Room dividers have been used as a clever space zoning solution for centuries, as well as draught-blockers and decorative accessories. Today, we still feature them in our décor schemes, but they’re also invaluable for remote working. A stylish screen makes for an interesting yet professional background when you’re on a Zoom call, while also providing valuable privacy for your personal space.


Plus, room dividers are also brilliant for bedrooms and living areas as a way to break up the space or screen off messy corners.

Arkin chair moss green, £249; Fulton ladder desk, £129; Leiden grey desk lamp, £22, all Dunelm

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The best room dividers for space zoning

We’ve done all the hard work and found the best room dividers on the market. And if you’re searching for design inspiration, take a look at our room divider ideas section below.

Costway Panel Folding Room Divider

Best wooden room divider

Costway Panel Folding Room Divider on a coloured background

For natural, rustic aesthetics, you can’t go wrong with one of these folding room dividers. With a solid base and simple slatted top, it features elegant design details while maintaining a clean, unfussy look.

Choose the white version for airy modern and coastal homes, or opt for the divider with the darker ‘natural’ stain to add warm tones to any room. Both are made from high-quality paulownia wood.

These room dividers are 170cm in height, so they’re tall enough to be a privacy screen in your bedroom or study area.

Habitat Rattan Room Divider

Most versatile

Habitat Rattan Room Divider on a coloured background

Habitat combines rustic rattan with modern black piping in this chic room divider. Opting for this on-trend choice is a great way to balance cosy wood tones with sleek industrial styling.

The rattan weave is fairly loose, so this room divider would work well as a decorative piece as opposed to a privacy screen.

Gold Blossom Room Divider

Best premium room divider

Gold Blossom Room Divider on a coloured background

On the premium end of the spectrum is this beautiful room divider. With its shimmering golden tones and oriental-style decoration, it’s a real showstopper. In fact, it would make an eye-catching investment piece to pass down through the generations.

You could put this folding screen in a light, airy room to add instant glamour, but it would look just as great against other bold furnishings and dramatic wallpaper.

Rattan Webbing Screen

Best rattan room divider

Rattan Webbing Screen in a home

You can always rely on Cox & Cox for tasteful, high-quality home accessories, and this room divider is definitely worthy of a spot on our list.

The relaxed rattan screen is perfect for adding a subtle boho vibe to a room. Style it with a jute rug and seagrass baskets for a relaxed, beachy feel - perfect for coastal décor schemes.

Tropical Forest Print Room Divider

Best illustrated room divider

Tropical Forest Print Room Divider on a coloured background

This unusual room divider combines bold jungle illustrations with pared back monochrome colouring, which should help it fit in with most décor schemes.

Try styling the room divider with modern, earth-toned accessories for a cosy, comforting look or place it against a white wall to add extra interest.

Hampartsum 3 Panel Room Divider

Best global-style room divider

Hampartsum 3 Panel Room Divider on a coloured background

With its intricate, hand-carved pattern, this elegant room divider will give any room a Moroccan-inspired look - perfect for fans of global style.

We love this natural wood tone, but you can also get the room divider in dark wood or grey to suit your interiors.

Harper Room Divider by Woood

Best tropical-themed divider

Harper Room Divider with a blanket on a coloured background

If you want a pop of tropical décor without going as far as getting a room divider featuring a jungle scene, why not try this smart design?

As it features an intricate cut-out pattern mimicking tropical leaves, it won’t be very useful as a privacy screen, but it would make an eye-catching work backdrop or bedroom accessory. Just add your own indoor palms to bring the look to life.

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Find more travel-inspired décor for your home in our style guide.

White and Gold Foliage Room Divider

Best for neutral décor schemes

White and Gold Foliage Room Divider on a coloured background

If you want to create a boundary in your room while keeping the space light and bright, this gold-toned room divider is for you. The white canvas backing gives the room divider a fresh look, while the metallic gold leaf detail will reflect light around the room.

Add this room divider to an all-white or neutral scheme for a classy, upscale look.

Hartleys Handmade Wicker Room Divider

Best budget room divider

Hartleys Handmade Wicker Room Dividers on a coloured background

Try these woven room dividers if you’re on a tight budget. They come in three colours and two sizes, so you can choose the exact design to suit your home and needs. We love the cream colour for children’s bedrooms and nurseries, while the natural wood and dark brown tones work well as neutral décor in other areas of the home.

You can choose the small version, which has three woven panels, or the larger model, with six panels. Whichever you buy, it’ll be easy to fold up for convenient storage.

Bamboo Room Divider

Best bamboo room divider

Bamboo Room Divider on a coloured background

Sometimes the simplest designs are the most beautiful, and this sweet bamboo screen from Maisons Du Monde is definitely one of our favourites.

