For many of us, storage is a constant bugbear of domestic life. Despite our best efforts to stay on top of organisation, 'things' naturally tend to accumulate over time, inevitably leading to stray items being hastily stuffed into drawers and thrown into back of the cupboard.


If you're determined to take back control of your space by finding a place for everything, the area under your bed holds valuable storage potential. This is especially true if you're short on square footage - in a small bedroom, the bed itself takes up most of the room, so making use of the area underneath is a canny way to unlock a significant amount of storage space.

Hammered Gold Metal Storage Trunks Set of Two

Interested? You'll be pleased to know there is a wide variety of smart underbed storage options on the market, to suit your individual needs. Read on for six savvy ideas for making the most of your bed's storage potential:

Underbed storage ideas to inspire you

Underbed storage boxes

Modern Country Willow Under Bed Lined Storage, John Lewis & Partners

The simplest way to make use of your underbed space is to invest in a few sturdy boxes. Plastic is the most budget-friendly option, but not usually the most aesthetically pleasing - whether this is an important factor depends largely on if the boxes will be visible or not. If the viewing angle means your boxes will be in sight, stylish wicker, rattan, seagrass or jute can also be found at affordable price points.

Choose from boxes with or without lids, as well as models with wheels - just be sure to measure the space before you order to ensure your chosen boxes will fit comfortably beneath the bed.

Underbed storage bag

Habitat Jericho Under Storage Bag - Grey and White

A large fabric bag is ideal for storing bulky spare bedding or out of season clothing. The soft structure also gives you more leeway than a plastic or rattan when it comes to squeezing a jam-packed bag under the bed, although be aware that fabric does tend to attract dust. If this is a concern for you, look into leather or canvas bags.

A fabric storage bag is also a great choice if you love colour and pattern in your decor, as you'll find plenty of stylish designs on the market, such as this striped bag from Habitat at Argos.

Underbed drawers

Toudou Under-Bed Drawer

Underbed storage drawers are a versatile option for storing away everything from duvets to books, coats or shoes. Most options on the market come with wheels for extra convenience, and some come with internal dividers in place to help you keep the contents organised.

Underbed drawers are available in a variety of materials and finishes - the model above from La Redoute comes in untreated wood, white and grey to suit all decor styles.

Underbed shelving

Fredvang underbed storage, IKEA

Shelving may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about underbed storage, but we think it's certainly an option worth considering.

While open shelving may not be the best solution for storing large, bulky items or anything you'd prefer to keep out of sight, it's perfect for holding more aesthetically pleasing items like books, or for holding ornaments, candles and knick-knacks.

If you're handy, or know someone who is, you could build your own shelving unit. If you want something ready made, however, the IKEA Fredvang unit pictured above includes a front-facing shelf with a storage drawer behind - it even has a flat top to use as a bedside table when pulled out.

More like this

Bed with in-built storage

Laggan Upholstered Ottoman Bed,

If you're in the market for a new bed, before you click 'buy' consider whether you're opting for a model that maximises storage potential.

There are two main types of bed offering in-built storage. Underbed drawers stow away beneath the bed and can be pulled out from the sides, usually on castor wheels or sliders. Meanwhile, ottoman beds feature a base which can be raised into the air to allow access to the storage space beneath.

Both offer plenty of useful storage space, although drawers might be a more practical option if you intend to store items you'll need to access on a regular basis.

Ottoman storage trunk

Matilda Velvet Foldable Ottoman, Dunelm

Storage space doesn't have to be built into the bed itself. One easy option for increasing your bedroom storage potential is to place an ottoman bench at the foot of the bed. The lid can be lifted to allow you to stow away items inside the trunk, and once lowered, the top makes a great space for styling cushions, throws or blankets.

The best thing about a storage trunk is that they can also act as a true style statement, like the vibrant model from Dunelm pictured above. They can also be moved from room to room if desired - they look great in a living room or hallway, too!


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