By introducing clever storage options and a pared-back colour scheme, Lottie Fishman has transformed her small space into a cosy, Scandi-style retreat.


Here, she tells us all about her bedroom makeover experience...

My bedroom makeover story

My bedroom was moved into the loft extension about 12 years ago. With the low ceiling and compact dimensions, the room felt really cramped with not enough space to move around.

Bedroom makeover: 'I turned my bedroom into a boho hideaway'
Before the makeover, Lottie's room had little storage space

The other major issue was the lack of storage space. I just had a free-standing rail with no drawers to fold away jumpers and T-shirts.

Bedroom makeover: 'I turned my bedroom into a boho hideaway'
Lottie chose white wardrobes to blend in with the walls and create a seamless look. Open shelves put her shoe collection and storage solutions on display – the perfect excuse to stock up on pretty seagrass baskets

I created a moodboard and started gathering ideas to create a brand-new look that would give me lots more wardrobe space. I asked a local carpenter to make up a simple wardrobe from MDF, and then got busy designing the rest of the space.

Welcome to my home...

A bit about me I’m Lottie Fishman, 22, a TV production assistant. I live in a five-bedroom Edwardian house in Woodford Green, Essex, with my parents and brother, Izzy and sister, Sadie.

My problem bedroom There wasn’t enough storage for all my clothes and shoes, plus the colour scheme was far too bold and overpowering.

Bedroom makeover: 'I turned my bedroom into a boho hideaway'

First, I painted everything white to lighten the room and make it feel as big as possible. I moved the bed to the other side of the room and updated it with a new wooden headboard.

Bedroom makeover: 'I turned my bedroom into a boho hideaway'
With lots of light streaming through, Lottie uses this corner by the window for her morning make-up routine. Favourite framed prints and leafy houseplants add character to the space

I love rustic, textured elements, so I included lots of wooden details around the room. New white wooden blinds from Blinds 2go went up and then I painted a scallop-shaped pattern around the window frame.

We found a discounted desk and chair from TK Maxx and then I started shopping for cushions and throws to add plenty of texture.

A bit more about my bedroom...

How I made it work Fitted wardrobes were made and installed along one wall and then the whole room was painted white to brighten it up. I also changed the layout and added lots of texture and natural materials to cosy up the space.

My favourite part I love my new cosy bed area with the beaded hanging light and the green plants all around.

Bedroom makeover: 'I turned my bedroom into a boho hideaway'

The finishing touch was the hanging beaded pendant and string lights to make the room twinkle. It’s a complete contrast to how it looked before. My room is so easy to keep tidy and organised now and it feels so much more serene and calm.

Style advice

Warm up a space with textures

A neutral palette doesn’t have to be dull – pair a subtle colour scheme with plenty of textures in similar pared-back shades for a warm and cosy feel.

Bedroom makeover: 'I turned my bedroom into a boho hideaway'

Lottie has piled on layers of sheepskin, raffia details, rattan and wood accessories plus pampas grass and leafy houseplants to add interest and create a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Add interest with painted shapes

Draw attention to different areas with simple designs on the wall. To highlight the window, Lottie has painted a border of scallop shapes, using a paper plate as a template.

Bedroom makeover: 'I turned my bedroom into a boho hideaway'

She has also used the same rose pink shade – China Clay Deep by Little Greene – to zone and add interest to the desk area, painting an oversized circle behind the floating shelves.

Small decorating jobs like this are a good opportunity to use up any leftover paint or spare tester pots.

Opt for efficient storage

If you’ve got a small space – like Lottie – it’s even more important to keep your room feeling organised, so get creative with your storage options.

Bedroom makeover: 'I turned my bedroom into a boho hideaway'

Lottie increased her wardrobe space with made-to-measure cupboards, pull-out baskets and wall hooks, providing her with plenty of space to keep all of her clothes and bits and pieces tidied away. Be clever with the area you have and use any unused space – such as under the bed or behind the door – for storage too.

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