If you’ve been on the search for the perfect living room colour, look no further. Whether you’re looking to create a soothing sanctuary or somewhere to feel energised and inspired, pink has your back.


Is pink a good colour for living room?

Pink is a fantastic colour for a living room because it’s such a versatile shade, so whatever vibe you’re trying to create within your home, there’s guaranteed to be a tone of pink to suit your space. Pinks from the lighter side of the spectrum, like blush pink, rose pink and salmon, are well known for their soothing effect, whilst those more vibrant shades – coral, fuchsia and – are far more stimulating. Pink also goes well with plenty of other colours, including greens, blues and earth-tones, so it's easy to build a cohesive colour palette around your chosen pink shade, or incorporate pink accents into an existing decor scheme.

From vibrant watermelon walls to powder pink panelling, keep reading to discover our pick of the best pink living room ideas!

Pink living room ideas

1. Choose a pink feature sofa

Pink living room ideas
Arundel Three-Seat Sofa, Soho Home

If floor to ceiling pink isn't quite your thing, don't fret - there are plenty of ways you can incorporate the versatile shade into your decor without it looking too much. For an understated but sophisticated look, try using a dusky pink sofa as a focal point for your room and surround it with an eclectic mixture of furniture, both old and new. Tie in warm-toned shades, like burnt orange, for a polished take on boho style, and finish the look with a few lovely houseplants.

2. Paint your ceiling pink

Pink living room ideas
Red 03 Matt by Lick paints. Photo by @Douglasbridgephotography

Who said ceilings have to be white? If you're looking to inject some wow factor into a lacklustre space, painting your ceiling is the perfect way to make a bold style statement whilst simultaneously adding warmth to a room.

Whether you opt for a soft, powder pink or an earthy terracotta, putting this versatile colour on your ceilings will instantly make your space feel cosy and cocooning - it's the perfect trick to use if you're looking to add character to an old period property!

3. Choose deep raspberry for the walls

Pink living room ideas
Farrow & Ball Rangwali

If, to you, decor is all about being unapologetic, why not engulf your space in a dramatic raspberry shade? Pick a deep, exotic tone that has a dose of black pigment in it, like Farrow & Ball's Rangwali, to keep your space looking elegant, and style alongside some retro furniture for a timeless look.

4. Paint wooden panelling with a blush pink shade

Pink Sandstone and Brave Ground, Dulux
Pink Sandstone and Brave Ground, Dulux

Whether you're renovating a listed home or looking to inject a bit of personality into your new build, installing some wall panelling is an affordable yet stylish way to give a room a touch of pink. The best thing about panelling is the fact that you can customise your design so that it's completely to your taste, and the combinations really are endless. We love the look of panelling half way up the wall in a deep shade of pink, or cladding a whole wall and then painting it in a two-tone effect.

5. Style powder pink with Mid-Century modern furniture

Pink living room ideas
Farrow & Ball Pink Ground. Photo by Mariell Lindhansen.

Mid-Century Modern design is perhaps the ultimate in timeless style, and luckily for all the pink fans out there, it often uses a splash of the homely shade within its colour palette. For a contemporary take on a Mid-Century Modern living room, try using pale powder pink on the walls before styling in some classic modernist staples, like a wooden Ercol armchair. Be sure to include some decorative pieces too - abstract ornamental plates, as pictured above, look great against a pink wall.

6. Team your pinks

Camila Pink Velvet Sofa
Camila Pink Velvet Sofa, Urban Outfitters

If you want your living room to look cohesive and sleek, one of the best things you can do is style one shade of pink with another. We love the idea of painting walls in a light watermelon tone and using them as a backdrop for some statement pink furniture, like a coral velvet sofa. Finish the look with soft furnishings in other pink tones and a pop of greenery or metallic accessories for contrast.

7. Use pink colour pops to break up an earth-toned palette

Pink living room ideas
Ashford Three Seater Sofa, Soho Home

Earth-toned decor is known for being soothing and relaxing, and many of us adopt nature-inspired shades in our homes thanks to their grounding effect. As earth tones are neutral, they pair particularly well with many other colours along the spectrum, and pink is certainly one of them. If you're keen to bring your neutral living room to life, try adding a key pink piece - whether it's a sofa or a cabinet upcycled with a coat of pink chalk paint - to break up all the natural tones.

8. Match fuchsia walls with natural wooden textures

Pink living room ideas
Farrow & Ball Lake Red

If you love pink, don't be afraid to be bold with it! Painting a wall in a vibrant fuchsia will instantly make your living room feel joyful and inspiring. Keep the space feeling tranquil and balanced by the opting for natural-textured furniture - light wood coffee tables and chairs are great at making energetic colours pop!

9. Contrast bubblegum shades with retro furniture

Farrow & Ball Nancy's Blushes.
Farrow & Ball Nancy's Blushes. Photo by @mattinamoderna

If you've already got a collection of retro furniture, why not bring it to life by contrasting it against a playful bubblegum pink? Something like Farrow & Ball's Nancy's Blushes is a perfect, true pink shade that has an immediately uplifting impact on a room. For an open, airy look, team it with brilliant white trim, or something darker - like a blue toned charcoal - if you're after a more dramatic look.

10. Make jewel tones pop with dusky pink

Ashton Linen Upholstered Teak Sofa
Ashton Linen Upholstered Teak Sofa, Anthropologie

If your dream decor is cosy and sumptuous, try teaming a dusky rose shade with jewel tones like dark emerald, deep plum and peacock blues - you'll love the glamorous result. Don't think you need a large room to achieve this sophisticated look either - our instinct is often to paint small room with light and bright colours to make them look larger, but opting for dark decor can turn them into snug retreats.

