Towel storage may not be the first thing on your mind when planning a bathroom makeover. But why spend months choosing the perfect basin and taps, sourcing the most stylish tiles and poring over Pinterest for fixture inspiration, only to see our new dream bathroom haphazardly draped with damp towels?


When it comes to the everyday use of our bathrooms, efficient towel storage can be the difference between a cluttered mess and a zen, hotel-style space.

Whether your bathroom is modern, minimalist, vintage or something in between, it’s guaranteed that there are towel storage ideas out there that will completely transform not only how your bathroom looks, but how efficiently you use the space.

From folding racks to feature shelving, boho-inspired benches to repurposed crates, here are our best towel storage ideas to suit the size and shape of your bathroom, plus our expert advice on how to properly store your towels!

How to store towels

Whether you have ample floor space or a tiny shower room, every bathroom should, at the very least, have somewhere to air dry any damp towels so they can stay fresh between uses.

Ideally, you can also find some space to store a few fresh, clean towels, and, if you’ve got the space for it, most bathrooms also benefit from something like a laundry basket, so you can put your used towels and clothes straight in for washing. Whatever size your space, we’d recommend rolling or carefully folding your clean towels up tidily to achieve a clean, hotel-style vibe.

Although your choice of towel storage ideas will largely depend on the size of your bathroom, you're sure to find something to suit your space and style.

Read on to discover our pick of the best towel storage ideas!

Towel storage ideas

Ladder rack

Towel storage ideas - ladder storage
Image credit: Garden Trading

Ladder shelves are all the rage in living rooms right now, but they also make a great addition to the bathroom - especially if you're short on floor space. The traditional versions are great for hanging your current towels over to dry, and some models come with shelves for stacking spare towels.

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Whichever style you choose, ladder shelves are ideal as towel storage because they take up minimal floor space, whilst still looking totally Instagrammable. For an on-trend look, you can try styling your ladder up with a trailing plant, or add some invisible hooks so you can hang loofas or bamboo body brushes next to your towels.

Buy Garden Trading Adelphi Ladder

Boho bench

La Redoute bathroom bench

Bathroom towel storage is as much about style as it is function, and if you've got the space, a boho-inspired bench is the perfect place to display a neatly folded stack of towels.

This sort of storage solution looks particularly good positioned under a window or styled against a tiled wall, and, if you’ve got the space, you can add a rattan or seagrass basket next to it.

And you want to take it one step further, you can always add additional accessories for extra impact - a vase with some fresh eucalyptus looks great and will create a calming aroma when your shower water runs, or why not add some chic glass jars of bath salts or candles?

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Bathroom trolley

Towel storage ideas - bathroom trolley
Image credit: Amazon

If you're looking for easy bathroom towel storage ideas, it doesn't get much easier than a trolley. A particularly good storage solution if you’re short on space or have a particularly busy bathroom, a trolley can be wheeled it in and out of the space as you wish - move it next to the bath or shower when you need to easily access your towels, or tuck it away in a corner when not in use.

If you’re looking to store large bathroom towels and toiletries it’s worth opting for a trolley with generous sized shelves, but a streamlined version is a stylish solution if you want to display handtowels and face flannels handy next to your sink.

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Sloping shelf

Towel storage ideas - sloping towel shelf
Image credit: Wayfair

Much like a ladder shelf, a sloping shelf is ideal for airing your damp towels without taking up any floor space - and it's even more space efficient! As these shelves are taller than they are wide, they don’t take up too much usable wall space in your bathroom, plus the fact that they’re sloping means that you’ll still be able to move past the shelf easily. Just take care to choose a spot where no passing heads will be at risk of a bump!

We also love the fact that the top of these shelves provide an extra surface for storing whatever you need, at just the right height – think wire baskets filled with toiletries, or even wicker baskets filled with neatly rolled hand towels. For the ultimate space saving solution, why not install one over your bath for easy-to-reach towel access?

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Towel basket

dunelm rope basket

The key to creating a tranquil space is choosing storage solutions that not only make your bathroom look good, but help your bathroom to function as easily and smoothly as possible. If you're aiming to create a zen feel in your bathroom, looking to spas for inspiration can be a great way to choose what form of towel storage is right for your space.

A seagrass basket, for example, is ideal for storing neatly rolled-up clean bath towels tidily, and will give your space a relaxed, laid-back feel. A bowl of fresh hand towels also looks great displayed in a bowl beside the basin, ready for guests.

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Towel rack chairs

Towel storage ideas - towel rack chair
Image credit: Amazon

If you're short on space, multifunctional bathroom furniture is a game-changer. Amazon's ‘towel rack chair’, for example, is a chair which comes with a tall slatted rack for hanging towels - and, the shelf tucked below the seat can be used to store clean towels. Genius!

