How to create painted wall arches

DIY painted wall arches have been cropping up all over the interiors scene this year - here's how to paint one on your wall

DIY painted wall arches

Painted wall arches have become super popular in recent months, and we love the idea of using this graphic shape at the end of a hallway to provide a burst of colour, or to flank your fireplace for a finish that feels architectural and contemporary. But painting one either side of your bed is definitely our favourite, and you can find out exactly how to do it here.

DIY painted wall arches
DIY painted wall arches

Choose a bold colour for a striking transformation, or select a tonal shade for a more subtle freshen up. Whichever colour you choose, your bedroom will feel like new in no time, as this is a quick and easy project. But before you start make sure your walls are all prepared for painting

DIY painted wall arches
DIY painted wall arches

Once you’ve mastered this skill, you’ll want to start colour blocking all over the house!

You will need:


Paint (we used Crown Cushion Craze)

Painter’s tape or masking tape



Artist’s paint brush

Roller and tray


Thumb tack or drawing pin


Step 1

Make two rough marks on the wall where you’d like the top of your arch to start and finish. Measure the distance between the marks and divide by two to get the radius of your arch.

Step 2

Tie one end of a piece of string securely around a pencil. Then cut the piece of string to a length that’s 1cm longer than the radius of your arch.

Step 3

Find the centre point of your arch between your initial two marks and hold the last 1cm of string between your thumb and the wall at this point. If you have one to hand, a thumb tac or drawing pin will make the next step easier. Hold the string against the wall using the thumb tac or drawing pin at the 1cm point.

Step 4

Place the tip of the pencil on the wall at the first of your initial marks then slowly pull the pencil up and over the centre point. Make sure you keep the string tight at all times until you reach the mark on the other side.

Step 5

Once you’re happy with the arch, run two pieces of painter’s or masking tape down from the ends of the arch to the floor or skirting board. A really easy way to make sure these lines are straight is to hold the string with the pencil attached at the edge of the arch. Tape the opposite end to the pencil at the starting point and use the hanging cord as a guide to create a straight line with your painter’s or masking tape.

DIY painted wall arches

Step 6

Starting with the arch, paint up to the edge of the template. When you’re trying to paint a neat line don’t start at the line. Start painting just below the line, then press the paint brush down into the wall to create a large flat surface. Move this slowly towards and along the line for maximum control.

DIY painted wall arches


Step 7

Once you’ve painted along the arch, use the same brush to paint over the painter’s or masking taped edges. To minimise bleeding, paint from the tape to the wall.

Step 8

After painting the edge fill in the inside using the roller. You may need multiple coats of paint to get a solid finish. Ensure each coat is dry before starting the next.

DIY painted wall arches

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