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How to create a chalkboard on your wall

Use blackboard paint and masking tape to create a wipe-clean doodle pad on your wall

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Blackboard paint is a quirky and versatile addition to any home, able to transform an ordinary wall into an interactive space.

A chalkboard wall can be both practical and fun – you can use it as a kitchen shopping list or a notepad, but also as a space to leave cute pictures, or for toddlers – and, let’s face it, adults – to doodle without damaging your decor.

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to making your own blackboard wall, courtesy of painter’s tape firm FrogTape.


Step 1

Pick a smooth surface, whether you’re painting a whole wall or just a section.

Step 2

FrogTape - Chalkboard-1

Use a tape measure to map out the size of your section of chalkboard.

Step 3

Mask off the area surrounding your chalkboard section with painter’s tape.

Step 4

Lightly sand over the section you’ll be painting. This will help the chalkboard paint stick.

Step 5


Apply two coats of blackboard paint, letting the first coat dry completely before applying the second.

Step 6

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While the second coat of paint is still wet, remove the painter’s tape.

Step 7

Once the paint is fully dry, prepare it by rubbing a piece of chalk over the entire chalkboard surface.


Enjoy your new chalkboard!

FrogTape - Chalkboard-21