We love the laid-back tropical vibes it brings to a room – it’s the perfect space-dividing solution if you’re a fan of relaxed décor.

This room divider would look great with tropical plants and linen sheets for a beachy or boho look, or paired with pale pink and neutral accessories in an airy nursery.

Pols Potten Mango Wood Folding Screen

Best for minimalist homes

Pols Potten Mango Wood Folding Screen on a coloured background

With so many big, bold designs out there, it can be hard to find more pared back room dividers to suit homes with a cleaner look. This one is perfect for modern and minimalist homes, adding interest with its unusual pattern while maintaining a neat, uncluttered look.

The mango wood goes perfectly with other dark-toned accessories and flooring, so it’s a great choice for rooms with a slightly moodier feel.

Tropical Print Room Divider

Best bold design

Tropical Print Room Divider on a coloured background

This incredible tropical print screen is like a piece of artwork in itself. Use it to liven up an empty corner and pull together other colours you have in your interior scheme.

Green, turquoise or red accessories would look particularly great styled alongside this striking room divider. We think it looks great tucked just behind an armchair.

Armendariz Room Divider

Best for privacy

Armendariz Room Divider in a room

Inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, this room divider is made with Shoji paper, which lets light through. You can position it in front of a window for privacy and it’ll keep the room bright and airy.

With its neutral aesthetics and calming look, this room divider would make an excellent addition to a meditation space - or anywhere you like to unwind. Style it with an indoor water feature for instant relaxation.

How to style a room divider

You've chosen your room divider, but where should you put it? Check out our favourite folding screen styling tips below!

Add interest to an empty corner

Although room dividers are extremely practical, in many cases, they’re also ornate and beautiful.

Dutchbone Rumour Room Divider, £199, Cuckooland

Styling one in an otherwise empty corner can have the same impact as hanging a piece of wall décor, so if you’ve got a space that looks like it could do with some livening up, try adding a folding screen with trailing plants, an armchair or side table.

Create a stylish wardrobe

If you’re in rented accommodation, there’s not always a guarantee that your place will come with adequate storage – or any storage at all!

By Boo Metz Room Divider, £185, Cuckooland
By Boo Metz Room Divider, £185, Cuckooland

If you don’t have the room for a fitted wardrobe, the alternatives – such as portable rails and open shelves – can look messy, so adding a screen of some description can help to contain that mess, and keep your room feeling tranquil.

Add greenery

We all know that adding houseplants can better the quality of air around us, but according to the Japanese nature craze 'shinrin-yoku', also known as forest bathing, even looking at the fresh green colour of the leaves has a positive impact on our wellbeing.

Image by Furniture and Choice
Image by Furniture and Choice

If you’re already short on floor space, however, finding room for lots of plant pots can be tricky – this is where dividers come in handy. Choose a divider frame and use it to hang trailing plants, faux ivy or plant pots in macramé hangers to create your very own indoor jungle. For an even more magical effect, you can add a net of fairy lights!

Expert tip! 

If you’re not quite ready to splash the cash on a screen, repurposing a portable clothes rail can have a similar impact, for less cash!

Miniforms Milonga Modular Bookshelves Go Modern Furniture

Create a self-care corner

As we exit what will have been a crazy year, looking after our wellbeing has never been more important. Taking time for the self-care activities that’ll give you a boost is essential, and if you have a dedicated space for them, you’ll be all the more likely to remember!

Plywood Botanical Laser Cut Screen by Stupid Egg Interiors, £179.95, Not on the Highstreet

Using a folding screen to set up dedicated ‘relaxation’ zone is especially useful if you work from home, as transitioning into it after a long working day will signal that it’s time to switch off. To create this space, simply use a folding screen to section off a corner of one of your rooms, and fill it with everything that you’ll need to relax.

We suggest a comfy armchair with a seagrass basket full of blankets and pillows, a stack of books, your favourite candles, or even an essential oils diffuser (for more on this, check out our home fragrance guide with aromatherapy expert Nathalie Allard).

If you’re looking to take it one step further and make the ultimate cosy corner, have a look at the cottagecore trend for more inspiration.

Create a home office

Using room screens to create a home office inside one of your existing rooms might seem drastic, but if you’re set to be working from home for a few more months, it could be just the thing you need to help separate your work life from home life.

Alara Room divider, B&Q

Use multiple screens to create your working zone, and treat the inside as you would your desk in the office – add quirky stationary, potted plants, and pin motivational posters, images and quotes to the inside of the screen. Think a Chandler Bing-style office cubicle, but stylish!


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