari starry spritz

Campari spritzer

This simple festive spritz uses puts a Christmas twist on a cocktail classic – Campari.

Festive espresso martini

Christmas espresso martini

This Absolut and Kahlúa festive espresso martini features gingerbread and cinnamon – the perfect yuletide twist on a cocktail classic.

Winter berry mule

Winter berry mule

Fancy yuletide fun with the Chambord winter berry mule?

Give peach a chance

Peach and elderflower cocktail

While whole heartedly supporting John Lennon’s famous charge to ‘give peace a chance’, Belvoir urges us to ‘give peach a chance’ too and enjoy this boozy tipple. A few glasses of it and peace (and quiet) is highly unlikely!

Red fireside

Red fireside cocktail

Perfect for a guest who can handle the heat, this warming fireside cocktail is sure to banish any winter chills.

Pomegranate party punch

Pomegranate punch

A party isn’t a party without some punch – serve this in your favourite festive bowl for guests to help themselves.

Shooting star

Shooting star cocktail

Spritz in some edibile glitter spray to really make this shooting star sparkle.

Champagne velvet

Champagne christmas cocktail

If you really want to impress your guests, treat them to this sophisticated sugared spritz.

Scandinavian glögg

Scandinavian glogg cocktail

The perfect drink to warm your soul, this traditional and festive tipple is spiced with cinnamon and cloves.

Very berry serve

Warm chambord cocktail

Caught out in the cold? Cosy up with this Chambord very berry serve!

Honeyed spiced cider

Warm spiced christmas cider

This sweet and spiced cider is perfect for a cosy night in – simply mix it together and settle down by the fire.

Festive snapper

Spicy christmas cocktail

Not all Christmas cocktails have to be sweet… add some spice to the festive season with this fiery festive snapper.

Warming highland highball

Highland highball cocktail

This simple and warming winter cocktail is perfect for a chilly night.

Winter white grape kir royale

Christmas kir royale

Add a fashionable winter twist to an old time classic kir royale and impress your guests.