Wheelie bins are an unsightly necessity of modern life, but with a little imagination you can create a storage solution to whisk them out of view. Having somewhere to store your bins can also help prevent pesky critters from getting inside, as well as providing shelter in case of high winds which could otherwise spell disaster!

Whether you want to camouflage your wheelie bins altogether or turn your bin storage into a stylish corner of your garden, they are plenty of options to suit outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. Read on to discover a few of our favourite wheelie bin storage ideas:

Hammered Gold Metal Storage Trunks Set of Two

Wheelie bin storage ideas

Buy a bin storage shed

Keter Store It Out Midi 880L Garden Storage Box, £110, Argos

The simplest solution to wheelie bin storage is to purchase a dedicated bin storage shed, like the one shown above. You can buy them ready-assembled or flat-packed to put together yourself, and they come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate single or multiple bins.

Just be sure to measure your wheelie bins before you purchase to make sure the storage unit can comfortably accommodate them.

Build your own bin shed

Woman treating a europallet
Guido Mieth/Getty Images

If you're a seasoned DIY-er looking for a new project, you could always have a go at building your own bin shed using reclaimed timber. Pallet wood is always a popular option for upcycling due to its versatility and wide availability.

You can find multiple blog posts and YouTube videos to take you through the steps, so you might need to spend some time researching to settle on the one that best suits your needs - and DIY abilities! We think this simple but stylish self-built shed from blogger Cassie Fairy is a great place to start.

Create a living roof on your bin shelter

wheelie bin storage shed living roof

Wheelie bin storage doesn't have to be about hiding your bins - in fact, you could turn your storage shed into a loved corner of your garden by giving it a 'living roof'. These are sheds with a built-in trough on the roof to hold soil or planters so you can grow your favourite flowers or herbs.

Several companies offer pre-made models to fit standard bins like the one above from Wheelie Bin Storage. If you're a confident woodworker, you can build your own made-to-measure model, like home blogger Mel, who worked with her step-dad to make her own bin storage shed with a living roof. She shared her method on her blog, Little Terraced House, if you fancy giving it a try.

Screen off your bins

Sprout Reed Garden Screening
Sprout Reed Garden Screening, £10.95, Homebase

Consider erecting a screen in your garden for a quick and easy way to hide your wheelie bins from view. This could be anything from a wood stake fence to a brick wall, but we're partial to a screen made from natural materials like willow, cane or bamboo - they blend in perfectly with an outdoor backdrop, so they're an ideal choice if you're proud of your blooming garden.

Incorporate bin storage into your shed

Chelwood modular bin storage, £300, Garden Trading
Chelwood modular bin storage, £300, Garden Trading

If you're already lucky enough to already have an outdoor structure like a garden shed, lean-to or wood shed, you could add a bin storage area onto your existing facilities. For instance, the super-stylish Chelwood bin shed above, sold by Garden Trading, can be paired with the Chelwood log store for an elegant modular storage area in your garden.

Looking for more nifty storage solutions? Check out our storage ideas hub!


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