How to upholster a beautiful padded bed headboard for an opulent and luxurious look

How to add a budget-savvy luxe headboard to your bed for instant impact

How make and upholster a luxurious bed headboard

A luxurious upholstered bed headboard can add instant glamour and richness to your bed and bedroom whatever your style, but can be costly. Here’s how to make your own at a fraction of the cost.

What you need to make and upholster a bed headboard

  • A piece of plywood cut to size
  • Foam
  • Spray glue 
  • Upholstery batting/wadding
  • Fabric
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Fabric glue
  • Wooden battons (optional)


How make and upholster a bed headboard


Total time:

Step 1

Cut a piece of plywood the width of your bed and decide on the height you want. Some builders’ merchants will cut this for you, so it’s always worth asking. Choose your thickness of foam; higher density foam will soften the feel of the wood. Cut this to the size of the plywood.

Step 2

Apply an even coat of spray glue to the foam and plywood, then press together so it bonds.

Step 3

Cut some batting wide enough to wrap around the wood and foam and cut your fabric so it can wrap around all of these layers, making sure to line up any pattern.

Step 4

Place the foam side on to the batting and staple the batting to the plywood, ensuring it’s taut all the way round, then cut off any bulky excess, especially at the corners.

Step 5

Place the headboard (batting side down) onto the centre of your material. Staple all the way round, pulling the fabric taut as you go. Cut off excess fabric and if there is a gap at the corners, stick the edges together with fabric glue.

Step 6

Attach to the wall with your preferred method, either with two wooden batons, or a heavy-duty French cleat.


Photo by Katie Lee