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From the maximalist 'happy clutter' of cottagecore to minimalist Japandi style, this year’s biggest summer looks are all about transforming your home into a sanctuary, so whatever your style, you're guaranteed to have a place to retreat to at the end of a long day.

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Whether you're planning to completely transform your space with some clever DIY hacks or just freshen it up with a few high street homeware accessories, these decor trends are here to give you plenty of on-trend inspiration, so stay tuned.

Read on to discover our favourite summer décor trends for 2021!

Summer decor trends 2021


If you’re an interiors enthusiast you’ll likely have heard the term cottagecore over the last few months. The aesthetic trend has gained huge popularity since it emerged at the end of 2020 and is set to get even bigger in the coming summer months, but what exactly is cottagecore decor? And how did it come about? We’ve got the answers!

Cottagecore inspired bedroom with gallery wall, crochet bedding and canopy
Image credit: The sorry girls

Soaring in popularity in response to what can only be described as a chaotic and overwhelming year, the cottagecore trend is all about returning to the simpler days of the past within the walls of your home. The aesthetic encourages us to surround ourselves with home comforts – and plenty of them – so think maximalism with a vintage twist.

The ultimate aim of the cottagecore trend is to create a space that feels truly authentic and homely - somewhere where you can completely disconnect from the digital world and instead connect to nature. It encourages us to embrace character and clutter, prioritising second hand or handmade pieces, and sees lots of florals, natural textures and layering.

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Earth toned décor

Much like the cottagecore trend, the earth-toned aesthetic was born at the end of 2020 out of a desire to transform our homes into a place of stability and comfort. This ‘neutral’ trend is all about bringing the calming pleasures of nature into our homes, even if they happen to be in the middle of a bustling concrete paradise.

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To create a cosy corner, Lara painted a light green stripe on two of the living room walls, using Earth Green paint. See her home makeover here.

The main focus of the aesthetic is to replace any stark, harsh or unnatural colours in the home with soothing neutral shades, starting with the walls and ending with earth toned accessories.

Maali Handtufted Wool Rug, £349, Made.com
Image credit: Made.com

The summer edition of this trend champions earth-tones from the lighter shade of the spectrum, so think plenty of soft taupes and stone, light putty tones and earthy browns like Dulux’s Colour of 2021, Brave Ground.

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Japandi style

Japandi style first emerged on the interiors scene all the way back in 2018, but it’s now becoming a go-to décor choice for homeware brands and homeowners alike as we head into the summer months.

As with many of the aesthetic trends that are emerging this year, the Japandi style ethos is all about simplicity and embracing the beauty of nature – where this trend differs, however, is in its firm favouring of the ‘less is more’ approach.

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Fusing Scandinavian and Japanese design, the cosy but minimalist Japandi aesthetic completely rejects fussy, maximalist interiors and instead emphasises clean lines, artisan craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

The trend encourages us to find contentment in the simple things and beauty in functional design.

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Green kitchens

In case you haven’t guessed it already, many of 2021s summer décor trends are all about reflecting the beauty of nature inside our homes. When it comes to the kitchen, there’s certainly no exception.

Green houseplants will boost your scheme and your wellbeing too
Green houseplants will boost your scheme and your wellbeing too

While rich, warm berry tones have been particularly popular in the colder months of 2021 (see Farrow & Ball’s top kitchen colours), those deep, fruity shades are now making way for fresh and airy green tones as we head towards the summer months - think vibrant leafy green, pale pistachio and fresh forest colours.

Glass 150x75 Sage Green Brick Tiles
Image credit: Walls and Floors

Although pastels are set to remain popular for the foreseeable future, the green kitchen trend tends to favour variations of green that are synonymous with nature. The ultimate aim is to create a space that feels sophisticated and clean but natural and homely, so your kitchen becomes an inviting cocoon.

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In 2020 the way that we live changed, and with many of us having to work from home on a permanent basis, we soon found that we were using our living space in a completely different way – this is when the cloffice trend was born.

Cloffice ideas
If you don't have a spare cupboard or closet, you can build a cloffice in a small corner. Image credit: Next

Cloffices, which are closets or small spaces that have been repurposed as a home office, became one of the largest growing décor trends of 2020, and with many of us set to be working from home on a flexible basis for the foreseeable future, experts predict that these small-space solutions will continue to dominate the interiors world well into summer.

Cloffice ideas
If your cloffice doesn't have a door, room dividers are great for preventing distractions. Image credit: Habitat

Although the exact features of a cloffice will depend on your type of work and the space you’ve chosen to repurpose, most of them will have a few key things in common, including open shelving, integrated office furniture, and some sort of partition, whether it be an actual wall, door or room divider.

The best thing about this trend is that you have total creative licence when it comes to cloffice décor, so you can express your personal style as much as you wish.

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Boot rooms

Although boot rooms have been around for centuries, they’ve surged in popularity in recent months - and it’s easy to see why, with Covid closures meaning more of us have been spending time exploring the great outdoors. And when you’ve spent time and effort designing your ideal hallway, the last thing you need is an avalanche of dirty shoes, coats and outdoor gear cluttering up the space.

Image credit: Garden Trading
Image credit: Garden Trading

While the exact elements you’ll want to incorporate into your boot room will depend on the size and shape of the available space, trending mud rooms tend to include sleek décor, a sturdy bench and bespoke storage solutions. Boot rooms can be tailored to suit the exact style of your home, so whatever your taste, there’s guaranteed to be a mud room to suit you.


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