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One of the best ways to unwind after a long day would be by visiting a spa - however, it's not always realistic, is it?

Spas can be expensive and far away so why not transform your bathroom so it becomes your own personal relaxing location? All you need to add are a few elements and before you know it, you'll have a calming spa atmosphere to enjoy.

That's why we've spoken to Vanessa Arbuthnott, who is sharing her tips on exactly how you can create a relaxing paradise within your own home.


Dimming lights

Warm dim bathroom lighting
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Are you a fan of a late-night bath? Well, why not give recessed ceiling lights or wall sconces with a dimmer switch a go? Using a dimmer can soften harsh lighting, adding to that spa-like feeling when you're looking to relax in the bath. Alternatively, how about lighting some candles and dotting them around the bathroom?


Earthy tones

Use colours that are inspired by nature - for instance, brown, grey, green, and soft duck egg blue - to give your bathroom a more organic feel.

A small bathroom doesn't limit you - simply use a more neutral colour scheme. Darker colours can give off a more powerful impression which simply won't relax you. Instead, use taupe, light grey, pale green and soft blues to let your senses be at peace.


Blind style

A great way to achieve a sense of ambience and privacy is a linen blind. You could try bathroom rollers or roman blinds, depending on the size and lighting options of your bathroom. Roller blinds are a smart, simple choice, covering a window with a single piece of fabric. It can then be rolled away to provide both shade and privacy.

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Caddy up

Bath caddy
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One of the best accessories to give your room a spa-like vibe is undoubtedly a bathtub caddy. It's simple yet makes a huge impression. With many different styles to choose from, you can easily find one that suits your room, and they provide a simple way to store candles, books and glasses.


Natural vibes

A great way to contribute to a tranquil setting and healthy environment will be green plants.

Bathrooms typically have low light, high humidity and warmer temperatures in comparison to other rooms, so it subsequently becomes important to find plants which flourish in this environment. You can display potted plants on counters, ledges and floors, while hanging plants from the ceiling is another good place to utilise them. It provides you with a great way of bringing in a touch of colour, personality and energy.


Shower upgrade

Is your shower the focal point of the room? Well, it should be made as luxurious as possible - a great way to create a spa-like feeling is by treating yourself to a rainfall shower head. Or, alternatively, how about a steam shower? This can provide a feeling of luxury while also nourishing the skin and creating a healthy glow


Pamper display

Indulge in your favourite spa accessories - for instance, body scrubs, bath salts and sheet masks. Then, leave them on display on open shelving or pretty glass jars. With many brands having beautiful packaging for their products, they can also provide an elegant touch along your bath or on shelving.