As the weather warms up, most of us are keen to spend as much time outdoors as possible - whether that means lovingly tending to lawns and flowerbeds, hosting family and friends for barbecues and garden parties or simply soaking up some rays on a sun-lounger.


If you've noticed your outdoor space is looking a bit untidy after the long and stormy winter months, you're not alone - but the good news is, some stylish storage options could have your garden back in tip-top shape in no time.

Plus, this being the UK, we all know that sunny skies are not always a given even at the height of summer, so durable storage units are a must to protect garden furniture, machinery and tools from the elements when not in use.

In our garden storage round-up, you'll find some of our favourite ideas for organising your garden equipment, from traditional sheds and storage boxes to multifunctional potting benches to a clever garden bench that doubles as a storage unit. Read on to get inspired!

Best garden storage ideas

Garden shed

10' x 6' Traditional Heavy Duty Apex Wooden Garden Shed
10' x 6' Traditional Heavy Duty Apex Wooden Garden Shed,

Not the most surprising choice, but there's a reason a garden shed is always a welcome addition to a property. They're simple, spacious and - provided they're well-maintained - they'll stand up to wind and rain for years.

There are several choices to make when buying a shed: single or double doors, a flat roof or an angled apex roof, overlapping shiplap or flat tongue and groove construction, as well as material. Plain wood is perennially popular, but you might find corrugated metal or even plastic models more to your taste. There are also varying numbers of windows to choose from. If you like the idea of pottering around in the shed on a warm day, consider a potting shed, which comes with more window panes than the average shed to let light and warmth stream in.

And if you fancy upgrading your existing shed, check out our easy tutorial on how to paint your garden shed. Or for even more of a transformation, why not consider turning your shed into a home office or a garden room?

Garden storage box

Keter Store It Out Max 1200L Garden Storage
Keter Store It Out Max 1200L Garden Storage, Argos

An ideal alternative to sheds for smaller gardens or gardeners on a budget, storage boxes come in various sizes for holding anything from gardening tools to outdoor cushions. Choose from durable plastic models in a colour of your choice, or wooden units in a variety of finishes. Larger boxes - such as the Store it Out Max from Keter pictured above - can even hold wheelie bins, as well. If that's another storage quandary on your mind, check out our wheelie bin storage ideas.

Many models also feature dual side and top doors, to make storing awkward items easier, and most come with at least a sliding bolt to hold the doors closed - if you intend to store valuable items inside, ensure you choose a lockable model for extra security.

More like this

Tool shed

Garden Storage Shed 3 Shelves
Garden Storage Shed 3 Shelves, The Range

Tool sheds, as the name implies, are intended to store gardening implements like rakes, hoes and brooms, hence their tall and narrow shape, which also makes them a great choice for smaller gardens or awkward corners.

You'll find wood and plastic tool sheds on the market, but we're partial to this eye-catching fir wood model from The Range, shown here in blue but also available in green, grey and brown. Inside, you'll find room for long tools and implements, as well three removable corner shelves for storing smaller items, with a top shelf accessed through a separate hatch for odds and ends.

Garden storage bench

Keter Eden Bench 265L Garden Storage Box
Keter Eden Bench 265L Garden Storage Box, Argos

Here's a smart idea! We've written before about our love of storage chests which double as benches for indoor storage, now here's the outdoor equivalent - a storage chest which transforms into a garden bench!

There are several garden storage benches on the market, but we think Keter's Eden bench in dark grey is among the most stylish. Made of tough resin to withstand the elements, the internal chest can store up to 265l, while the two-person seating lid offers a pleasant vantage point from which you or your guests can survey your garden in all its glory. Plus, there's a built-in space for a padlock (lock not included) to keep all your equipment safe and secure.

Garden shelving unit

3 Tier Outdoor Metal Flower Plant Pot Shelf Stand
3 Tier Outdoor Metal Flower Plant Pot Shelf Stand, Etsy

Open shelves are one of our favourite ideas for stylish storage in the home, and they can also be used with great effect outdoors, too. You can opt for something trendy for showing off your pot plants and cute gardening kit, such as A-frame shelves or ladder shelves like the ones shown above, or something more practical for holding power tools and machinery (search for 'garage shelving' to see examples).

As shelves are a form of open storage, they're most suitable for sheltered areas, such as inside a garage or shed or beneath a porch or overhanging roof. Alternatively, look for a shelving rack with a weatherproof cover. Depending on the weight of the shelves and what you choose to store on them, you may want to anchor the unit with heavy items on the bottom shelf during high winds and stormy weather.

Potting bench

Moreton potting bench
Moreton potting bench, Garden Trading

If you're looking for something to help you organise your gardening kit, consider investing in a potting bench. These compact units are brill for storing all your hand tools while also providing a surface for potting and other plant care - and most will include additional storage for pots, watering cans or other accessories. You can even find models on wheels for easy transportation around your garden or in and out of a shed.

This elegant black unit from Garden Trading is made of weatherproof spruce and boasts a sturdy galvanised sheet metal countertop, moveable and fixed tool hooks, and a large lower shelf for holding bigger items. Beneath the counter, you'll find two drawers, one of which is designed to hold loose soil, so you'll always have a convenient supply close to hand while you're filling your pots. It's suitable for indoor and outdoor use, although the manufacturer recommends storing in a sheltered area if using outdoors to maintain the unit's condition.

Track wall system

Stanley Track Wall System - 20pc Starter Kit
Stanley Track Wall System - 20pc Starter Kit, Homebase

Many of us are guilty of grabbing tools when we need them and then hastily dumping them back in the garage or shed, until there are random hammers and saws in every corner - not only does this make them difficult to find quickly in a pinch, it's also an obvious safety hazard. When it comes to organising tools simply and safely so the right implement is always at hand when you want it, nothing beats a track wall.

Just mount the tracks to your wall - they're suitable for masonry, stud and drywall - and then insert compatible hooks and accessories, which latch into the railing. Once attached, you can start hanging up everything from small hand tools to power tools.

There are several brands on the market, but the Stanley Track Wall is the market leader. Their track wall system can support up to 143kg, and comes with a variety of hooks and attachments suitable a wide range of items.

Corner tool storage

Keter Corner Garden Tool Storage Rack
Keter Corner Garden Tool Storage Rack, Homebase

The perfect space-saving option for small gardens as well as offering instant convenience to the keen gardener, a corner storage rack is just the job for holding all your gardening tools in one place.

The model shown above, from Keter, can hold up to 24 handled tools of all sizes, with front-loading spaces at the front of the unit for easy storage of long tools. While the unit itself is made of hardy plastic and should survive exposure to the elements, tools made of metal or wood may not be so lucky, so you're best off setting this up in a sheltered and secure area such as a garage - particularly if you'll be using it to hold valuable or much-loved tools you want to keep safe.


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