How to install a floating shelf

Freestanding shelves can be hefty and overpower a small space so why not opt for a floating shelf? It's minimalist and saves on floor space - here's how to install yours

Floating wood shelf

Floating shelves are a great low-cost alternative to freestanding units and, often, they draw the eye upwards and make homeowners more aware of the height in their space.

Fitting one is super easy, so easy we’ve boiled it down to eight simple steps.


Step 1

Measuring for a floating shelf
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Choose where your shelf is to be installed on the wall and mark a centre line for where it will hang.

Step 2

Next, mark a level line on the wall using a spirit level.

Step 3

Measure from one end of the shelf to each of the bracket holes.

Step 4

Transfer this measurement onto the wall, marking either end.

Step 5

Using the hammer drill and the 10mm drill bit, drill each mark 60mm deep with the back end of the drill lifted five degrees (approximately 20mm upwards).

Step 6

Insert the grey rawlplugs and push in until flush with the face of wall.

Step 7

Then, screw brackets into the rawlplugs using the 10mm open ended spanner.

Step 8

Fitting a floating shelf DIY
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Finally, slide the shelf half way onto the brackets and adjust to fit by rotating the brackets with the 10mm spanner.

Once level, push the shelf all the way onto the brackets.


Your new floating shelf is now fitted.


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