If you love darker and richer tones and want to enhance the rich shades of plum, damson and crimson check out our burgundy red home decor ideas

11. Use apricot pink as a base for statement wall art

Dulux Soft Stone
Dulux Soft Stone

If you're usually one to put magnolia on the walls, why not switch it up and try swapping out beige for a fresh apricot pink shade? The light, orange-toned pink will make your space feel open and airy whilst simultaneously stopping it from feeling cold, and it makes a great, neutral base for stronger-coloured wall art and accessories.

12. Create a soothing scheme with muted pinks and sage

Pink living room ideas
Audrey 3-Seater Sofa by Soho Home

If you prefer your living spaces to feel soothing, opting for a muted pink shade - one with a grey undertone - will help to keep your space feeling calm. Enhance the feeling of relaxation by choosing nature-inspired soft furnishings and furniture made out of natural materials - sage green works particularly well with muted pink, as does soft powder blue and walnut.

13. Bring pink to life with gold metallic accents

Hampstead 3 Seater Sofa
Hampstead 3 Seater Sofa, Marks & Spencer

If you love the idea of having a year-round summer inside your house, pink shades are great at introducing a sunshiny feel into your space. Keep the look classic by teaming the coral with desert inspired decor accessories, or match blush pinks with gold metallic accents for a sophisticated, Art Deco inspired edge.

14. Pair blush pink walls with dark charcoal trims

Pink living room ideas
Farrow & Ball Setting Plaster

If you like the idea of decorating with pink but want to steer clear of anything to sugary sweet, styling a soft, yellow pigmented pink - like Farrow and Ball's Setting Plaster - with dark grey or black woodwork can create a dramatic contrast. Mix in some mismatched furniture pieces for a laid-back, eclectic look.

15. Opt for pink and white stripes

Pink living room ideas
Photo by Benjamin Moore

Don't be afraid to use pattern when it comes to designing your pink living room, and don't be afraid to mix and match contrasting prints for a layered, laid-back look. Although you might not think to mix coastal pink and white stripes with something like a pink oriental rug, when they have the same shades running through them, it can create a surprisingly cohesive look.

16. Use dark blue-toned pink to bring rustic furniture to life

Pink living room ideas
Farrow & Ball Cinder Rose

Thanks to their romantic feel, pinks that have blue undertones - such as Farrow and Ball's Cinder Rose - make a great accompaniment to distressed and rustic furniture. Ramp up the comfortable, shabby-chic vibes by adding distressed-look wallpaper next to a blue-pink wall.

17. Combine champagne pink with Art-Deco inspired furniture

Pink living room ideas
Photo by Cult Furniture

Best known for its use of geometric patterns, streamlined shapes and ‘futuristic’ designs, Art Deco decor is luxurious, opulent and glamorous - and pink lovers everywhere will be pleased to know that it also perfectly complements a pink colour palette. For an authentic Art Deco look, pick a subdued pink colour for the walls and style in some striking metallic furniture pieces. If you're keen to add a contemporary edge, you can always add a few pink feature pieces - like the bubblegum stool pictured above.

18. Contrast one dark pink wall with a lighter one

Pink living room ideas
Photo by Sofology

Four walls of the same shade not your thing? Add depth to a lacklustre living room by painting the walls in different shades of pink. If you're going to opt for this striking look, make sure you choose shades that have the same undertones - this will help keep the look slick and cohesive!

19. Embrace sugared almond shades as a backdrop for antique art

Pink living room ideas
Farrow & Ball Setting Plaster

Sweet, sugared almond shades make a great backdrop for antique art, especially oil paint pieces that have lots of dark colours and moody landscape subjects. To make a real statement, create a feature wall using mismatched gold frames, decorative plates and open shelving stacked with books. Finish your scheme by adding retro seating and a funky vintage coffee table.

20. Balance chilean pink walls with deep teal trims

Pink living room ideas
Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink with Inchrya Blue trim

Pink and teal are a match made in heaven! Why not bring chilean pink walls to life with statement teal woodwork? Add a daring pink and blue wallpaper to add depth and interest to your room, and emphasise the depth of the colours by laying a light, maple wood flooring.

21. Brighten period features with pastel pink

Pink living room ideas
Photo by Benjamin Moore

If you're looking to inject a bit of life into your period home, pink is your best friend. If you're not sure exactly what shade to opt for, the colour palettes from era your home was built will be a great indicator as to which tones might best suit your space. Georgian and Edwardian properties look great with pale pastel pinks, while Victorian properties might better suit an Art Nouveau inspired powder pink.

22. Breathe new life into solid pink walls with fresh greenery

Pink living room ideas
Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink

Why not embrace the forest bathing trend and and create a mindful scheme by pairing dusky pink walls with plenty of houseplants? Studies have proven that looking at greenery can have a therapeutic effect by lowering pulse rate and cortisol levels, so team them with soothing pink tones for the ultimate restful space.

23. Choose pale pink to accompany chateau-esque styling

Antique wallpaper by Graham & Brown

A chateau-inspired living room is perhaps one of the most glamorous you can get, and if you're a fan of French country decor, you'll be pleased to know that pink is the perfect shade to accompany this grand but cosy type of interior design. Use light pink walls as a base for plush, comfortable furniture and create a stunning focal point with a magnificent chandelier. Instead of wallpapering a whole wall, add interest to your space by papering one or two panels, and finish the look with an impressive green plant.

24. Soften floor to ceiling cladding with a salmon shade

Pink living room ideas
Farrow & Ball Dead Salmon

Bring endless warmth into Scandi-inspired wooden spaces by swapping out a traditional white paint for a neutral pink. Paint ceilings and beams in the same shade as the walls and match with a similar coloured carpet to transform any space into a comforting cocoon - Farrow & Ball's Dead Salmon is perfect for the job as it has a subtle mushroom mushroom undertone.


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