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Understairs storage ideas to make the most of your staircase

The space under the stairs is a goldmine of storage potential - if you only know how! Read on for practical ideas to make the most of your understairs storage...

Published: March 3, 2022 at 10:40 am
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Most of us are always on the hunt for new places to store our ever-accumulating piles of 'stuff', and when it comes to making the most of the storage capacity of your house, the space beneath the stairs can be a valuable untapped asset.


You may already have an under-stair cupboard, or perhaps simply an open space. Whatever your current layout, our round-up of savvy understairs storage ideas contains a wide variety of options to make the most of your space. Read on to find the right storage solutions for your home!

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Understairs storage ideas

Step bookcase

Steinmetz 90Cm H x 90Cm W Cube Bookcase
Steinmetz Cube Bookcase, Wayfair

One of the most popular options for understairs storage due to its shape, a step bookcase is a classic choice for making the most of the space under the stairs.

We particularly like a versatile unit like the one shown above, which combines drawers - perfect for keeping stray items out of sight - with open shelving for displaying ornaments, houseplants, candles or any other decoration you want to show off.

Storage bench

Bromley Grey Storage Bench With Cushion
Bromley Grey Storage Bench With Cushion, Dunelm

A storage bench is one of our favourite options for stowing away items in style. Inside the chest, you'll find plenty of space for anything from books to coats and blankets. A model with a padded lid, like the one shown above, is particularly suitable for a hallway staircase as it provides a handy resting place for putting on and taking off shoes and other outdoor gear.

Modular units

SONGMICS Interlocking Shoe Rack
SONGMICS Interlocking Shoe Rack,

The space under the stairs is often an awkward area, due to its sloping shape. An interlocking modular unit like the one pictured above can help solve this conundrum, with cubes which can be detached and reassembled in any configuration.

Boot room

Rustic reclaimed wooden coat rack with shelf
Rustic reclaimed wooden coat rack with shelf, Etsy

If space allows, why not turn the area under your stairs into a little boot room? Hang your coat hooks at the tallest end, then fill the remaining space with shoe storage and an umbrella stand to complete the look. For extra convenience, include a small unit for with drawers for holding scarves, coats - your keys, sunglasses, and other handy bits and bobs can sit in a bowl or basket placed on top.

Built-in understairs storage

6 Drawer Unit, Clever Closet
6 Drawer Unit, Clever Closet

The ultimate stylish understairs storage has to be a built-in unit, custom-made to slot perfectly into your space. Of course, a bespoke unit will cost more than a freestanding one, but if your budget will stretch to it, you won't find a sleeker solution.

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Clever Closet offers a variety of built-in units to suit different under-stair layouts, from drawers designed to fit around a cloakroom to full units for filled the entire space.

Trolley shelves

Santa Clarita Kitchen Trolley
Santa Clarita Kitchen Trolley, Wayfair

A moveable trolley shelving unit is always a smart choice for awkward areas, with the attached wheels allowing you to manoeuvre it into tight spaces.

They're often seen in kitchens, where they're handy for moving utensils and ingredients with you while cooking, but a trolley unit is also a versatile solution for under-stairs storage. You can find all kinds of sizes and configurations on the market, so look out for the right unit for your space.


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