Born out of a desire to disconnect from our digital world and return to the simpler days of the past, cottagecore is an aesthetic trend that has been sweeping social media.


Among the biggest home décor trends of 2021, the cottagecore aesthetic is all about re-establishing a wholesome connection to nature, with nods to sustainability and eco-living.

After a tumultuous year that needn’t be expanded upon, increasing numbers of us are looking to escape modern-day stresses and find calm in simpler things, whether that's the natural world or traditional skills like baking, pottery and foraging. Forget digital, cottagecore decor represents an embrace of the analogue lifestyle of the pastoral past.

Read on to find out more about the cottagecore aesthetic and ideas for bringing the look into your home decor. And don't miss our guide to cluttercore, cottagecore's maximalist little sister!

What is the cottagecore aesthetic?

Room with work bench, lots of hanging plants and books
Image credit: Botanical Tales

To put it briefly, cottagecore decor is basically maximalism taken back in time and with a vintage twist. Country decor has always been popular, but cottagecore encourages you to embrace character and even clutter to achieve a truly authentic homely feel.

So, imagine a traditional English cottage, complete with thatched roof, roaring fireplace and country kitchen, and then layer it up with rugs, throws, pottery, books - everything that makes you feel cosy!

How to create a cottagecore home

Cottagecore is all about natural imperfections, so the good news is there’s no need to splurge on brand new pieces of furniture. Prioritise characterful pieces that may show a little wear and tear but have a story to tell.

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Your first port of call should be your local charity shops, vintage stores and antique dealers (or your granny’s house). The aim is to create a warm and welcoming home that sparks conversation and creativity.

Kitchen dresser with lots of crockery
Image credit: Rock my Style

To achieve the ultimate cottagecore aesthetic, clutter is your best friend. You can comfortably reject throwaway culture, because in this trend everything has its place. Whether it’s a dresser brimming with vintage china or a bedroom overgrown with houseplants, clutter is the new minimalism.

Why is the handmade look important for cottagecore?

Cottagecore inspired bedroom with gallery wall, crochet bedding and canopy
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Handmade touches are a hallmark of the look. Take up crocheting and make a colourful throw or create your own wall hanging using natural materials like cotton and yarn. Why not make a bespoke piece of personalised initial wall art?

As we know, a bit of comfy clutter is key to cottagecore, so go wild with gallery walls that incorporate hand-painted prints, vintage China plates and macramé wall hangings.

How do you use florals in the cottagecore home?

Vintage style bathroom with green floral wallpaper
Image credit: Ashley Winn Design

A key aim of the cottagecore aesthetic is to bring the outside in, literally and figuratively. You want to create a natural and soft aesthetic that calms and inspires. Take a page of style inspiration out of your granny's book and introduce florals into your home.

Birds and Flowers Wallpaper by Lime Lace
Image credit: Lime Lace

A couple of cushions or a vintage vase can be a perfect subtle way to incorporate florals, but if you prefer a statement, go all out with floral wallpaper. Floral wallpaper was all the rage in Edwardian houses, which used a similar aesthetic to cottagecore, one that cherished, light, pattern and cosiness.

To get the cottagecore look in your bathroom, combine muted florals with white panelling and for a traditional finishing touch, go for antique-style brass taps.

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Natural touches and cottagecore

Airy white bedroom with decorative vines draped around the windows
Image credit: Urban Outfitters

As well as floral prints, a few living, breathing botanical beauties will add that natural touch. Trailing vine adds an ethereal and romantic touch to the aesthetic or for a more disorderly take on the look, gather together an array of potted plants of varying sizes and heights.

If you really want to stay true to the values of cottagecore, why not forage for some wild flowers yourself and display them in vintage vases?

If you're not green-fingered, there are plenty of faux options on the market that'll still help to create the natural haven you're aiming for. Try this decorative vines set or this Yucca tree artificial plant.

Rustic kitchen with wooden worktops, shelving and pretty flowers
Image credit: @mysimplehome

Avoid modern materials and instead seek those that would have been around centuries ago. Wooden furniture and surfaces also promise to remain robust for years to come with the appropriate care. For a vintage feel in your kitchen, opt for reclaimed wood worktops. The rustic material is supposed to look slightly distressed - handy if there are meddling kids around!

Shelving in the cottagecore home

Country kitchen with loaded shelving and fruit
Image credit: Habitually Chic

There's no such thing as perfection with cottagecore. 'More is more' is the motto, here. Rather than hide everything inside cupboards, get busy creating an organised mess on your shelves. We're talking mismatched plates, quaint vases and all those questionable mugs you've acquired over the years.

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Cluttered country kitchen with large double oven and shelves filled with pots
Image credit: Mark Bolton Photography

Continue the cluttered look onto your kitchen worktops. There's no need to worry about them being clear anymore. Hunt for pleasantly old-fashioned pots to put your wooden spoons in and install hooks below your cabinets to hang your mugs from.

Create cosy, cottagecore-inspired, nooks

Cosy reading nook with vines and a window seat
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Even if you've done all of the above, it wouldn't be cottagecore unless it was cosy. Whether you're reading a book, getting crafty or simply taking an afternoon nap, carving out comfy nooks is the way to go. Start with an armchair or sofa, then layer up the patterned cushions, and drape with a patchwork quilt (handmade is preferable) and you've got yourself a cosy corner you'll never want to leave. An upcycled bookcase brimming with well-thumbed classics never goes amiss too!

Get the cottagecore look

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