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Slimline towel caddy

Towel storage ideas - bathroom caddy
Image credit: Dunelm

A slimline freestanding toiletries caddy – like this one from Dunelm - is great for doubling up as small space towel storage. Simply roll up your flannels, hand towels and bath sheets and arrange them on each shelf for organised, easy access at the side of your bath.

If you want to go for full Marie Kondo inspired organisation, you can add homemade labels to each shelf, or even organise the towels in colour categories. For a spa-inspired bathroom vibe, add small potted succulents or trailing plants to dress up the shelves (check out our guide on where to buy houseplants online here!)

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Folding towel rack

Lakeland Modern Folding Laundry Ladder, £39.99, Lakeland
Lakeland Modern Folding Laundry Ladder, £39.99, Lakeland

Folding towel racks are ideal for bathrooms that are on the cosier side - they're super practical and great for slotting away after use. We particularly like this folding laundry ladder from Lakeland - there's a mixture of narrow and wide-spaced aluminium rungs so you can hold used and clean towels simultaneously.

Buy Lakeland Folding Laundry rack

Traditional peg rail

Towel storage ideas - peg rail
Image credit: Cox & Cox

Cleverly placed peg rails are so handy in a bathroom - especially if you think outside the box. Be clever with placement and attach them to the back of doors if you’re short on space, or create a Pinterest-inspired feature wall by installing lots of different rails at different levels around the room.

If you’re feeling creative, you can dress up your pegs by hanging quirky, seasonal bathroom accessories next to your towels, or take it a step further and opt for one with an integrated shelf if you need the added organisation options!

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Corner shelf

Dunelm corner shelf

Whether you have ample floor space or limited room in your bathroom, corner shelves are ideal for utilising the areas that might otherwise go wasted. They’re a life-saver if you’ve got an awkward shaped bathroom, and great if you want to make the most of the floorspace where a traditional freestanding cabinet might go.

Opt for a floor-to-ceiling option if you have lots of towels to store, or choose a half-sized version - pictured above - to keep a few towels handy next to your bathroom products. You can add nice wicker baskets, pretty bath products and candles to your taste.

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Freestanding towel rail

Towel storage ideas - freestanding towel rack
Image credit: Dunelm

If you want to make a feature of your bath linen, a freestanding towel rail is an ideal option. It can be stored flat against the wall if you need space, or you can make it into a focal point by styling it next to your shower (as pictured above).

Simple, Scandi-style rails look particularly good in most homes, but if you want something really different, you can find rare, vintage towel racks on Etsy. We love styling freestanding rails with unique drawstring bags filled with bathroom essentials.

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Towel rail

Towel storage ideas - wall mounted towel bar
Image credit: Anthropologie

Traditional towels rails are often forgotten in modern bathrooms but don't forget about them! They may not seem like the snazziest option, but there's a reason they are a bathroom staple - they still make a super handy addition to any space.

Nowadays, you can find towel rails in hundreds of different styles, colours and materials, but we particularly love this gold version from Anthropologie – it’s perfect for adding a touch of understated luxury to your bathroom décor!

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Hanging rope shelf

Towel storage ideas - hanging rope shelf
Image credit: Etsy

Rope shelves are all over Pinterest at the moment, and it's easy to see why! Not only are they functional, but they look amazing - especially in a rustic, boho-inspired scheme. If you're good with DIY, rope shelves are easy to make yourself using planks of wood and some strong rope – just be sure to attach it to a sturdy ceiling and test its strength before you load it up with bathroom necessities.

But if you'd rather buy them ready-made option, you can purchase these gorgeous rope shelves online at Etsy - simply style it up with some unique trinkets, jars, baskets of face towels and maybe even some bath reading material!

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Bathroom stool

Towel storage ideas - bathroom stool
Image credit: Amara

If you're looking for just one piece of furniture to add to your bathroom, a stool is a great place to start. They make a versatile and affordable styling accessory, and can be used to display a stack of clean towels on top for a relaxed, farmhouse feel.

Whether you chose a rustic vintage option, a sleek metal version or a simple Scandi-inspired wooden step, try styling it next to your bath with a small houseplant or a jar of Pinterest-inspired bath salts. If you can, opt for a step that has an integrated shelf for a handy storage opportunity – on this, you’ll be able to keep your favourite bath products and avoid that cluttered look around the edge of your bath.

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Vertical towel bars

Towel storage ideas - vertical towel rails
Image credit: Etsy

If you're looking to create a hotel vibe in your bathroom, vertical towel bars are a sleek and stylish storage option.

With some basic DIY equipment, you can simply attach them to any part of your bathroom wall – we advise a place within arm's reach when you step out of the bath or shower, but not close enough that they’re likely to get splashed with water – and stack your favourite towels against the wall to add colour and texture to your tiled bathroom.

