The copper craze is well and truly here to stay. This sleek, glamorous material, previously associated with period homes and traditional interiors, is now accessible to all thanks to homeware brands utilising it in accessories, lighting, furniture and more. It's even been found to have anti-bacterial properties (in 2008 it was recognised as the first antimicrobial metal, pretty cool!), making it ideal for busy kitchens and bathrooms.


What colour goes with a copper kitchen?

Walking the line between luxe and boho, copper can be incorporated into a range of interior styles, from maximalist to minimalist Scandi aesthetics. But what colours go with copper? Black and copper, navy and copper (and teal) and cream and copper are our top favourite pairings. Copper adds warmth and depth to cool, bare spaces and adds a glimmer of light to dark schemes.

How to design a kitchen-diner

Copper kitchen ideas

Copper surfaces

Bespoke copper tops and splashback in a Sebastian Cox kitchen, from £15,000;
Bespoke copper kitchen counters and splashback, deVOL Kitchens

If you want to make a statement with copper, there's no better way than with your kitchen surfaces. Copper kitchen counters will add a real wow factor to a room, exuding warmth and style. Thanks to their polished finish and anti-bacterial properties, they're easy to keep clean too and are super durable, they just need wiping with a warm wet cloth every now and then to keep sparkling clean.

Unsealed copper will oxidise over time, creating a lovely patina with hues of brown, red and even green. This aged patina will give more of a rugged, industrial look to your kitchen, perfect if you don't want a super-sleek, polished look, or if you're looking to add interest to a modern kitchen.

This finish also works well in cottages and period homes where things tend to be a little more stripped-back. If you prefer the polished look though, go for sealed copper counters which will keep its shine and overall colour for longer.

Copper kitchen handles

Copper Rose Gold Modern Solid Brass Long Pull Bar Handles
Copper Rose Gold Modern Solid Brass Long Pull Bar Handles, from £14.40, Pushka Home/ Etsy

For a subtler touch of copper, kitchen handles are the way to go. Like copper counters, copper kitchen handles are easy to keep clean and provide a smooth, hygienic touchpoint. There are plenty of copper handle styles to choose from; traditional knobs, industrial cup pulls and sleek modern handles.

We love these rose gold copper long pull bar handles which are coated with a protective lacquer to prevent oxidisation and corrosion and make them totally water-resistant. They have no sharp angles either so they're safe if you have little ones around!

Buy Copper Rose Gold Modern Solid Brass Long Pull Bar Handles from Pushka Home/ Etsy (from £14.40)

Copper kitchen tap

Dyke & Dean copper tap and splashback
Copper tap and splashback from Dyke & Dean

Another way of tapping into the copper trend is through your plumbing. Copper taps and pipes create a gorgeous, pared-back industrial look that works especially well in older homes. A sleek copper tap in a fresh modern kitchen can add a charming touch too.

More like this

For extra style points, you could match your copper tap with a pretty and practical copper splashback, like the example above. As well as keeping your wall protected from mess when cooking and washing up, a copper splashback can also add depth and light to a small space, so it might be worth thinking about if you have a dinky kitchen!

Copper lights

Galley Copper Easy Fit Pendant
Galley Copper Easy Fit Pendant, £12, Dunelm

The shimmery warmth of copper makes it an ideal choice for lighting a kitchen. Whether it's a row of matching copper pendants or a single statement copper floor lamp, for a quick and easy dose of copper joy, lighting is the way. You could even try copper lightbulbs for an extra gold light effect in your kitchen.

If you're not sure where to start, you can't go wrong with this copper pendant from Dunelm. It's easy fit design means you can have it installed in a flash and the polished metal makes dusting a doddle. It's super reflective too, so light will bounce off it - perfect for cheering up grey days or for adding some sparkle to a dark decor scheme.

Buy Galley Copper Easy Fit Pendant from Dunelm (£12)

Copper kitchen accessories

You don't have to renovate your whole kitchen to achieve the copper look. A savvy shortcut is to pick out striking copper accessories and utensils which will add pops of copper throughout your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a full-scale makeover. Place your copper accessories on open shelving, in storage baskets or on a wire rack to show them off and make the most of them.

Copper wall rack

Bespoke Modern Copper Pot and Pan Rack, from £57, Etsy
Bespoke Modern Copper Pot and Pan Rack, from £57, Etsy

What better way to show off a collection of copper accessories than with a copper wall rack?! This stunning copper pan rack is available in either a pure natural copper finish, which will gradually age over time, leaving a beautiful patina, or a satin lacquer finish that will keep its shine and colour. Stack it up with retro copper pans for a charming, cosy kitchen look.

Buy Bespoke Modern Copper Pot and Pan Rack from Etsy (from £57)

Copper measuring cups

Copper Measuring Cups ProCook
Copper Measuring Cups, £14, ProCook

For keen cooks and bakers, measuring cups are indispensable and these copper measuring cups are just the thing for a stylish, timeless kitchen! They're technically copper-coloured stainless steel, but this makes them long-lasting and they'll keep their shine. They're dishwasher safe too and can be nested together to save space (or hang them up on the aforementioned copper wall rack!).

Buy Copper Measuring Cups from ProCook (£14)

Copper baking set

Copper King Baking Set
Copper King Baking Set, £19.99, Coopers of Stortford

No kitchen is complete without a baking set. This collection from Copper King includes everything you need to bake and roast; from muffins to banana bread, casseroles to a Sunday roast. The copper particles promote quicker, more even cooking, plus they're non-stick and dishwasher safe. The lovely warm golden hue of the set is almost too good to hide away, so why not display it on open shelving?

Buy Copper King Baking Set from Coopers of Stortford (£19.99)

Copper kitchen appliances

Cookworks Pyramid Kettle & Toaster
Cookworks Pyramid Kettle, £36.99 and Cookworks Pyramid 4 Slice Toaster, £41.99, Argos

Such is the popularity of copper nowadays that you can even find it on electrical appliances, like this charming kettle and toaster set from Argos. The striking copper colour, with a stainless steel finish, looks fab on kitchen counters and has a fun retro feel to it.

Buy Cookworks Pyramid Kettle and Cookworks Pyramid 4 Slice Toaster from Argos (from £36.99)

Copper microwave

KENWOOD K25MICU21 Solo Microwave
KENWOOD K25MICU21 Solo Microwave, Black & Copper, £119, Currys

This copper style microwave from Kenwood is a great choice if your old model is on the blink or you're on the hunt for something a little snazzier for your copper kitchen. As well as being timelessly stylish, this microwave has ten power levels and eight pre-set cooking functions, making it as functional as it is fashionable! After something a little more retro? Check out our round-up of the best retro microwaves here!

Buy KENWOOD K25MICU21 Solo Microwave, Black & Copper from Currys (£119)


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