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Dressing room ideas: how to create your dream dressing room on any budget

Get inspired with ideas for dressing room chairs, mirrors, accessories and decor

Dressing room ideas

Here at YourHomeStyle, we think there’s something really exciting about decorating a dressing room. A low traffic space that’s unlikely to be seen by guests, a dressing room provides you with the perfect place to experiment with the colours, prints and textures that you might not be bold enough to display throughout the rest of the house, so it’s an ideal opportunity to get creative.


The good news? Although the mention of a dressing room might conjure up images of rows and rows of designer accessories, the reality is that you don’t actually need to have an entire spare room to create your very own stylish dressing area. Whether your style is glamorous, vintage or anything in between, we’ve got tips that can help you transform a tired corner or bland room into an impressive vanity space… Keep reading to discover our pick of the best dressing room ideas!