When it comes to bathroom storage, there are a lot of things to consider - towels, toilet rolls, cleaning products and toiletries all need a permanent home to maintain a calm and organised atmosphere, as well as grooming items like toothbrush, toothpaste and shaving gear.


With so much going on, it's all too easy for your space to become cluttered, especially if you're working with a small bathroom with limited room for furniture.

If your bathroom is in need of a storage reset, read on for our ideas, from stylish ladder shelving to sturdy storage trunks and sleek caddies.

Hammered Gold Metal Storage Trunks Set of Two

We've also included a dedicated section just for small bathrooms, with storage solutions specially designed for compact spaces, like storage trolleys, corner units and even retractable bath panels. So read on to get inspired!

Stylish bathroom storage ideas

Use open shelves to create a display

Black Frame Ladder Shelf with Oiled Wood Shelves

Holding multiple shelves of varying widths, open shelving units offer plenty of room for storing all kinds of items in your bathroom.

As their name implies, display shelves aren't just practical, they're the perfect furniture for styling all your most luxurious items, such as fancy handwashes and lotions, decorative soaps, fresh fluffy towels, and candles for a relaxing spa-style bathing experience.

Pick a medicine cabinet with extra storage

French Cane Mirror Cabinet

A wall cabinet is a handy addition to any bathroom, especially those with a mirror on the front to save wall space. Inside you'll usually find several shelves, but if storage is a particular concern look out for cabinets with extra shelves on the side, such as this French cane mirrored cabinet from Dunelm.

Store and sit with a storage bench

Painted Grey Bench With 3 Wicker Baskets

A storage bench is the ultimate multi-purpose bathroom furniture - not only can you store plenty inside, when the lid is closed you can also use it to hold extra items, such as a few fresh towels. It also makes a pleasant alternative to the toilet or the side of the bath when you want to sit down for tasks like clipping your nails.

More like this

Make use of wall shelves

Set Of Three Reclaimed Wood Pipe Shelves

Don't overlook on of the most simple storage options, the good old-fashioned wall shelf. You can mount shelves on any available stretch of wall, making them a versatile choice which can fit into any room.

Shelves don't have to be boring, either - we love these handmade reclaimed wooden shelves from Industrial by Design at Not on the High Street, featuring an eye-catching steel pipe bracket that would look at home in an industrial-style scheme.

Use bath caddies for odds and ends

Benjamin Storage Caddy, MADE.com

The bane of keeping your home organised is always those pesky odds and ends with no particular home. This is especially true in the bathroom, home to countless 'bits and bobs' like shampoo, shower gel, toothbrushes, and all manner of lotions and potions.

A bathroom caddy is the ideal place to store all of these small items neatly in one place, keeping them easily on hand while avoiding clutter. The one pictured above, from MADE.com, looks super stylish, too, in trendy matte black.

Forest Green Bamboo Bath Rack, Dunelm

If you don't have room for a furniture unit, a shower or over-bath caddy or bath tray can serve the same purpose without taking up floor space.

Small bathroom storage ideas

If you're working with a compact bathroom, you're certainly not alone! The good news is that there are so many ingenious space-saving storage solutions on the market these days. Read on for our favourite small bathroom storage ideas - these will work in a space of any size, but they're especially practical for smaller bathrooms.

Find a space-saving ladder shelf

Fulton Wood Black Ladder Shelf

Ladder shelves are everywhere on Instagram right now - no surprise, as they're one of the most photogenic bathroom storage solutions around. There are plenty for sale online in a variety of sizes and styles, but if you have a compact bathroom, look for slimline models like the one shown above, which leans against the wall and can fit in even the tightest spaces.

Make use of corners

Bent Cane Anti Bacterial Corner Caddy, Dunelm

When space is tight, work the angles! You can find all sorts of bathroom furniture designed to fit into a corner, including corner shelves, corner units and even corner bathroom cabinets. This model from Dunelm is made from lightweight rattan that fits any decor scheme, and comes with an antibacterial finish.

Opt for a vanity unit over a pedestal sink

Orchard Wye essen black floorstanding vanity unit and basin

A bathroom basin without a vanity unit is wasted space. Whether you've got a pedestal sink or a freestanding basin, make sure it's sitting on top of a vanity unit with plenty of storage, such as drawers or cupboard space.

Choose between freestanding or wall-hung options depending on your taste and bathroom decor. Or, if you already have a pedestal sink, look for an under-sink vanity that can fit around the pedestal.

Consider moveable bathroom storage

Kennedi Perforated Metal 3 Tier Storage Trolley

The ultimate convenient storage option for a small or crowded bathroom is a storage trolley like the one shown from MADE.com, which you can wheel from place to place to ensure it's never in the way.

Plus, as a wheeled trolley is so easy to move, it can be repurposed for extra storage in another room if necessary. You might have seen storage trolleys in kitchens, but we think they're also a handy addition to a home office.

Store upwards

Livingston Tallboy

If square footage is at a premium, think vertical storage solutions to make the most of your space. A tallboy - a narrow and tall unit - is the perfect option for a compact room. While its narrow dimensions mean it can't hold some larger items, it gives you plenty of room for bits and bobs, and even rolled-up fresh towels. The model shown above from Argos even has a built-in mirrored cabinet to save even more space.

Install a hideaway bath panel

Cooke & Lewis Gloss White Storage container

If you have a built-in bath, this could be the answer to your storage woes! Many of us have never even considered the area around our bath tub as a potential storage space, but there are now panels on the market with build-in doors which can be opened to access the space behind. It's the ideal place to store cleaning products, keeping them out of sight but still within easy reach when you want to give your bathroom a scrub. Just be sure to measure up to make sure the new panel will fit your existing bathtub.


Towel storage ideas

Towel storage is one of the trickier elements to plan for in your bathroom - a damp towel needs plenty of space to prevent mustiness, and you also want space for some clean dry towels on hand for your next bath or shower. We've put together a whole guide to share the best towel storage ideas, so don't forget to check that out! Plus, check out our favourite towels on the market.


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