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Toy storage ideas for small rooms

Looking for toy storage ideas for a small living room, bedroom or playroom? We've got space-saving toy organisers for every home...

Published: March 15, 2022 at 3:23 pm
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Storage is an eternal issue for most of us, as we struggle to stay on top of the bits and bobs that have a way of spilling out from every corner. And if you're living with children, you probably know already that one of the trickiest types of clutter to handle is a toy collection.


Too many stray toys quickly make a room look untidy, and those pesky smaller playthings can be dangerous, too - the last thing any of us wants is a stray Lego brick or toy car underfoot. So it's important to find practical toy storage solutions that fit into your space - bonus points if they're fun, too!

When there's mess driving you up the wall, it can be tempted to go to the other extreme, devising a regimented system full of subdivisions and labels - however, opting instead for simple storage that young children can easily understand will help them learn to keep their possessions in order by themselves.

Here are some simple and space-saving toy storage ideas, designed to work in even the smallest living room or bedroom.

Toy storage ideas for small spaces

Fun toy storage

Dinosaur Rattan Storage Basket
Dinosaur Rattan Storage Basket, Dunelm

Obviously, when it comes to toy storage, the essential element is finding a practical solution, but why not make the storage itself part of the fun with a themed unit?

There are plenty of options on the market these days at every price point, with designs to reflect your child's passions or personality. This dinosaur-shaped rattan lidded storage basket from Dunelm is just the job for a dino-crazy youngster, and it's also available in giraffe or toadstool designs.

Liberty House Kids Toys Dollshouse Bookcase
Liberty House Kids Toys Dollshouse Bookcase, Argos

Other options include themed shelving units, such as this dollhouse bookcase from Argos. Not only are these units cute, they provide ample room for plenty of toys and games.

Wheeled toy storage

Flisat toy storage with wheels
Flisat toy storage with wheels, IKEA

Moveable storage units are always a practical choice when space is at a premium, as if a room starts looking too crowded, they can easily be wheeled to a less busy part of your home. Plus, youngsters can pull them around themselves, creating an instant cosy nook of their own in a favourite corner.

These Flisat wheeled toy boxes from IKEA are a charming option, with a simple cart design reminiscent of traditional tug-along toys.

Wall toy storage

IEVE Cotton Fabric Storage Bag Wall
IEVE Cotton Fabric Storage Bag Wall,

When you're short on floor space, a wall-mounted unit helps you make the most of your room's vertical storage potential without encroaching on valuable square footage. That could mean a bookcase or tallboy set of drawers, taking care to ensure that any tall furniture is properly secured to the wall.

For a small or crowded room, though, the ultimate slimline solution is a hanging organiser. These can either affix to a wall or hang over a door - if you have younger children, just be sure to store their favourite toys in a lower compartment within easy reach.

Animal Decorative Wall Hooks
Animal Decorative Wall Hooks, Etsy

If you're working with a room that can't fit a large toybox, consider wall pegs or hooks for hanging larger items - you can hang rattan or cotton bags to store several items at a time.

Toy storage for large toys

Argos Home Kids Scandinavia Extra Large Toy Box
Argos Home Kids Scandinavia Extra Large Toy Box, Argos

When it comes to tidying away bigger toys, you still can't been the traditional large toy box. Big enough to store everything from games and sporting equipment to books, soft toys and action figures, it takes up a little more room than some of our more space-saving ideas, but its depth and capacity is hard to beat.

We like this extra large pine storage bench from Argos. Not only does it feature a back rail to enable it to be used as bench seating, it comes in a plain finish so you can paint it yourself - why not get the kids to help you and put their own stamp on it?

Children's book storage

Rattan Elephant Bookshelf
Rattan Elephant Bookshelf, The White Company

It's natural for relatives and family friends to gift children with books to encourage them to become keen readers, but a growing collection can soon become untidy - especially if your youngsters have a habit of leaving them lying all over the house. A bookcase, like this adorable rattan elephant design from The White Company, provides plenty of storage while making the most of the room's vertical space.

Not only will a bookcase keep books, magazines and DVDs in order, bookshelves can also be used to store board games or puzzles, or to display treasured action figures, dolls or stuffed toy.

Lego storage

8-Stud Lego Storage Brick
8-Stud Storage Brick,

Lego sets have been a staple of playrooms since the 1950s, and their popularity isn't showing any signs of dimming. However, those tiny pieces have a habit of getting everywhere - is there anything more painful than a bare foot on a Lego brick? - so it's important to find a container to keep them all in one place,


Luckily, Lego sells its own storage boxes, shaped like one of their iconic bricks. If you have a large collection, you could buy several and stack them, for a compact and aesthetically pleasing display.

Hammered Gold Metal Storage Trunks Set of Two


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