In recent years grey has quickly become one of the most coveted colours to use in living room décor, and it’s easy to see why.

From soft, feathery dove tones to intense, chalky charcoals, grey is arguably one of the most versatile colours out there, and whatever your personal style, there's almost definitely a shade to suit the vibe you're trying to create.

Once viewed as a 'cold' shade suited to industrial or institutional interiors, interior enthusiasts all over the world have shown that if styled right, grey can actually be quite a comforting and timeless tone to use in your interior. What's more, with some clever planning and research, grey rooms can be styled up to suit your taste exactly and restyled as it changes, making it a budget-friendly choice if you’re thinking more long term.

The best news? Grey decor isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In 2020, searches for grey paint and grey decor ideas soared, with its meteoric rise in popularity being topped off when Pantone named Ultimate Grey as one of its two colours of the year for 2021.

So, if you're thinking of going for grey but aren't quite sure which shade to choose, these grey living room ideas are here to give you some inspiration.

Read on to discover how to use grey in your living room décor, plus all of our favourite grey living room ideas.

Grey living room ideas

Charcoal grey living room

If charcoal grey is your thing, balance your room and keep it feeling soft and cosy by opting for warm toned furnishings.

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Dusky pink and copper accessories work perfectly at stabilising a cool grey, and you can keep the look fresh by adding striking monochrome prints.

Light grey décor ideas

For brilliant white lovers who want something a bit more impactful, goose down grey is the way to go. The feather-like tone creates a beautiful, gentle backdrop for rustic-industrial textures like weathered tiles and black wire – just be sure to add in some softness with pampas grass and warm wooden finishes (this DIY sunburst mirror is ideal).

Image credit: Snug Sofa
Image credit: Snug Sofa

A light grey scheme isn't just for modern homes - if you have a period property, stylish wall panelling and built-in alcoves can be kept looking impactful with light, cornflower grey.

When you've created your grey panelled backdrop, juxtapose traditional furnishings with quirky nautical-inspired pieces to create a quirky, characterful look - mix freestanding globes and droplet chandeliers with coastal ceramics and driftwood.

Modern grey living room ideas

If you want to use grey in a modern living room, try layering tactile soft furnishings in a neutral colour palette against concrete-coloured, sculptural accessories.

Image credit: DelightFULL
Image credit: DelightFULL

Add in dashes of intense chocolate and terracotta with earth-toned accessories, and your room will feel sleek and contemporary, but with added depth and warmth.

Grey and gold décor

To achieve ultimate laid-back Scandi-style, pair feathery dove grey with ash flooring, but be sure to dial up the homely feel with a touch of brushed gold.

Image credit: Snug Sofa
Image credit: Snug Sofa

Balance the harsh edges of your room with wavy mirrors and curved furniture to keep it feeling inviting, adding in cosy textures and natural green houseplants (here's where to buy houseplants online) for a warm but airy feel.

Grey sofa ideas

If you want to embrace the grey living room décor trend without painting your walls grey, there are plenty of ways you can introduce the colour into your space.

furniture and choice Hayward Dove Grey L Shape Corner Sofa
Image credit: Furniture and Choice

Grey sofas are a great investment piece because not only do they work well at hiding stains, but they coordinate with a number of different colours. Plus, you can style them up with different accent accessories time and time again and refresh the look of your space without breaking the bank - try pairing cool grey with a playful peach colour (as pictured above) for a fresh take on the traditional grey and blush interior trend.

More like this

Grey carpet

Much like grey sofas, grey carpet is a timeless choice for a room – it’ll coordinate with nearly all other colours, and whether you’re a fan of bright vibrant walls or laid-back neutrals, chances are there’s a grey carpet that’ll match.

Image credit: Caffe Latte
Image credit: Caffe Latte

If you’re working with a room that has low ceilings, opt for a carpet that’s a few shades darker than that of your walls – this will have a grounding effect that creates the illusion of more space by drawing the eye upwards.

Choose a light, stone-grey tone if you want to make a small room feel bigger, or be bold and pair a dark grey carpet with more dark décor if you want to transform your space into a sumptuous, cosy retreat.

Grey wallpaper

If you want to prevent a grey room from feeling flat, grey wallpaper is great for adding texture and depth without overwhelming a space.

woodchip and magnolia NEW_ Zephyr - Just Trees Grey Mural
Image credit: Woodchip and Magnolia

For a bold, statement look, try creating a feature wall using a grey and white mural (as pictured above) or a bold, patterned paper. For a more subtle feel, you can paper the whole room in understated, textured paper - this will help it to feel cosy but understated.

Best grey living room ideas

Are you still in need of some grey decor inspiration? Check out this gallery of our favourite grey living room ideas!

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