As one of the most frequently used features of the kitchen, it is important that your sink and tap meet your everyday needs. With a range of contemporary and traditional to choose from, considering all of the options before purchasing is key.


We caught up with Hayley Shaw, Head of Product, at Magnet, who gave us her advice on how to pick the perfect combination to complement your kitchen:


Think about the style of your kitchen. Sink designs can vary significantly and it is important that the look of your sink fits with the style of your kitchen. Composite sinks come in a wide range of colours and materials so they are a good choice for modern or quirky kitchens thanks to their versatility.

For a minimalist option, look out for sleek stainless steel sinks. They come in a wide choice of finishes such as highly polished, matt satin or even linen looking. For an open-plan space and stainless steel sink, choose a single-lever mixer tap.

In traditional rooms, gold and bronze shades are always a popular option as these kitchens are often more ornate in finish with lots of attention to detail. If you opt for this style there is a wide range of classic kitchen sink designs to choose from which won’t jar with the rest of the room. Classic ceramic sinks in a Belfast or butler design are always stylish.

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The hottest trends for this year include the rise of modern, minimalist designs and practical, chic taps worthy of professional kitchens. There is also a renewed interest in classic, cool models and rustic taps, making the array of choices even more diverse. The newest taps feature a broader variety of finishes than ever before.

Rather than following a trend, you could opt for a versatile tap that blends effortlessly with any style. The classic design of a two-handle tap will adapt to any kitchen environment. The swan neck tap also has durability and adaptability as it is exceptionally elegant and the traditional Belfast sink is complemented perfectly by this tap in chrome or pewter.


It is important to think about how you want your sink and taps to function in the kitchen. Inset sinks, where the lip of the sink stands just above the worktop, are the most popular option. However, mounting the sink below or in line with the worktop surface is a popular look.

Belfast sink
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The right choice of tap will affect how you use the kitchen space. Keen cooks will appreciate pull-out rinsing sprays that make washing plates and pans a breeze. Alternatively, eco-conscious homeowners should consider investing in an Insinkerator Hot Water tap, which offers an instant and convenient way of dispensing hot and cold water, without repeatedly boiling the kettle.

A kitchen tap should be chosen for its balance of design and function - it should enhance the work area and be effortless to use. Similarly, the sink should enhance both the appearance and purpose of the space.


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