How to make your own ombré wall hanging

This stylish boho-style wall hanging combines basic macramé techniques with dip-dye to create an eye-catching ombré effect

ombré wall hanging

Create a gorgeous wall hanging for your bedroom or living space. We’ve used teal green shades but you can choose your colours to match your décor. Macramé and dip-dye are easy to learn and budget-friendly too.

You will need

● 2 wide buckets/bowls
● 1 roll of macramé string (cotton is best to absorb the dye)
● Scissors
● Masking tape
● Rubber gloves
● 2 dip-dye paint colours (we used Rit All-Purpose Liquid Fabric Dye in Emerald Green and Dark Green)
● Wood dowel
● Warm water


Step 1

First, decide on how long you want the macramé string to hang off your dowel. Double this length and add a little extra on too, so that it can loop around the dowel. The strings can be slightly longer at this stage, as you can trim them down after the dyeing process.

Fold the string in half, then use the Lark’s Head Knot technique to loop the string around the dowel (as shown) leaving at least an inch of the wooden dowel bare on either end.

Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 14.33.08

Step 2

Pour the dye paints into two separate buckets following the preparation method on the bottle. You might want to protect the general work area with old rags or plastic coverings in case of any drips or splashes.

Step 3

Wearing rubber gloves, gently and evenly dip your strings into the lighter of the two dye paints first. Make sure to leave around a third of the top part of the strings bare.


Step 4

Slowly pull the strings out and squeeze any excess dye water out.

Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 14.34.03

Step 5

Next, dip the lower third of the strings into the darker dye. Make sure to stop dipping around halfway up the paler dyed section. When you’re ready to remove the strings, squeeze any excess dye water out again.

Step 6

Attach another piece of string to the wood dowel on either side so you can hang it up to dry. Then, leave the dip dye wall hanging to dry overnight. It’s best to let it dry outside as the dye might drip onto your floor.

Step 7

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Once the wall hanging is dry, lay it out on a flat surface and use a ruler or masking tape along the bottom edge to create a straight line. Then, trim off any uneven ends. Now you can hang up your bespoke creation!

Project and images courtesy of Furniture and Choice