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Shoe storage ideas to get your footwear organised

Get your shoes organised with these storage solutions! From glamorous shoe racks to space-saving shoe storage for small spaces, check out these inspiring ideas

Published: February 15, 2022 at 3:26 pm
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Shoes storage is the bane of any organiser's life, not only tripping us up in the hall, but also often finding their way into corners of kitchens, living rooms and even bedrooms. Luckily, there are many ingenious shoe storage options on the market these days, offering a wide variety of solutions to suit rooms of any style and size. From statement shoe racks to shoe storage ideas for small spaces, such as wardrobe hanging drawers, there's something for everyone.

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If your shoe collection is in serious need of a permanent home that's tidy, stylish and convenient, read on for our guide to shoe storage - you're bound to find the one that's right for you!

Shoe storage ideas for any home

Shoe cupboard

Mino Hallway Storage
Mino Hallway Storage,

While looking like a standard cupboard in most respects, shoe cupboards typically feature shelves which slant away from the doors to ensure each pair stays in its place. Not all homes will have enough room for a shoe cupboard, but if yours does, we reckon they're a particularly clutter-free option, keeping your shoes completely out of sight while still easy to access whenever needed.

Plus, investing in an item of furniture gives you the opportunity to look for a real statement piece, like this eye-catching Mino hallway storage unit from, shown here in teal but also available in blue and alabaster beige.

Shoe rack

French Cane 3 Tier Shelving Unit
French Cane 3 Tier Shelving Unit, Dunelm

One of the simplest items for storing shoes, the shoe rack is a favourite for a reason. They are a practical option, spacious enough to hold several pairs of shoes , and usually relatively cheap. Plus, a rack doesn't have to be only for shoes - it's also a convenient option for hats, gloves, and anything else you'd like to keep on hand in your hallway.

There are endless style variations on the market, but we're partial to this handmade natural rattan shelving unit from Dunelm, which can hold up to 6kg and should last for years to come.

Shoe bench

Kempton Shoe Bench
Kempton Shoe Bench, The Range

A shoe bench is a multifunctional storage option for a hallway, porch or boot room, as it not only holds many pairs of shoes, but also provides a sturdy flat surface to sit up while you fiddle with your footwear - especially handy for getting in and out of wellies.

For extra comfort, look for models with a padded top, like this Kempton shoe bench from The Range, available in grey, white, oak or walnut effect finish.

Overdoor pockets

Unjumbly Over Door Shoe Storage
Unjumbly Over Door Shoe Storag e,

It may not be the most glamorous solution, but over-door shoe pockets can typically accommodate many more pairs than a standard rack or cupboard, making them a great choice for storing the bulk of your collection out of sight inside a cupboard or behind a bedroom door while you leave your everyday shoes by the front door.

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Lightweight and easy to hang over a door without any need for fixtures or wall mountings, pocket storage has to be one of the simplest and most versatile ways of organising your shoes.

Coat and shoe storage unit

Habitat Turner Clothes Rail with Shoe Rack
Habitat Turner Clothes Rail with Shoe Rack, Argos

When hallway space is at a premium, why not combine shoe and coat storage in one handy unit. Clothes rails have become a trendy alternative to bedroom wardrobes and hallway coat stands in recent years - evoking the stripped-back urban minimalism of Brooklyn loft living - and the good news is that many models come with one or more built-in shelves to hold shoes, hats or any other outdoor apparel.

Double Hanging Shoe Storage

Double Hanging Shoe Storage
Double Hanging Shoe Storage, Argos

If you're short on floor space and adding in a new storage unit for your shoes just isn't an option, you need to think creative! Take a peek inside your wardrobe and see if you have some unused space inside - if so consider hanging storage shelves like these ones from Argos. They're lightweight, collapsible and can be quickly attached to a pole or rail using their attached velcro handle.

Under-stairs storage unit

HOMIDEC Shoe Storage 16 Cube Shoe Rack
HOMIDEC Shoe Storage 16 Cube Shoe Rack,

If you have a space under your stairs and you're keen to make use of it, these stackable cube shoe racks from Amazon might be the answer!

The 16 interlocking boxes in this set can be arranged in any format to suit your space, and each box is large enough to comfortably accommodate a pair of shoes, or other outerwear such as scarves, hats or gloves. Available in black, grey or transparent plastic, with a metal frame.

Spiral shoe rack

Premier Housewares 3-Tier Revolving Shoe Stand
Premier Housewares 3-Tier Revolving Shoe Stand, Robert Dyas

A revolving shoe stand is a convenient and fuss-free storage solution, enabling you to easily grab your favourite pair on the go.

A shoe stand like the one above, from Robert Dyas, also won't take up a lot of floor room, making it a practical choice for narrow or awkward hallways. Its three tiers can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes at a time, meaning it's sure to help keep your entryway clutter-free.

Wall-mounted shoe rack

Set of two eight-pair shoe racks, Wayfair
Set of two eight-pair shoe racks, Wayfair

A wall-mounted shoe rack is a slimline, space-saving alternative to a shoe cupboard, offering open shelving attached directly to the wall. Although the installation might take a little more effort than some of the storage options we've outlined, the result is a secure storage unit that can hold heavy boots without issue.

This set of two four-pair units from 17 Stories, available through Wayfair, is particularly versatile, as they can be mounted in any arrangement - one above the other (as pictured above), side-by-side or in totally separate places.

Storage boxes

Underbed Shoe Storage Tray
Underbed Shoe Storage Tray, John Lewis

The space below your bed is a totally underrated storage opportunity - in fact, we wrote a whole guide to underbed storage - and it's the perfect place to store out of season footwear or those heels you only wear a few times a year.


This storage tray from John Lewis is divided into nine compartments, so it can comfortably store four pairs of shoes, or eight if you're happy to stack each pair - and why not use the extra compartment to hold shoe liners or stray socks?

Hammered Gold Metal Storage Trunks Set of Two


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