If you're an interiors enthusiast, chances are you'll have noticed that seagrass is becoming more and more common in decor. A light and natural material, it fits in with almost any scheme and won't become dated.


Seagrass is super-versatile and can be used in all sorts of ways around the home - it can even be woven into wallpaper or carpets - but seagrass storage baskets are among the most popular uses of this durable, natural fibre.

Although it may look similar to rattan and wicker, seagrass is different in that it grows entirely underwater in 'meadows' on the ocean floor around Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Naturally waterproof and usually un-dyed, seagrass storage baskets are an eco-friendly option for your home.

Seagrass baskets are a fab option for storing all kinds of items around your home. They are strong but ultra lightweight, which makes them a convenient option for heavy laundry loads, storing spare blankets or bedding, or even holding a load of firewood by the heath. A smaller seagrass basket makes a fab magazine holder or storage for crafting materials.

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You can find baskets in styles to fit all purposes, including large seagrass baskets with lids, lined laundry baskets and stylish 'belly baskets' for smaller storage needs.

Read on for our pick of the best seagrass baskets on the market in the UK right now. You're bound to find a style to suit you!

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Stylish seagrass baskets for your home

Havana Seagrass Laundry Basket

Havana Seagrass Laundry Basket

Best for: household laundry

Made's Havana seagrass laundry basket is ideal for a busy household. At 54cm tall (without lid) and 41cm wide, it will easily hold a full load ready for the washing machine.

A lidded storage basket is always a great option for laundry, making sure your dirty clothes stay out of sight for any unexpected visitors and preventing your room from looking cluttered. But what really makes the Havana stand out is its super-stylish look - handwoven in natural seagrass with black and white detailing and an eye-catching rope effect around the lid handle.

  • £79

Buy Havana Seagrass Laundry Basket, Made.com

Green Stripe Seagrass Hanging Planter, Oliver Bonas, £8.50

Green Stripe Seagrass Hanging Planter
Green Stripe Seagrass Hanging Planter, Oliver Bonas

Best for: showing off your plant life

Perfect for a boho decor scheme, this rope-basket style seagrass planter from Oliver Bonas can be used to display any kind of greenery around your home, but we think trailing foliage would look particularly special! And it comes in pink, too!

As we mentioned earlier, seagrass is naturally waterproof and therefore makes a hardy home for plant life - just make sure you dry off any watering can spillages to keep the material looking its best.

  • £8.50

Buy Green Stripe Hanging Planter, Oliver Bonas

Kino Foldaway Seagrass Trunk

Kino Foldaway Seagrass Trunk

Best for: out of sight storage

Seagrass baskets with lids are perfect for keeping bits and bobs all in one place. This lidded trunk from La Redoute is 60cm wide and 35cm tall, making it the perfect size for storing out-of-season clothes without cluttering up the room. Plus, it can be folded away when not in use!

  • £45

Buy Kino Foldaway Trunk from La Redoute

Bloomingville Mini Mushroom Seagrass Storage Basket

Bloomingville Mini Mushroom Seagrass Storage Basket, John Lewis,

Best for: storing toys

It's so easy for toys and games to end up strewn all over the floor, but a seagrass storage basket is a really easy way to keep toys tidy - plus, it's so lightweight it can easily be taken from room to room.

Not only is this seagrass basket from John Lewis the perfect size for getting toy cars, Lego bricks, books and dolls tidied away in a heartbeat, the adorable mushroom design is bound to brighten up a bedroom or playroom. Super-cute rocket and penguin storage baskets are also available, for a similar playful look.

  • £100

Buy Mini Mushroom Seagrass Storage Basket, John Lewis

Seagrass Belly Basket

black seagrass belly basket

Best for: all-round storage

Belly baskets - so called for their distinctive ridged and rounded middle - are a super versatile storage option.

Their flexible round structure means that a belly basket can be used to hold anything, from books to bedding - you can even take it to the shop and fill with groceries. If you're lucky enough to have a fire, you could pile up some wood inside and place it alongside the hearth.

This version by World Menagerie, available through Wayfair, comes in a striking black weave with an eye-catching white pom-pom trim. Strong undyed seagrass handles mean it can hold

  • £30.99

Buy Seagrass Belly Basket, Wayfair

Bloomingville Stacking Baskets with Lids

Bloomingville Stacking Baskets with Lids

Best for: creating a feature of your storage

Crafted from seagrass palm leaf, Bloomingville's stacking baskets feature a sleek woven herringbone pattern that will give your space a sophisticated edge.

The different size baskets are ideal for stacking and making a visual feature of your storage, but you can also style them in separate rooms of your house to tie it all together.

  • £130

Buy Bloomingville Stacking Baskets with Lids, Amara

Mira Storage Basket

Hemp Storage Basket

Best for: small space storage

If you’re short on floor space but need more storage, don’t fret! Wall-mounted woven baskets make a great alternative to traditional seagrass baskets, and are perfect for creating a relaxed but organised display.

These baskets from Not On the High Street are some of our favourites out there – they’re made from hemp and sturdy enough to store surplus toilet rolls, towels or magazines!

  • £45

Buy Mira Storage Basket, Not on the High Street

Multicolour Seagrass Laundry Basket

Multicolour Seagrass Laundry Basket

Best for: adding a splash of colour

If you're looking to add a splash of colour into your boho scheme, this eye-catching multicoloured laundry basket from Fy! might just be the storage solution for you! It measures in at 70cm tall, making it perfect for storing bulkier items of clothing, while the colourful herringbone pattern is great for livening up an otherwise earth-toned space.

  • £30

Buy Multicoloured Seagrass Basket, Fy!


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