There are lots of decorative towel rails online, but some like these ones from Etsy are our favourite on the market – they’re handmade from solid steel and super easy to assemble.

Buy Etsy solid steel towel rack

Traditional towel ring

Towel storage ideas - traditional towel ring
Image credit:

We've all seen traditional towel rings, often positioned next to the sink in small downstairs cloakrooms, but, with some creativity, towel rings can look great on the walls of your main bathroom and do a great job of housing your bigger towels, too.

There are so many different variations of towel rings available, in hundreds of different shapes and finishes, so there’s bound to be an option that suits the style of your bathroom. For an interesting display, why not install a few of these rings in a row? Alternatively, you could install one behind your bathroom door for additional, hidden-away storage – the possibilities are truly endless!

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Cane shelf towel rail

Towel storage ideas - rattan wall shelf
Image credit: Dunelm

If you don’t have the room to install a decent sized shelf and a towel rail independently, a toiletries shelf with a built in towel rail, like this easy-to-clean French Cane model from Dunelm, is a smart solution for compact living. And if you already have somewhere to store your shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles, you can keep a few fresh towels rolled up neatly in the integrated shelf, whilst hanging your current towel on the rail.

Try try styling this one with more rattan accessories - Dunelm sell a matching cane caddy, a matching set of bathroom drawers or coordinating storage baskets.

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Built-in under-sink storage

Back To Wall Toilet Unit, £77.99, Wayfair
Back To Wall Toilet Unit, £77.99, Wayfair

Under-sink storage is great for keeping your space looking tidy at all times, so if you've got the budget for it, investing in some built-in storage is a great way to ensure you'll always have somewhere to keep all your bathroom necessities, including your towels – they can be neatly folded and stacked into the bottom drawer, so you can grab one whenever you need to.

If your budget won’t stretch to built-in storage, however, there’s no need to worry - a small under-sink cabinet, like this Brambly Cottage one from Wayfair, will do the same job. Make sure to select one that’s the right height to fit under your sink!

Buy Brambly Cottage at Wayfair cabinet

Feature shelving

Towel storage ideas - round feature shelf
Image credit: Oliver Bonas

Feature shelves are all the rage in living rooms right now, but did you know that they make a great addition to your bathroom too? They’re ideal for displaying your favourite patterned towels and bathroom accessories, and you can even install a series of them at different levels for added storage and an interesting display.

Rounded shelves work particularly well in bathrooms with straight metro or herringbone tiles, but any shape or style of feature shelf will definitely bring a unique feel into your bathroom. We particularly love this mint green and gold one from Oliver Bonas – it would look amazing styled with a beautiful diffuser and a stack of pink pastel towels.

Buy Oliver Bonas Iggy green & gold metal round wall shelf

Repurposed crates

Towel storage ideas - painted bathroom crates
Image credit: Pinterest

If you're looking for budget friendly or bohemian-style towel storage ideas, repurposed crates are a fantastic option. Not only are recycled crates environmentally friendly, but they're really versatile too - you can shuffle them regularly to suit your storage needs, and repaint them whenever you feel like your space needs an update.

If you’re feeling up to a DIY challenge, crate storage is easy to make yourself – simply upcycle with appropriate paint (check out our Frenchic paint upcycling guide here). If DIY isn’t your thing, you can find ready-made crate storage available from independent brands on Etsy, like the stylish white option pictured above!

Buy Etsy white bathroom crates

Salon inspired storage

Towel storage ideas - salon style towel rack
Image credit: Etsy

Salon towel storage has to be 100% practical whilst looking great too, making it an ideal addition to our own homes. Choose quirky shaped shelves with intricate details to achieve a trendy salon vibe, all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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Over Door Hanging Rack

Over Door Storage with Deep Baskets, £24.99, Amazon
Over Door Storage with Deep Baskets, £24.99, Amazon

Behind-the-door racks are a bathroom storage staple. The traditional versions with fabric pouches are great for storing miscellaneous bathroom products, but if you opt for a version with a combination of shelves and hooks instead, these over-door solutions also double up as handy towel storage. Simply fill the deep shelves with rolled, clean towels, and use the hooks to air dry those that are in use. These racks are particularly good for rented accommodation – no screws or nails are needed for installation!

Buy Amazon Over Door Storage

Hanging bathroom baskets

Mira Storage Baskets, from £45, Not on the Highstreet
Mira Storage Baskets, from £45, Not on the High Street

If you’re looking to introduce a bohemian vibe into your bathroom, wall-mounted woven baskets might just be the storage solution for you. To create a relaxed but organised display, either nail the base of a rectangular directly to the wall before filling it will neatly rolled towels, or find a belly basket with handles and hang it from a hook. These baskets from Not On the Highstreet are some of our favourites – they’re made from hemp and sturdy enough to store surplus toilet rolls, towels or magazines!

Buy Not on the High Street Hanging Basket

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