The classic four poster bed conjures up a romantic image, one of luxury, opulence and decadence reminiscent of a bygone era, but don't be fooled that they are just for period properties or those seeking a statement piece.


Over the years four poster beds have evolved and today they can come in a variety of styles from the classic to art deco, the romantic to contemporary - and quite frankly the down right quirky -. and can look gorgeous in any home.

What should you look out for when buying a four poster bed?

Choosing a good-quality bed and mattress is the most important aspect of your bedroom, so that you can sleep with your back supported and wake up pain free. A good mattress should support your body while being comfortable enough for you to feel relaxed. Your shoulders and hips should sink into the mattress, with your back supported, so that your spine itself stays straight, instead of being curved. Again, if we can see distractions from our bed, like a pile of dirty laundry on the floor, then we will be less relaxed, so a canopy and drapes can help to keep you in a protected cocoon of sleep away from the real world.

The best traditional four poster beds

A traditional four-poster bed has a timeless style which will never go out of date, with new angles and fresh twists to original designs. Depending on the size and shape of your space, classic styles can be tweaked to make them more room-friendly too.

Begin by measuring to create a footprint, allowing for a metre or more around the side and at the foot of the bed to ensure bedside tables and wardrobes can fully open. ‘Think about the style you’re trying to create and how much natural light you get,’ advises Adrian Leary, owner of Revival Beds. ‘Then you can determine the style and finish, and whether having a closed canopy is the right option for your bedroom. You don’t always need to have a bigger bedroom with high ceilings. An open canopy will let in plenty of natural light, while a bespoke option is to shorten the posts to fit perfectly in bedrooms with lower ceilings.’

Make sure you take into account the complete size of the frame, rather than just the mattress measurements. If you’re worried your room will feel dominated by a four-poster design, consider the trend for pencil beds where the four posts don’t reach to a top bar and some are lower than others. ‘There are many different options for dressing a four-poster bed, including drapes, voiles and pelmets, as well as matching curtains and cushions,’ adds Adrian. ‘Many customers will go to town with dressing the bed because it’s the focal point of the bedroom and allows them to make it even more luxurious.’

More like this

Astoria Grand for Wayfair four poster bed

carved four poster bed

For sheer grandeur you can't beat this carved four poster, designed by Astoria Grand for Wayfair. Although it is pricy (£3,500) it will add drama, character and impact to any bedroom, and is perfect for those wanting to add period charm to Victorian properties.

Wayfair Kazmierski Four Poster Bed

Wayfair Kazmierski Four Poster Bed

The classic curves and elegant lines in this Kazmierski Four Poster Bed from Wayfair ( from £752.84) would certainly set the bar high for the rest of your bedroom décor. It comes in a variety of colours and finishes, including black, white and light wood.

Raft Furniture Milbrook four poster bed

Milbrook four poster bed from Raft furniture

Handmade from sustainable teak this four poster bed from Raft Furniture ( £1,990) combines fairytale grandeur with a rustic cottage charm.

Windsor four-poster bed

Windsor Four Poster

The Windsor four-poster bed from Revival Beds (from £1,378) certainly lives up to its name – it wouldn’t look out of place in a royal residence. And yet the bespoke nature of this classic handmade design means it can be made to work for most room shapes.

Rockett St George Iron Canopy Four Poster Bed

The best four poster bed ideas

Tassels and rich metal details bring a bohemian feel to the elegant black metal frame of the Iron Canopy four-poster bed from Rockett St George, but this timeless design will work with most interior schemes. £950 for a king size.

Wayfair Rocky canopy bed

Romantic four poster form Wayfair

Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you have to miss out on the four poster dream. This Rocky Canopy bed from Wayfair (£304) will add romance and beauty to any room, especially with some simple draping and styling!

Kingston bed

Kingston four poster bed

For understated grandeur, try Turnpost’s Kingston bed. Handcrafted in ash with various wood finishes available, as well as soft white or stone grey, it makes a rich statement here in ebony. From £4,390 for a double.

Don't forget to look out for antique and vintage four poster beds on eBay

The contemporary four poster bed

Whatever your room shape or décor style, modern four-poster beds can be both a focal point and a practical piece of furniture. ‘When we think of four-poster beds, we often picture something with heavily carved dark wood posts and thick velvet drapes,’ says Tina Mahony, director of Go Modern. ‘Modern four-poster beds couldn’t be further from that look. We’ve seen some beautifully minimalist contemporary designs coming through that are light and airy, and don’t dominate the room.’

Take time to think about how the bed will sit in your bedroom, considering ceiling height, light fittings and access. ‘Most will need assembly, but take into account the extra width and the height involved as you don’t want posts that ceiling scrape, creating an Alice in Wonderland feeling,’ advises Tina. ‘Also, consider the extra weight when it comes to moving it for vacuuming. A minimalist design works best in a clean, modern interior and will certainly give the room an extra wow factor.’

Think big with bold headboards (perhaps super-sized or upholstered in sumptuous fabric) and sweeping canopies to establish the furniture as a focal point while ensuring the room still feels spacious and open. If you’re keen to soften the frame but want to keep to a modern look, choose a light fabric or sheer voile for a contemporary twist on a classic design. Bold colours, rich metals and natural wooden tones will all bring their own angle to your four-poster style.

Best contemporary four poster beds

Perch and Parrow Sadie four poster bed

Perch forur poster beds

The Scandi minimalism and elegant lines of the Sadie four-poster bed from Perch and Parrow (priced £1245) will enhance any bedroom and add a contemporary yet romantic vibe. Style it with white walls and greenery for a relaxed vibe. It comes in a choice of natural or charcoal finish.

Vox 4 You four poster bed


Want a statement four poster bed and more storage in your bedroom? Then try this quirky one from Cuckooland (priced £945) with innovative shelving to make great use of space.

Milleunanotte Four-Poster Bed

Conran Shop four poster bed

Designed by Emaf Progetti for Zanotta and priced at £6,081, the sleek and streamline design of the Milleunanotte four-poster bed’s natural oak frame and Vale fabric-upholstered headboard belies its super-king size.

Best children’s four poster beds

The whimsical style of a four-poster bed is ideal for children who dream big. If your little one dreams of being a princess or a knight in shining armour , a sweeping canopy or grand frame will help fuel their fantasies and make bedtime extra special.

Playful designs can bring practical bonus points, too. For instance, for children who are sensitive to light, fuller curtains will add an extra layer of protection from potential (and potentially unwelcome) early rising. For a room on the smaller side, a bed with shelving and storage worked into its frame will make excellent use of the space.

Vox 4 You adjustable kids four poster bed

Cuckooland childrens four poster

This Scandi design from Cuckooland is minimalistic in style only, as its adjustable height means it can be raised as little ones grow into bigger ones, with mobiles, fairy lights or canopies strung around the frame. The Vox 4 You four-poster single bed with adjustable height levels, £345

Noa & Nani four poster bed

jansen scandinavian single four poster bed

This cute four poster from Noa & Nani comes in at an affordable £149. Simply adorn with fairy lights or romantic drapes for a truly fairytale bed that will entice every child to sleep.

Robert Dyas princess four poster bed

Princess four poster from Robert Dyas

This grand princess four-poster bed fr0m Robert Dyas (£669.99) is perfect for your young dreamer to float away into fantasy land.

Princess Carriage Bed

Princess carriage bed

This Princess Carriage Bed from The Artisan Bed Company might not look like your typical four poster but as it has a canopy we are counting it as we love it! Let your little one clamber into a fairytale carriage every night and be transported into slumberland