How to make a leaf print cushion

Make this metallic-effect cushion using iron-on foil and a pretty motif, an easy way to style up any sofa or chair

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You will need

  • Leaf template (click here)
  • White cotton fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Cotton thread
  • Paper
  • Iron-on foil
  • Fine nib marker pen
  • Iron
  • Old tea towel
  • Cushion pad

Step 1

Measure and cut out one 42cm square and two 42 x 30cm rectangular pieces of fabric and set aside. These pieces will make the cushion cover.

Step 2

Print out the template onto paper and carefully cut out.

Step 3

Take a sheet of iron-on foil and place the leaf template on the transparent carrier layer that covers the foil. Draw around with a marker pen, and cut out. Repeat twice to create two more leaves.

Step 4

Set the iron to a wool setting and iron the cushion cover pieces. Place the leaves in a circle formation on top of the square-shaped fabric and lay a tea towel on top. Gently iron over for a few minutes until the foil gas bonded to the fabric. Remove the tea towel and allow to cool. Carefully peel off the carrier layer.

Step 5

On a rectangular piece of fabric, fold and press a double hem along one of the 42cm sides with an iron. Sew in place, and repeat with the second piece.

Step 6

Lay the rectangular pieces on top of the square piece, with the foil design up and hemmed sides overlapping each other, and pin in place. Sew all the way round.

Step 7

Turn the cushion cover inside out and iron flat. Put the cushion pad inside.

Make and styling by Suzie Attaway; photo by Oliver Gordon