Refreshing, balancing and relaxing, green bathrooms are back in fashion – and they’re a far cry from the 1970s avocado suites we love to hate!


If you’ve been looking to transform your bathroom into a spa-like haven, green might just be the colour you’ve been looking for…

green bathroom tile ideas
Frame mirror, mixer tap and Aruba White countertop basin by Roper Rhodes

From deep emerald green walls to olive green tiles, keep reading to discover how to use green in your bathroom decor, plus our pick of the best green bathroom ideas!

Is green a good colour for a bathroom?

‘Bathrooms are a space where we seek relaxation and serenity so it’s important to choose a colour combination that exudes tranquillity. Green is just that,’ explains Chelsea Clark, Head of Brand at Lust Home.

green bathroom
Scintilla Olive Tiles by Walls and Floors

‘The colour green is renowned for its calming qualities, bringing a touch of the outdoors in and reconnecting us with nature. It creates a comforting atmosphere, and can bring a sense of harmony and balance to your bathroom,’ Chelsea adds. ‘It has deep connections to our well-being!’

Arena 700mm Modern Oak Single Drawer Console Unit and Heated Towel Rack by Crosswater

Green bathroom tiles

If your bathroom is lacking in character, you really can't go wrong with green tiles. Before you get started, check out our guide to choosing the right tiles for a bathroom.

Victorian Green Metro Tiles by Walls and Floors

If you're looking to create a soothing vibe, green marble tiles are great for looking timeless yet fresh. Although practically speaking, marble tiles are extremely hardwearing and durable, the fact that they’re a natural material means that they’ll instantly give your bathroom a relaxing, spa-like feel – perfect if you like to start and end your day somewhere that feels zen and calming.

green marble bathroom tiles
Verbena Honed Marble Tile by Mandarin Stone

Green geometric tiles, on the other hand, are ideal if you’re looking to give new build a sense of quirky character. You can take a traditional route and tile walls from floor to ceiling, but if you’re using cube or picket tiles, you can also experiment with layout to create interest and depth in an otherwise lacklustre bathroom.

Oska Jungle Green Matt Porcelain Hexagon tile by Mandarin Stone

Grouping or zoning green tiles behind certain features in the bathroom – such as the sink, shower or bath – can make a beautiful focal point.

Try teaming the tiles with a matching shade of green wall paint if you’d like a more subtle effect, or paint the wall in a contrasting colour – like pink – if you want them to stand out.

Riad Green Gloss Porcelain tile by Mandarin Stone

If you’re decorating a particularly angular bathroom, green fan or arabesque tiles will do a great job of softening the room thanks to their curved edges.

Meanwhile, green subway tiles – also known as metro tiles – will give a bathroom a more industrial flavour thanks to their sleek but functional appearance.

Grace Mist Wall Tile by Porcelain Superstore

When it comes to colours, emerald or forest green tiles will give your bathroom a moody, dramatic feel, while pale pistachio, mint or light sage tiles will make your bathroom feel lighter and brighter.

If you want to take it one step further, choosing glossy, reflective tiles can make your small space feel bigger by bouncing light around the bathroom. Mix your glossy tiles with matt ones to prevent your space looking too flat and one-dimensional – combining contrasting textures of tile from the same colour palette will give you a cohesive, stylish look!

Granley Rustic Green Gloss Wall Tiles by Victorian Plumbing

And, remember - if overhauling your existing bathroom tiles is an out of budget endeavour, you don't need to worry. There are actually plenty of ways you can give your old tiles a completely new look without breaking the bank.

If you’re after a quick and easy update, you can easily paint bathroom tiles with specialist chalk paint from trusted brands such as Frenchic or Annie Sloan chalk paint – all you need to do is give your tiles a good clean with sugar soap spray before adding a lick or two of bathroom appropriate paint. Check out our guide to find out how to use Frenchic paint, or find out how to upcyle a dresser with Annie Sloan chalk paint.

Riad Green Gloss Porcelain tile by Mandarin Stone

Green bathroom tile stickers are also great for breathing new life into a tired bathroom, and can be found for under £10 on sites like Amazon (these stick-on subway tiles are our favourites!). These peel and stick tiles just need to be overlaid on top of old tiles to give them a completely new colour and design. They’re particularly great if you’re living in a rented property and want to add your own stamp to the bathroom – they'll make your house feel more like a home without causing damage, meaning you won't have to risk losing your security deposit!

Roxy Green Wall Tile by Porcelain Superstore

Equally, if you don’t have existing tiles but like the look of a tiled bathroom splashback, you can purchase tile transfer sheets or ‘tile decals’ that adhere directly to a wall, giving it a faux tiled, textured look. Look out for stickers that are waterproof and oil-proof as they will be easier to clean – these ones from Amazon are hardwearing and will create an affordable yet beautiful mosaic effect!

Green bathroom paint

Painting a bathroom green is one of the quickest ways to give it a new lease of life, but before you whip out your paint brush, it’s worth taking some time to mull over on which shade of green you’ll go for.

