How to paint your garden shed in three easy steps

A fresh lick of paint will have your garden shed looking chic and ready for spring

Paint Your Shed

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden shed, you’ll know just how useful they can be. Not only as a storage space for garden tools and plant pots, a shed can become a treasured retreat, an oasis of calm away from a busy house. So it’s important to make sure your shed is kept in top condition – and sometimes that means a lick of paint.

Paint Your Shed 1

If you’ve only ever turned your hand to interiors, painting outdoor surfaces might seem a bit daunting. But never fear, here’s a simple three-step tutorial from garden furniture treatment specialists Cuprinol.


Step 1

Paint Your Shed 2

Mask off shed windows and hinges with the masking tape – this will be a great way to achieve neat edges.

Step 2

Paint Your Shed 3

Choose your favourite colour of Cuprinol Garden Shades and get painting, starting at the top.

Top tip: paint tricky areas around joints and window frames using a paint brush and larger areas with a roller.

Step 3

Paint Your Shed 4

Allow to dry and then apply a second coat within 24hrs.


Tutorial courtesy of Cuprinol.