Cloffice ideas: how to create the ultimate work-from-home space

Take a look at our ultimate guide, including what cloffice means and what you’ll need to create your own, with inspiring cloffice décor ideas!

Cloffices are set to be one of the hottest décor trends of 2021 – but wait, what exactly is a cloffice? And how do you create one in your own home?


We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled the ultimate cloffice guide, so you can stay up-to-date with Pinterest’s hottest new interior design trend.

White could be a little cold as a backdrop in an office shed, but Lisa warmed the room up with soft wooden-effect flooring and lots of throws, sheepskin rugs and accessories with hints of pink, copper and green

Read on to discover everything you need to know about Cloffices, including what you’ll need to create your own, and cloffice décor ideas!

What is a cloffice?

The term cloffice specifically refers to a closet that has been repurposed as a home office, but it can also be used to describe any small space – cupboard, cloakroom or corner – that has been transformed into an at-home study.

Cloffice ideas
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Cloffices typically feature lots of clever space saving solutions and multi-purpose furniture, which allow you to better separate your work life from your home life. Cloffices also tend to feature inspiring décor that allows you to have a more productive work-from-home space.

How to build a cloffice

The exact elements you’ll want to incorporate into your personal cloffice will obviously depend on the space you’ve chosen to repurpose, but there are some key features:


Whether you choose floating shelves, adjustable shelves on brackets or slimline shelves, open shelving is an integral part of a cloffice as it allows you to keep everything you need close at hand. Some cloffices feature floor to ceiling shelving solutions while others feature one wrap-around shelf, so when it comes to shelf design, the choice is completely yours.

Cloffice ideas
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If you’re working with an awkward space, it might be a good idea to opt for bespoke shelves so that they can fit round corners or sit snugly against the wall. Undulating shelves (recently featured on Interior Design Masters) also make a great design feature.

Whatever the shape of your cloffice, try to think outside the box and utilise every bit of useable space when designing your shelves. They’re there to serve a practical purpose as well as a decorative one!


A great desk is a home office essential, but when you’re working with a small cloffice space, it’s even more important to have a desk area that will function as efficiently as possible.

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Before deciding on your cloffice desk, it’s super important to understand exactly how you’ll use the space. Do you need somewhere to keep stacks of paperwork close at hand? Do you need somewhere you can spread tools out and be creative? Or do you just need somewhere to house your desktop or laptop?

All of these factors will help you to decide whether you order a traditional desk and slot it into your space, or whether it’s worth opting for a bespoke, wall-fixed option. You can further customise your desk with a lick of furniture paint (check out our Frenchic guide here) or even use pouring resin to create an interesting finish.

If a flatpack desk won’t provide you with enough surface area, the other option you have is to install a fold out table into your cloffice space. Make sure you measure your space carefully before-hand, then ask a carpenter to create a fold-away desk that extends beyond the boundary of your closet.

Cloffice ideas
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If you’re feeling DIY confident, you can always do this yourself with a piece of MDF and some hinges, adding some paint for a more professional finish. Just keep in mind that if you opt for a fold away desk, you might need to add extra storage to tidy away your desktop essentials when the desk isn’t in use!

Office chair

No home office is complete without a statement office chair, and it also provides you with the perfect opportunity to express your personal style.

Much like with choosing your cloffice desk, before you order a chair it’s important to consider a few key factors about how you’ll use it. Think about whether you’ll store it inside or outside the cloffice space (if it has doors), whether you’ll want it to tuck neatly away under your desk, and if you want a chair with wheels or not.

Find your ideal office chair with our round-up of the best desk chairs for all budgets.

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When all of these considerations have been taken into account, you can then move on to deciding what style chair you want. Whether you choose an ergonomic model, a sleek, Scandi-style wooden option or a statement scalloped-edge velvet piece, make sure it reflects the overall style of your space as well as providing optimum comfort.

If you’re building your cloffice from scratch, it’s definitely worth waiting until the majority of other elements – shelving, desk, storage – are in before ordering a chair, just so you can ensure you get accurate measurements and order a chair that fits under your desk as perfectly as possible.


As with any small space, efficient storage is a must, and the solutions you choose will determine how effectively you can work within your space.

When thinking about storage, it’s useful to separate . Most cloffices will need somewhere to store stationary, somewhere to store important paperwork and somewhere to keep electrical items such as chargers. Don’t miss our round-up of the best stylish filing cabinets to get some inspiration!

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Remember, if you’re going to be settling down in your cloffice for full days at a time, it’s important to make sure your space is as comfortable as it can possibly be. Why not take your storage solutions one step further keep a seagrass storage basket filled with blankets and an extra cushion under your desk? If you’re feeling super creative, you can follow our steps on how to make your own pom pom storage basket here.


Wherever you choose to create your cloffice – closet, cupboard or otherwise – it’s super important that you create a distinct division between your work space and the rest of your home if you want to ensure maximum productivity.

