Here at YourHomeStyle, we believe that no home is complete without candles.


Whether you use them for purely decorative purposes, to fill your home with gorgeous fragrance or to create a cosy ambience at dusk, there’s no denying that candles can add the perfect finishing touch to any room, and pillar candles are particularly effective due to their versatility.

ThisCloudyDay Soy Wax Bubble Candles, £9.77, Etsy

When it comes to choosing the right pillar candles for your home, it’s worth first considering what you want to use them for. Plain, unscented candles are great if you’re looking to create an ambience at a dinner table or in your kitchen, but you may want something more ornate or scented to style in your living room, bathroom or bedroom.

Whatever you’re after, there’s guaranteed to be an option to suit your home, and we’ve scoured the high street to find everything from on-trend pastel designs to timeless church candles.

Read on to discover our pick of the best pillar candles on the market right now, and check out our gallery to see our favourite pillar candle styling ideas.

The best pillar candles from retailers across the UK

TruGlow LED Pillar Candle Trio

TruGlow LED Pillar Candle Trio on a coloured background

Lights4Fun is our go to destination for all things lighting, and that includes LED candles. Unlike some battery operated candles you can buy, these ones look super realistic because they’re made from high-quality, hand poured wax and have been specially designed to mimic the appearance of a real flame.

The thing we love most about these candles though, is the fact that they come in varying heights, so they’re ideal for creating a laid-back boho display on your mantelpiece or dining table. To illuminate them, all you have to do is insert 2 x AA batteries into the base and they’ll give you 200 hours of light.

Be Kind Candle

Be Kind Candle and plant on a mantlepiece

If you’re looking to inject a bit of life into your space, these slogan pillar candles are perfect for the job. They’re handmade from vegan soy wax and have an eco-friendly cotton wick.

We love this version, which is finished with fragrant lavender seeds, but you can opt for the plain white design too. As for the fragrances, there are two scents to choose from: sandalwood and vanilla, or wood sage and sea salt. Alternatively, you can go for the unscented candle.

If you want to go all-out, try dotting several of these pretty candles throughout your home for maximum impact. They look particularly good on a mantelpiece, coffee table, open shelving or at your bedside.

Dusky Pink Pillar Candles

Dusky Pink Pillar Candles on a wooden table

For rustic style, you can’t go wrong with these tasteful pillar candles from Graham & Green. With their subtle markings, they’ll elevate any shelf or tabletop without taking all the focus.

These pretty candles also come in grey and ochre, and you can choose between three sizes, ranging from 7.5cm to 13cm tall. Pick the ‘wide’ candle and you’ll get 65 hours of burn time.

Best decorative pillar candles to buy in the UK

Hand-poured Marble Candle

Handpoured Marble Candle By Flamingo Candles on a pink background

Featuring bold colours in a unique marbled pattern, these pillar candles really make an impact. There are 11 different colour combinations to browse, all created using dip-dye techniques with soy wax.

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As these beautiful candles are all handmade, each one has its own unique pattern. Try styling them on a coffee table with a brushed gold tray and pastel vase for maximum impact.

Other plus points include the 75-hour burn time and the vegan-friendly manufacturing process.

Two Tone Ribbed Pillar Candles

Two Tone Ribbed Pillar Candles on a coloured background

The neon aesthetic is a big décor trend at the moment. Put simply, the look is all about using fluorescent colours and lighting to create maximum impact in a room.

Neon strip lighting can give a space a sci-fi-inspired glow, but you can also layer neon-pastel accessories and soft furnishings to achieve a softer, dreamlike look.

These two-tone pillar candles are handmade with vegan wax and ideal for injecting a bit of neon colour into your space without overwhelming it. Try styling them on a bedside table teamed with neon pastel linen for a Pinterest-worthy look, or use them in a white Scandi scheme to add a splash of vibrancy.

Large pillar candle - Turquoise

Large pillar candle on a coloured background

You don’t have to be an interiors obsessive to notice curvy décor taking the world by storm, as stylists and designers fill homes with items like wavy mirrors and vases.

If you want to embrace the trend in a subtle way, this stylish pillar candle from H&M is a great choice.

You can buy these twisty candles in a range of different colours, and they’re all unscented; ideal for making a statement without interfering with your essential oil diffusers.

H&M also sells beautiful olive wax pillar candles, which are perfect if you’re going for an understated, timeless look.

Hay Pillar Candle

Hay Pillar Candle on a coloured background

While traditional white pillar candles can look very classy in a home, you might want something a bit more striking. Enter the Hay candles! Created by the influential Dutch designer Lex Pott, all the pillar candles from the Hay range combine vibrant block colours in statement silhouettes.

With a price tag between £35 and £45 per candle, these accessories are on the pricier end of the scale, but they'll instantly make an impact in your home. Plus, they can give you up to 105 hours of burn time.

Try styling them in a group on a windowsill to emphasise the amazing colours!

Best scented pillar candles to buy in the UK

Seychelles Pillar Candle

Seychelles Pillar Candle on a coloured background

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of The White Company’s chic accessories here at YourHomeStyle, and there’s certainly no exception when it comes to the candles.

Although the brand does sell a plain, unscented option designed for the dinner table, our ultimate favourite has to be the Seychelles pillar candle. It’s crafted from high-quality mineral wax and gives off an incredible summery scent with notes of coconut, bergamot, amber and vanilla.

We recommend styling this one in a hallway on The White Company’s ceramic candle plate.

St. Eval Pillar Candle, Bay and Rosemary

St. Eval Pillar Candle, Bay and Rosemary on a coloured background

If you like to fill your home with calming, neutral décor, try this rustic pillar candle from St. Eval. The iconic Cornish brand uses traditional, artisan methods to create candles with a series of relaxing fragrances like its popular Bay & Rosemary scent. Each one is made with St. Eval’s own blend of mineral and vegetable waxes.

If you want to create a neutral display, try styling this pillar candle among contemporary earth-toned décor, or dot them around your bathroom for a soothing night-time set-up.

Scented Bubble Candles

Scented Bubble Candles on a table

Whenever we’re on the search for unique homeware we head to Etsy, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint with its candle offering. You’ll find hundreds of unique and wonderful options from independent makers on the site, and these soy wax ‘bubble candles’ really caught our eye. In fact, they may be too cute to burn!

By styling up one of these candles with a coffee table book and a funky vase, you can create your very own Pinterest-worthy vignette.

You’ll get a choice of five pastel colours and fragrances, including cream (coconut and shea), lilac (passionfruit) and green (lavender).


Pillar candle styling ideas

Now you've got your pillar candles, why not get inspired and display them in a creative way? Here are our favourite pillar candle styling ideas:


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