Green bathroom paint
Uno Clearstone Freestanding Bath by Clearwater

While all green shades are rooted in nature, something like a vivid leaf green will make your space feel much more vibrant than if you were to use a deep, rich olive. Likewise, pistachio green paint will make your space feel lively, while classic deep jewel tones will add a sense of Art-Deco inspired opulence that works particularly well in period properties.

Boringdon Green by Little Greene
Boringdon Green by Little Greene

‘If you want to create an energetic feel to start your morning off right, opt for bold, tropical inspired palettes and invigorating shades of mint,’ says Chelsea. ‘"Smashed Avocado" and "Elderflower" paint hues will bring a refreshing and energising feel to any bathroom’ she adds.

More like this
Image by Maison Valentina

‘On the other hand' she continues, 'if you want your bathroom to help you unwind after a busy day, look for forest hues and deep emeralds. These will help you reconnect to nature and lends itself well to more traditional bathroom suites.’

Bathroom with green subway tiles and green paint
Curve collection by Britton

Looking to add further character? Whether you’re renovating a Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian or totally modern space, you can ramp up the impact of your walls by installing wood panelling before you apply your green paint.

‘And, if you can’t decide which green to go for, why not add a sense of depth to your bathroom and use two or three complimentary shades?’ suggests Chelsea. ‘Use the lightest colour at the top, drawing eyes to the ceiling, or perhaps consider painting the ceiling in the same shade for an enveloping scheme!’

Baathroom with green paint and white tiles
Riviera Collection by Burlington

Green bathroom wallpaper

Bathroom wallpaper is back in fashion, and it’s easy to see why! Although wallpapering your bathroom was once considered a no-no, nowadays brands have the technology to create papers that don’t just look beautiful, but can also withstand the effects of dampness and steam. Find out how to wallpaper a bathroom here.

Brand Mckenzie Abstract Jungle Wallpaper

Tropical-inspired papers, especially those with green banana leaf motifs, can look amazing in houses of any age. They’re great at bringing an element of the outside in, and look equally effective paired with modern and traditional fixtures alike. Why not try teaming yours with a mid-century modern bathroom furniture for a sleek, retro look?

green bathroom wallpaper
Palma Tropical wallpaper in green

If you’re after something more subtle, green marble wallpaper will give your bathroom a sense of sophisticated detail without looking too busy or overwhelming. Light green marble-effect wallpaper can work especially well in a small bathroom, as it’ll stop your walls from feeling flat, yet still keep your space feeling open and airy.

green bathroom wallpaper
Image by I Love Wallpaper

That being said, you don’t necessarily need to shy away from dark décor if you’re decorating a compact bathroom – marble-look wallpaper in a deep emerald green shade will transform your bathroom into a luxurious, cosy cocoon.

Interior of modern bathroom with white walls, concrete floor, white bathtub and shelf with creams and shampoo. Potted plants.
Tulip Pattern Sage Green Wallpaper at Wallsauce

Want to dip your toe into the wallpaper trend without committing to a full room makeover? Why not wallpaper your ceiling with green wallpaper to create a daring and dramatic overhead feature? Or, if that seems a little too bold, you can always make a statement with a green wallpaper feature wall.

Pleasure Island by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
Pleasure Island by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

Choose a large-scale print if you want to experiment with scale in your space, or opt for something more delicate and intricate if you prefer a traditional look. Whichever route you go for, don’t forget to check out our bathroom wallpaper guide for advice, ideas and where to buy!

Catherine Rowe Designs Staffordshire Springs Emerald Green Wallpaper
Staffordshire Springs by Catherine Rowe Designs

Mint green bathroom

Want your bathroom to have an uplifting and brightening effect on your mood?

Paintbox Sage Gloss Ceramic Tile by Mandarin Stone

Mint green is perfect for keeping the overall feel of your space cheery but still grounded. Try pairing it with white accents for a springlike feel, or accentuate it with earth tones like taupe and wicker if you want more of a boho-inspired look.

Sage green bathroom

If you’re interested in the idea of light green bathroom décor but want to steer clear of sugary ice cream shades, sage green is the way to go.

Sage Green bathroom
Erice Cross Cut White Marble Effect Tiles by Walls and Floors

A subtle, nature-inspired shade, sage will make your space look light and open but simultaneously sophisticated, thanks to its grey undertone.

Olive green bathroom

Olive green is an earthy, yellowish-green colour that’s thought to evoke feelings of harmony, compassion and strength, making it a great choice for the space where you start your morning routine.

Olive green bathroom
Decobella Alchimia Olive Gloss Tile by London Tile Co

The great thing about choosing olive green for your bathroom is the fact that it pairs nicely with so many colours – try teaming it with beige and tan for a subdued, grounding feel, or spice it up with navy and maroon for a more dramatic look.


Real green bathroom makeovers

Still in need of decor inspiration? Take a look at these impressive green bathroom schemes from our real reader homes!


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