The sight of blooming daffodils and crocuses in our parks and gardens is more than welcome after the dreary months of winter. As we patiently wait for the sunnier weather to properly take hold, now is the perfect time to pull your gardening gloves on and get your garden ship-shape for summer.


How to get your garden ready for summer

Gardens are an extension of the home, and in summer they can act as an extra room, where many of us will spend most of our time; eating meals, tending our plants, socialising or just relaxing in nature.

Here we break down six simple gardening jobs to do to get your garden ready for summer, from updating your outdoor furniture to attracting some all-important wildlife to your garden.

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1. Tidy your lawn

Draper Garden Mesh Trolley Cart 200kg
Garden Mesh Trolley Cart 200kg, £84.98, Draper Tools

The first thing to do when getting your garden ready for the warmer months is to make sure your lawn is clear of leaves and debris from winter. Dead leaves, moss and twigs can create a build-up of pathogens which can kill any flower or vegetable beds buried underneath. Rotting leaves aren't too pretty to look at either!

An easy way of getting your lawn clear is by using a multi-purpose rake and grabber - we like these Long Handled Leaf Collecting Grabs (£12.99, Selections). It's sturdy but lightweight and is great for raking in leaves, grass cuttings and other debris. The grabbers will hold all the debris, which can then be emptied into your garden waste.

A garden trolley is also super handy for transporting debris, especially if you have a larger garden. The trolley will also make light work of transporting compost, plants and heavy pots.

2. Get rid of weeds

GARDENA Weed Puller
Gardena Weed Puller, £33.95, Tooled Up

After tidying your lawn, it's time to get rid of any pesky weeds lurking around. Getting rid of weeds may not sound like the most attractive of jobs, but with the right equipment, you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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This new handy tool from Gardena will pull out dandelions and other weeds with ease. It has two special blades for easy penetration into the soil, and a footrest and ergonomically shaped handle so you can do the job comfortably. Dare we say weed-pulling might be quite a satisfying job now?!

3. Update garden furniture

Norfolk Leisure Lifestyle Ltd Verdi Bistro Set Casual Set
Norfolk Leisure Lifestyle Ltd Verdi Bistro Set Casual Set, £282, Gardenman

For interior lovers like us, picking outdoor furniture is one of our favourite garden jobs. With so much time spent outdoors in the summer, it's important to invest in good-quality garden furniture that will stand the test of time - including any spontaneous British downpours!

This chic bistro set from Gardenman is a great choice for a summer garden; it's green pastel shade and light wood seating and tabletop evoke holidays in seaside towns and cream teas in a garden cafe. The folding design makes it especially handy for those with smaller spaces, too.

Got more room to play with? Try the Norfolk Leisure Lifestyle Ltd Zari 4 Seat Round Set Anthracite Dining Set, £837, Gardenman, which seats four, and has a more Scandi aesthetic - great for contemporary and urban gardens.

Of course, a stunning set of garden furniture won't look great on a dirty patio - if your outdoor space needs a brush-up, here's our guide to deep cleaning your patio or deck.

And don't forget, accessories make your garden feel like an extra room of your house. Check out our garden wall art ideas and our round-up of the best outdoor rugs to get inspired!

4. Plant summer flowering seeds

Honey Bee Flower Mixed Seeds, Thompson & Morgan
Honey Bee Flower Mixed Seeds, £2.79, Thompson & Morgan

Fill your summer garden with the heady scents of flowers by sowing summer flowering seeds now. This wildflower mix from Thompson & Morgan can be sown directly outside now through to May; with flowers then appearing from late spring to August.

The pack includes a variety of 19 pretty flowers, all of which are rich in pollen and will attract helpful bees (particularly honey bees!) to your garden.

5. Encourage garden wildlife

Bee House, Graham & Green
Bee House, £13.95, Graham & Green

There is something very summery about the sound of a busy, buzzing bee. They remind us of hot days and flowers, but they are also a key component to a garden and to nature as a whole.

Place this clever bee house from Graham & Green in a sunny spot in your garden to attract bees. The bamboo shoots let bees safely store their nectar and pollen and gives them a place to rest, so they can then continue in their work pollinating plants and helping your garden grow.

Why not try a bird feeder too? This Geneva Feeding House (£29.99, National Trust) can be hung easily from a hook or tree and will attract an array of birds to your garden.

6. Invest in sturdy planters

Embossed galvanised window trough, Crocus
Embossed Galvanised Window Trough, £29.99, Crocus

As well as planting directly into soil and borders, planting in containers can be a great way to vary your garden aesthetic and are a great asset if you only have a patio space or a smaller garden. Before buying though, it's worth checking out what material your desired pot is made from. Garden pots and containers made of galvanised steel, like this window trough from Crocus, are a great investment as they are durable and weatherproof.


A good terracotta pot is also worth the extra cost as it won't crack when the temperatures drop. Switch things up with hanging pots too, these Abari Round Hanging Planters (from £44.99, Crocus), have a beautiful rustic appearance; they're made from recycled zinc and have a sturdy metal chain. They would look great with luscious, trailing plants in.


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