Here at YourHomeStyle, we believe that your bedroom should be the ultimate sanctuary, and whether you find yourself in a relationship or not, there’s always a reason to adorn your space with luxurious fabrics, mood lighting and gorgeous flowers.


Interested? Keep reading to discover the romantic bedroom ideas that’ll transform your bedroom into the ultimate plush retreat… you deserve it!

Romantic bedroom ideas

Invest in a canopy bed

Harmony White Four Poster Bed, French Bedroom Company

Grand, luxurious and reminiscent of the charming French country decor of days gone by, nothing says romance like a four-poster bed. Thanks to their decadent yet timeless design, swapping your existing bed frame for a model with a canopy will immediately give your bedroom a sense of fairy-tale opulence. Try styling yours with sweeping voile fabric, or use faux ivy leaves to create a sleeping spot worthy of a grand French chateau!

Create a feature with fairy lights

Fairy lights have such a transformative impact on a room, and the great news is you only need one simple string to turn a lacklustre space into a magical one. To fill your bedroom with a cosy golden glow, try winding some warm white lights around your bed frame or draping them along open shelving. If you want to take it one step further, opt for LED curtain lights like the ones pictured above - they'll twinkle beautifully through sheer voile and emit a soft, ambient light into your space.

Install a chandelier

Essence Vintage Large Chandelier, French Bedroom Company
Essence Vintage Large Chandelier, French Bedroom Company

The vast majority of us aren't lucky enough to reside in romantic castles with surrounding land, but that doesn't mean you can't bring a touch of grandeur into your own home. Installing a glittering chandelier will make your room feel elegant and more open by drawing the eye upwards. Try hanging the pendant over your bed to create a stunning feature, then complete the look by adding at least four other light sources - check out our lighting ideas for every room guide if you're after illumination inspiration!

Display fresh flowers

Provencal Ruched Chest of Drawers, French Bedroom Company
Provencal Ruched Chest of Drawers, French Bedroom Company

Mood boosting and uplifting, a statement vase filled with beautifully styled stems is the perfect pick-me-up for a humdrum space. Whether you opt for romantic red roses, cheerful sunflowers or something in between, a bunch of blossoming flowers is an ideal way to style up empty surfaces, be it a vanity or a bedside table. If fresh blooms aren't your thing, why not opt for a long-lasting dried bouquet instead? Bunny tail grass and pampas stems come in all sorts of gorgeous colours and arrangements, and you can even make your own posy if you're after a more personal touch - here's how to dry flowers at home!

Add a fireplace

Chateauneuf Rustic Rattan Chair, French Bedroom Company

If your dream evening involves cosying up with a glass of wine and a good film, you're going to need a fireplace! Installing a working fireplace into your bedroom will bring bags of character into a new build or revive the period charm in an older property, whether it's Victorian, Edwardian or even Art Deco (here's how to find the right antique fireplace for your home!) And, if you're lucky enough to have the original features still in your bedroom, why not restore your cast iron fireplace to its former glory? Finish the look with pillar candles or some firefly lights, et voila!

Hang romantic wall art

Floral Dusty Pink Gallery Wall, Desenio

There's no better way to inject personality into a room than with wall art, and if you're looking to transform your bedroom into a cosy haven, why not enhance the romantic vibes with some themed prints? Combine a number of different-sized prints of from a similar colour palette to create a cohesive gallery wall. Soothing pinks and earth tones work really well if you're after a dreamy, soft look, while black and white photographs will look sophisticated and sleek. If you'd rather steer clear of traditional prints, don't fret - you can always add drama by displaying a woven wall hanging or creating a feature wall with romantic floral wallpaper. After something a little bit more quirky? Take a look at how to wallpaper a ceiling and create a daring feature!

Fill the room with candles

TruGlow Blush Pink Ribbed LED Pillar Candle Trio, Lights4Fun

Scented candles add the perfect finishing touch to any room - not only are they perfect for creating a cosy ambiance at dusk, but they'll also fill your space with a gorgeous aroma. We love to swap out our candles on a seasonal basis and style different height pillar candles in groups to create a relaxed, boho-inspired romantic display. Don't forget to check out our roundup of the best spring candles, autumn candles and winter candles to keep up to date with our favourite fragrances of the season!

Layer cushions

romantic bedroom ideas - pink bedding
Nude Pink Velvet Throw, French Bedroom Company

Although it might seem simple, adding some extra cushions to your bed is a quick, affordable, but extremely effective way to give your room a more glamorous, romantic look. If you can, try opting for luxurious fabrics like pink silk and washed linen, and layer lots of different textures for a comforting yet opulent feel. If you're looking for something more personal, why not add some homemade cushions for a customised touch? You can make a gorgeous velvet shell cushion, a chic abstract face cushion or a pretty leaf motif cushion with these easy-to-follow tutorials!

Display a romantic wreath

Lights4Fun Valentine's Day Red White & Pink Berry Heart Wreath

Here at YourHomeStyle, we love the subtle impact that a beautifully made wreath can have on a room. Whether you hang it on top of a mantelpiece, above an upholstered headboard, or use it as an alternative piece of wall art, a romantically themed wreath - like the one pictured above - is the ideal accessory for making your space feel complete. Check out our pick of the best spring wreaths, summer wreaths, autumn wreaths and winter wreaths to discover the best ones available on the market right now!

Flower wall

Luxury Soft Pastel Flower Wall

Every romantic bedroom needs an eye-catching focal point, and this is where a flower wall comes in! Made by attaching large quantities faux flowers to a panel of wire mesh, flower walls are easy to make at home and look stunning in the place of traditional bedroom wall decor, or even as a striking feature headboard. Choose light pink or neutral flowers to create a soft, feminine backdrop for your bedroom furniture, or keep it classic with all-white flowers for a fresh, open look. If you're after something a bit less feminine, a faux foliage wall can be installed using the same method and will add a lively pop of greenery to your space - what's not to love!?

Decorate with pink tones

Baby Dreams Paint, Benjamin Moore

The colour of love, pink decor is known for its sophisticated yet relaxed look, making it a perfect choice if you're looking to up the romantic feel in your bedroom. Dusky pinks, like Farrow and Ball's Setting Plaster, are the ideal colour choice if your dream bedroom is the perfect combination of calming yet polished. Feeling inspired? Have a look at our roundup of the best pink bedroom ideas here, or take a peek inside Jo Thorne’s restful pink and green bedroom for some affordable yet stunning styling ideas.


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