From candy to coral and soft blush to salmon, pink is an extremely versatile shade that’s especially flattering in bedrooms.


Rosy or pastel pinks are a well-known way to create a soothing vibe in your decor, while pinks from the more vibrant side of the spectrum – think fuchsia or watermelon – are great for brightening up a space, so it’s no surprise that pink has become a go-to colour for decorating everything from an understated master suite to a quirky guest bedroom.

Is pink a good colour for a bedroom?

‘Pinks are great for adding a touch of personality to your room’ explains Judy Smith, a Colour Consultant with Crown. ‘It’s an upbeat colour that goes surprisingly well with lots of other colours. You can pair it with bold accessories for a modern feel or style it with soft, neutral accessories for a prettier look.’

So, whether you’re looking to create a playful, boho haven or a sun-soaked Santa Fe look, pink might just be the shade you’ve been looking for.

From dusty rose headboards to flamingo pink feature walls, keep reading to discover how to style a pink bedroom, plus our pick of the best pink shades for a bedroom.

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Best pink bedroom ideas

Blush pink bedroom

If you’re interested in the idea of pink décor but keen to steer clear of sugary-sweet, blush pink is a subtle, sophisticated shade that has gained great popularity for its warming but subtle effect in a room.

pink bedroom ideas - the best blush pink paint
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What colours go with blush pink?

Thanks to its neutral tone, blush pink works particularly well in contemporary homes, but it also looks effective when styled with natural accents, like dried grasses and rattan furniture.

As the shade often has a warm apricot undertone, blush pink can make a great alternative to magnolia or cream walls - just be sure to swatch the shade and view it under different lighting conditions before you paint the whole room.

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pink bedroom ideas - the best blush pink paint
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‘Blush pink can work in every room of the home, but it works especially well in a bedroom’ explains Judy, whose favourite blush paint is Crown’s Pashmina.

‘Blush tones add warmth to a north facing room, but also look clean and refined with the brightness of a south facing one' she adds.

'It’s an idyllic shade for matching to existing furniture and soft furnishings, but it also provides the perfect backdrop to a room. You can be bold and use black accessories, or add softer, more neutral accessories to give it a prettier look.’

Pink and grey bedroom

Blush pink and grey has become a popular décor combo in recent years, with many interior enthusiasts turning to muted pink to warm up a room with grey walls.

If you’re looking to try out this combination, however, colour expert Judy says you don’t have to stick to blush shades to create a warm, welcoming feel.

pink bedroom ideas - blush pink and grey decor
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‘I really like the balance of seeing pinks with tones of grey,’ says Judy. ‘Pale pinks look great paired with charcoal greys, but a stronger tone of pink also looks great with a paler grey. Pink is such a versatile colour that you can even be bold and pair it with black paint or accessories.’

pink bedroom ideas - blush pink and grey decor
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If you decide to embrace this colour combination, there are a few décor tricks that will help you to get the most out of the scheme. Metallic finishes – think copper and steel - will bring a pink and grey room to life, and don’t forget to add pops of greenery with plenty of houseplants.

‘If you’re opting for a pink and grey pairing, try to keep your flooring as neutral as possible,’ Judy adds.

Pink feature walls in the bedroom

If you’re unsure of how to style a pink bedroom, a pink feature wall is a great, budget-friendly way to dip your toe into the pink trend, without having to paint your whole room.

No matter what shade or intensity you opt for, a pink feature wall will having a warming effect on your décor scheme, so it’s a perfect option if you’re aiming to make your bedroom feel more cosy and inviting.

pink bedroom ideas - pink feature wall
Image credit: Annie Sloan

For a sophisticated, subtle look, try painting one wall in ballet shoe pink, and paint the remaining walls in an off white, neutral or light grey shade.

To get a more cosy feel, take inspiration from the cottagecore trend and layer in floral bedding, throws and lots of rustic accessories.

Or if you're after a more modern vibe, style your feature wall up with crisp white bed linen and minimalistic accessories with strong silhouettes.

If you love darker and richer tones and want to enhance the rich shades of plum, damson and crimson check out our burgundy red home decor ideas.

pink bedroom ideas - pink feature wall
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If you prefer your bedroom décor to be bold, you can always use a stronger pink tone as an accent colour and go wild with pattern and texture.

For a showstopping feature, you can paint freehand designs onto your wall (get inspired with our painted wall arch tutorial), or add panelling or bold wallpaper murals with gold leaf motifs.

Pink bedroom wall art

If you want to incorporate pink into your bedroom scheme without the need for paint and wallpaper, you can’t go wrong with some statement wall decor.

If a relaxed, boho-inspired bedroom is what you’re after, opt for soft, textured wall décor – think tapestries and macramé hangings – with pink motifs and material woven through them.

pink bedroom ideas - pink wall art
Image credit: Oliver Bonas

Pink gallery walls are also a great way to add a dose of interest to a neutral room. For a professional look, choose a group of prints that all have the same tone of pink running through them, or mix and match prints with different shades for a quirky, relaxed feel.

pink bedroom ideas - pink gallery wall
Image credit: Desenio

To create a soft, feminine gallery wall, for example, choose a group of nature-inspired prints that all have the same shade of pink somewhere in their design. If you’re after a punchy, modern gallery wall, on the other hand, choose abstract, graphic and typography prints in different shades of pink.

Pink and green bedroom

If you’re looking to add some interest to a traditional pink décor scheme, grey certainly isn’t your only option. Although green isn’t necessarily the first colour to spring to mind when you think of accessorising a pink décor scheme, most green tones make a great accompaniment to pink walls, and adding a splash of green in the form of a houseplant is guaranteed to make a pink space feel fresh.

Image credit: Lime Lace

If your ideal bedroom has a soft, romantic feel to it, be sure to choose tones from the lighter side of the spectrum and team them with plenty of light fabrics and florals. Light, sage green looks best against pink with a grey undertone, whilst something more punchy – like mint – pairs best with pastel pink.

Image credit: Ella James

If it’s drama you’re after, try matching dusky berry tones with a deep forest or moss green. This combination works particularly well in period properties with high ceilings or homes with an autumnal colour palette - to bring the space to life, add in a splash of mustard yellow or burnt rust.

Pink bedroom inspiration

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