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If you’re setting up your cloffice in a space that doesn’t have a door, it’s worth installing some sort of partition device – such as a sliding door – so that distractions are kept to a minimum while you work. If installing a door isn’t possible, don’t fret – room dividers or curtains work just as well as a space zoning solution and will provide you with that all important privacy while still looking stylish.

Filing cabinets

We can all agree that no office space is complete without a filing cabinet, so why should your cloffice be any different?


Last but not least, you’ll need to add plenty of accessories to make your cloffice feel complete.

It’s important that you treat a cloffice as you would a regular sized room in your house if you want to get the full benefits from your work space. Dress your shelves with quirky houseplants (find out where to buy houseplants online) photo frames and décor accessories like these DIY terrazzo vases for a fun feel.

Cloffice ideas
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Add candles for a zen feel, or even set up an essential oils diffuser and mist scents that will give your creative juices a boost. Not sure how to set the right ambiance for your space? Check out our interview with expert aromatherapist Nathalie Allard to find out which essential oils blend works best for a home office here!

Decorating your cloffice – our favourite decor ideas

Although your cloffice is first and foremost a functional space, this certainly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get creative with decor. In fact, it’s likely that the more thought and effort you put into decorating your space, the more likely you are to enjoy spending time in it, therefore increasing your productivity levels as you work from home. If you’re keen to decorate your cloffice but you’re not sure where to start, here are some of our favourite cloffice décor ideas:

1. Blackboard paint

If you’re the sort of person who likes jotting down notes as you work, a chalkboard wall will make a great addition to your cloffice.

Cloffice ideas
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Simply choose a wall that’s easy to reach from your desk chair and apply blackboard paint for a quirky but practical display.

2. Mirrors

If you want to make your home feel lighter without breaking the bank, it’s a well-known fact that adding a mirror to your room will create the illusion of more space whilst bouncing light around. This is exactly the reason why mirrors make a great addition to a home office – not only are they a great design feature, but they’ll make your small space feel that little bit roomier.

Whether you opt for mirrored tiles, a freestanding mirror or multiple feature mirrors, don’t be afraid to be creative when it comes to mirror shapes. Round mirrors are great for balancing the feel of a cloffice with plenty of horizontal shelving, whilst boho-inspired mirrors, like this sunburst mirror that you can make at home, are great for softening your space.

3. Feature walls

Psychology teaches us that certain colours have a specific effect on our mood, and this is a useful thing to bear in mind when it comes to decorating our cloffices. Bright, bold colours are great for encouraging creativity, but as cloffices are, by definition, very small spaces, sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming to commit to painting a whole space with a bright, vibrant shade – but this is where feature walls come in!

Cloffice ideas
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If you want your space to feel creative, something like a painted wall arch will provide your cloffice a burst of colour whilst simultaneously adding interest and depth to a space. If freehand painting isn’t your thing, why not add vibrant wallpaper to one wall and paint the remaining walls brilliant white? Whatever you choose to do, don’t be afraid to be bold!

4. Wall décor

So you’ve set up your cloffice… you’ve chosen your colour scheme, set up your desk and office chair and set your stationary up on the shelves, but somehow the space is still looking a bit lacklustre. Enter, wall decor!

Cloffice ideas
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Whether you’re a fan of slick photography gallery walls, 70s style macrame wall hangings or unique personalised wall art, don’t be afraid to be bold when it comes to decorating the walls of your cloffice. Add art in-between the shelves, in freestanding frames and in corners to add interest. Our top tip? Choose images and accessories that will motivate you as you work. We love making our own artwork with inspiring quotes – check out how to make your own custom quote frame here.

5. Cushions

When you’re working from home comfort truly is key, so it’s worth spending some time choosing a few soft furnishings that’ll bring your space to life.

If you’re working with a full sized closet, why not add a stack of large floor cushions to create a second working area? If your space is on the smaller side, this doesn’t mean you have to be any less creative… accessorise your office chair with beautiful throws and blankets to create a space that works with you as the temperatures shift.

6. Rugs

Whether your cloffice has a door, a room divider or nothing at all, rugs are perfect for zoning your space and create a division between your work area and the rest of your home.

Cloffice ideas
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If you don’t have a door separating your cloffice from the rest of your room, try setting up your desk and office chair on-top of a large-ish rug to create a clear zone that’s visually separate from the other parts of your room. If your cloffice is behind a door or in a cupboard, smaller rugs will add warmth to your space and make it feel homely.

7. Coat hooks

Although decorative hooks are usually associated with a hallway or kitchen, they actually make a really handy addition to a home office. If your cloffice is a creative space, why not use quirky decorative hooks to hang draw string bags filled with art supplies and stationary? They also provide a great place to keep lanyards with USB drives stored safely, with easy access.

8. Pin boards

Whether you choose a traditional fabric covered board or make your own quirky hexagon cork board, pin boards make such a useful addition to any work-from-home space.

Cloffice ideas
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Use them to make motivational mood boards, display your vision board or pin up important reminders and memos.


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