If you’re a lover of carefree, eclectic and relaxed interiors, you can’t go wrong with boho style.

The free-spirited look is just the ticket if you’re after a space that feels personal, homely and lived-in, and, thanks to its timeless but versatile nature, it’s just as effective at breathing new life into a period property as it is adding character to a new-build.

Boho style is unconventional by definition, so to make things just that little bit easier, we’ve done some research into the iconic decor style and broken down some of its key features.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about boho-style interiors, plus our favourite boho home accessories. Happy decorating!

What is boho style décor?

The word ‘bohemian’ traditionally referred to someone who society considered unconventional, and this is a term that perfectly sums up the boho decor ethos.

Dahlia Yellow Corduroy Cushion, Urban Outfitters
Image by Urban Outfitters

Whereas most of the interior styles we’re familiar with today are all about achieving a very defined look, boho-style is more about surrounding yourself with eclectic, comfortable furniture that means something to you, and layering it with cool textures and fabrics - think fringe, crochet and macrame.

Boho décor ideas

There really are no rules when it comes to boho décor, but if you’re thinking of embracing this free-spirited aesthetic in your own home, here are some things you might want to include:

Boho colours

Warm, earthy tones are a firm boho favourite thanks to their soothing and calming effect. As earth tones are quite literally rooted in nature, they’re great at bringing about the sense of relaxation that’s key to a boho scheme. Don’t be afraid to mix and match them with vivid bright colours, or even deep jewel tones for a more dramatic vibe.

Estelle Floor Mirror, Urban Outfitters
Image by Urban Outfitters

If you prefer your rooms to feel open and airy, you might choose to paint your walls white before adding lashings of terracotta and putty with textured accessories.

If your ideal room has more of a cocooning effect, try using a deeper colour palette on the walls – you can do this with paint, wallpapers, or even floor-to-ceiling tapestries.

Essential Home
Image by Essential Home

Boho cushions

Boho interiors are all about personality and character, so when you’re choosing the cushions for your scheme, don’t hold back. Whether you’re styling a bedroom, living room or even kitchen, the key is to combine cushions of as many sizes, colours and textures as possible to avoid creating a look that appears too carefully curated.

Tussi Ami Cushion Cover, Nkuku
Image by Nkuku

If you want to achieve a classic boho look without investing in a whole new set of cushions, try adding a few that have tassels or tufts to your existing collection. Cushions with woven geometric motifs are also great for adding to the eclectic boho feel, especially if they feature Santa Fe inspired tones.

Boho Patterned Cushion, Urban Outfitters

Image by Urban Outfitters

Boho furniture

One of the great things about creating a boho look is that when it comes to furniture, the more mismatched the better. Instead of opting for matching sets, fill your rooms with individual pieces that you love. Your space should feel characterful, lived-in and homely.

Greta Recycled Leather XL Sofa Bed, Urban Outfitters
Image by Urban Outfitters

Anything with an artisanal look will be right at home in a boho room, especially pieces that feature rustic wood or faux leather finishes. Where you can, opt for low profile, relaxed pieces over structured and formal ones - they'll keep your space feeling cosy and inviting. Add a few floor cushions for good measure and your space will be good to go!

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House of Flora
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Rattan furniture

If there's one thing every boho scheme needs, it's rattan! Whether it's in the form of a headboard, room divider or a chic 70s style chair, cane furniture will instantly give your rooms a bohemian vibe.

Urban Renewal Vintage 70s Cane Peacock Chair, Urban Outfitters
Image by Urban Outfitters

If you don't want to buy new, you can often find vintage rattan furniture in charity shops, second-hand markets or online. To complete the look, make sure to style up your cane pieces with soft textures - woven cushions and throws work really well, as do faux fur rugs.

Canoga Rattan Bed, Urban Outfitters
Image by Urban Outfitters

Boho rugs

As boho schemes are all about comfort, it’s important to opt for furniture and accessories that have a grounding effect on a room. Rugs are brilliant at anchoring a space and creating different zones – you can even layer rugs of different sizes and textures to create even more of a boho impact.

