Pink bathroom ideas and accessories to get you inspired

Is pink a good colour for a bathroom? We think so! Take a look at our pick of the best pink bathroom looks, including pink bathroom tiles and accessories

It’s fair to say pink bathrooms are in style right now. Although it may seem like a bold colour choice for a bathroom, there are tones of pink to suit a wide range of interior schemes, from cottagecore to high-end luxe looks.


Is pink a good colour for bathrooms?

Whether it’s a vibrant coral, oh-so-Instagrammable millennial pink or the subtlest blush pink, there’s a shade of pink to suit anyone and any home. And when it comes to making a pink bathroom look good, it’s all down to personal preference. That’s why we’ve selected a range of pink colour combos and homeware ideas to find the perfect look for you.

Read on for our pick of the best pink bathroom ideas and our favourite pink colour combos… And love all things pink? Check out our guide to pink bedroom ideas too!

Pink bathroom ideas

Pink bathroom tiles

Pink bathroom tiles via Pinterest
By Shnordic via Pinterest

Pink bathroom tiles make an instant statement. Go for wall-to-wall for maximum impact – to cover a large area without overwhelming the space, we’d recommend blush pink bathroom tiles or a similarly muted shade. But if you’re feeling a bit braver, opt for a single pop of eye-catching pink with a bold coral or hot pink tiled-splashback or feature wall.

Kate La Vie pink bathroom
Kate La Vie pink bathroom via Pinterest

For a retro summer villa aesthetic, look for rustic washed-out pink bathroom tiles, or if you prefer something bold and contemporary, try pastel pink tiles with white or black grouting. If you don’t have the budget to splash out on entirely new tiles, don’t fret! You can give your existing ones a whole new lease of life with a lick of pink chalk paint.

Pink bathroom paint

Small pink bathroom via Pinterest
This dinky bathroom has been brought to life with paintings and cosy, pastel pink painted walls. Via Pinterest

If you’re debating whether or not pink would look good in your bathroom, paint swatches are the way to go! Pick your three favourite pink shades and paint a swatch of each on all walls in the room – each wall will get slightly different light levels so it’s important to see how the colours differ on each wall.

Leave them on for a week to give yourself time to assess which pink shade is best for you and your room. Dark pink paint shades can add depth to a small bathroom, while lighter pink paint shades work well as a canvas for other complementary colours and as a background for bathroom accessories like towel holders, plants and artwork.

Pink bath

pink & black bathroom via Mad About The House
Mad About the House via Pinterest

You don’t have to cover every surface in pink to make an impact in your bathroom. A pink bath can create just as much drama as pink walls or pink bathroom tiles, especially when set against a contrasting colour, like the charcoal-coloured panelling above.

If you’re lucky enough to have a free-standing bath, a dusky, matte pink paint would make a great choice, as it keeps in line with classical designs and styles. A modern, tiled bath, on the other hand, could lend itself well to more daring shades of pink, such as millennial pink or coral. Just be sure to pair it with a complementary grouting colour!

Image Credit: Chris Snook Photography
Image Credit: Chris Snook Photography

If your bath has wooden panelling, you have even more versatility. A range of pink shades would work well on wood, but we think a deep rouge would make a safe bet.

Pink basin 

Victoria Plum pink basin
Mode Orion pink coloured countertop basin, 355mm, £109, Victoria Plum

A few years ago, bathroom basins seemed like nothing more than a practical purchase, but nowadays they have us all in a flutter! The styles of bathroom basin on offer seem to be growing endlessly, and the same goes for colour choices.

A contemporary pink basin like this one from Victoria Plum will bring your bathroom style bang up to date and it’s a great choice if you’re looking to bring just a subtle hint of pink to your scheme.

Pink bathroom accessories

In her bathroom makeover, Emily has chosen pink textiles such as hand towels and a bath mat, to add contrast to the monochrome tiling.
In her bathroom makeover, Emily has chosen pink textiles such as hand towels and a bath mat, to add contrast to the monochrome tiling.