Boho Hippolyta Rug, Fy!
Image by Fy!

In terms of rug styles, Berber rugs are particularly suited to a boho scheme, as are those with an Aztec inspired design, woven detailing, fringe or tassels.

Again, the best thing you can do with a boho inspired scheme is think outside the box, so don’t play it safe with rugs – you can layer your feature rug with smaller faux fur ones, or even hang them on the walls as an alternative tapestry.

Azilal Rug, Abigail Ahern
Image by Abigail Ahern

Boho wall art

While framed prints and gallery walls always have their place in a decor scheme, the more texture you can add the better - think woven tapestries, macrame wall hangings, interesting plaques, or even a DIY flower wall.

Gold Moon Banner, Urban Outfitters
Image by Urban Outfitters

Canopies are also great at ramping up the boho feel in a room, especially when they're made from interesting patterned fabric or floaty voile.

To finish the look and give your space a magical feel, don't forget to add fairy lights - intertwine them in the canopy fabric or choose fairy light curtains to create a relaxed feature wall.

Jalen Rust Tufted Wall Hanging, Urban Outfitters
Image by Urban Outfitters

Boho accessories

Remember – an authentic, bohemian space is one that is personal to you, so don’t be afraid to fill it to the brim with treasured possessions and trinkets from your travels. If you have crystals, handmade items or ceramics, pop them on open shelving to create a relaxed display. Use seagrass baskets to store extra throws and cushions.

Rustca Flower Ceramic Banner, Urban Outfitters
Image by Urban Outfitters

Houseplants are also an essential element of a boho scheme thanks to their wellness-enhancing qualities, and again, more really is more. When you’ve filled open floor space with plants, look up – hanging planters filled with trailing plants will be the perfect finish touch to your boho room.

Shop boho decor

Feeling inspired to decorate with boho style? Here are some of our favourite boho decor accessories on the market right now!

Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame Wall Hanging

If your walls are looking a little bit lacklustre, why not inject some bohemian flair with a macrame wall hanging? A woven tapestry is a great alternative to traditional wall art - not only will it add visual interest to your room, but thanks to its woven elements, it’ll also add a level of texture and warmth. We love the tranquil, abstract nature scene on this wall hanging from the Weldomcor Store on Amazon – it adds a touch of colour and interest to a space without looking overwhelming. Its design is also super versatile, so you could hang It in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway or even bathroom. Try styling it with dried grasses and woven cushion covers to up the boho vibes!

Golden Ray Throw Cushion

Throw Cushion

Throw these 70s-inspired cushions on a sofa, bed or feature chair to add instant boho vibes. We love the combination of sunny yellow, fresh white and burnt orange - it'll add a summery energy to your space all year round!

Jute Natural Pouffe

Jute Natural Pouffe

Style this jute pouffe in a living room or bedroom to introduce relaxed, bohemian vibes. Whether you use it as extra seating, a stylish footrest or simply a decor accessory, its natural woven exterior is great for giving your rooms a laid-back, lived-in look.

Bali Natural Rattan Standing Storage Shelves

Bali Natural Rattan Standing Storage Shelves

Featuring natural rattan weaving and stained bamboo wood, these chic, rattan storage shelves look like they've come straight from a cool vintage shop. Use them to display treasured trinkets, trailing plants and your favourite books for a beautiful boho display.

Moon Phase Mirror

Moon Phase Mirror

You don’t have to have to be an interiors enthusiast to know how much a mirror can transform a space, and that couldn’t ring truer than with boho décor schemes. As boho schemes tend to layer textures, colours and furniture of different styles and eras, adding a mirror is a perfect way to keep your space feeling open, light and fresh. As boho décor champions all things alternative and interesting, something like this Moon Phases decorative mirror – available from Amazon – makes a perfect addition to your scheme. You can add it to a gallery wall for a quirky, eclectic display, or even style it solo to make more of a statement.

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