A total overhaul of your bathroom isn’t always possible or practical, no matter how you much you love pink! For an easy and affordable bathroom refresh, try updating your bathroom towels and accessories in favour of pink ones, as Emily has done in her bathroom makeover above.

Try varying the shades of pink for a relaxed, boho look or stick to the same shade for neat, contemporary aesthetic.

MADE pink bathroom accessories
Lilo bathroom pedal bin, copper, £29, MADE.COM

You can also tap into the pink bathroom trend with bathroom accessories like bins, soap dispensers, mirrors and toothbrush holders. We love these pink copper bathroom accessories from MADE.COM which would work well in a white, grey or green bathroom.

This pink locker from Mustard Mead creates a playful contrast to the ornate gold shower cubicle in Liz's bathroom makeover
This pink locker from Mustard Made creates a playful contrast to the ornate gold shower cubicle in Liz’s bathroom makeover

Pink storage and pink furniture such as drawers, cupboards or lockers, like Liz’s Mustard Made locker above, are other canny ways of turning your existing bathroom into an on-trend pink bathroom.

Try upcycling an existing chest of drawers with paint, have a rummage in a local second-hand furniture store or splash out on one statement pink furniture item. Add other accessories, even if it’s just shower gel or soap, in the same shade of pink as the furniture to create a bolder, cohesive look.

What colours go with pink in a bathroom?

Wondering what paint colour goes with pink tiles? Here are our favourite pink bathroom colour combos to help you decide…

Pink & green bathroom

pastel bathroom makeover - diy panelling
Heather’s bathroom makeover feels fresh and botanical thanks to her green panelling and bathroom plants which pop perfectly against the pastel pink paint on her walls.

Pink and green interiors are super on-trend at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. This colour combo is uplifting and reminiscent of nature and youthfulness. In pastel tones of mint green and powder pink, this combo has a delightfully retro feel to it.

Image via Brixton Botanics
Image via Brixton Botanics

With pink lending itself so well to green, it makes sense to load up your pink bathroom with plants! Choose plants that favour high humidity and lower light levels if your bathroom doesn’t get much natural light.

Pink & grey bathroom

grey and pink bath

You can’t go wrong with pink and grey bathrooms, in fact, this is one of the most popular colour schemes for interiors full-stop. Together, pink and grey create a cosy, relaxing feel to a space, perfect for when you’re soaking in the tub with a candle or two!

To keep things from looking too dark, break up the pink and grey with white and wooden accents. A splash or two of green works, too!

Pink & gold bathroom via Pinterest via Pinterest

For a high-end, polished look, choose pink and gold. This colour combo conveys the glamour of a boutique hotel or Italian villa. Gold taps, gold mirrors and gold shower cubicles are all ways of incorporating this shade into your pink bathroom.

Blush pink works especially well with gold accents, and for an even more luxe look, try pink marble too!

Pink & yellow bathroom

Karen's Millenial-pink bathroom tiles make a great canvas for the indigo floor tiles and bright yellow cabinet.
Karen’s millennial-pink bathroom tiles make a great canvas for the indigo floor tiles and bright yellow cabinet. See her full bathroom makeover here.

If you’re a colour lover, feast your eyes on pink and yellow! This combination is playful and cheery and would look especially good in a large, light-filled bathroom with plenty of sunlight really bring the colours to life.

Pops of baby blue or indigo, as well as white, will help keep things from looking too sickly sweet.

Pink & black bathroom

Liz's bathroom walls are painted in a delicate terracotta pink hue which works as a great canvas for green plants and black accents
Liz’s bathroom walls are painted in a delicate terracotta pink hue which works as a great canvas for green plants and black accents

After a dash of contemporary cool in your pink bathroom? Black is the answer! Black will ground your pink scheme and keep things looking classic. Paired with the sleek black lines of a Crittall-style shower screen, as above, pink will look sophisticated.

Black accents are best suited to earthier shades of pink, such as terracotta, or peachy coloured pinks.


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