Home office furniture: five items you can’t do without

Deck out your home office like a true professional with these working from home must-haves

From rubbish WiFi connections to awkward Zoom calls, for many of us the adjustment to working from home has been a bumpy ride! While real life water-cooler chats and in-person meetings remain a distant dream, it’s time to embrace the working from home lifestyle and make your home office space work for you.


For most of us, our ‘offices’ will be limited in space, often occupying the smallest room in the house or even just a secluded corner of the kitchen or living room. That means home workspaces need to be efficient, organised, and, ideally, inspiring too. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a dedicated home office, consider purchasing a room divider to clearly delineate your workspace within the room.

That’s why we’ve scoured the High Street in search of the best home office furniture buys, so you can sit back, relax and get your hustle on in style! Here are our five recommendations for items you can’t do without in your home office!

1. Space-saving desks

1 Noa & Nani Triangular Corner Desk for High Sleeper Bed
Set-up your office in even the smallest of spaces with a savvy space-saving corner desk. Triangular high-sleeper bed corner desk, £39, Nöa & Nani

If you’re reading this from the kitchen table, or a laptop on your sofa, it might be time to re-think your desk situation!

Having a dedicated work area is vital for maintaining a good relationship between work and home. Everyone’s heard the saying that a home office should have a door on it, but the reality is that’s not always achievable. The good news is there is a multitude of savvy space-saving office furniture designs that can help create a study space anywhere, no matter how small.

One design we’re loving is Nöa & Nani’s corner desk, designed to sit underneath its high-sleeper bed to create a super-efficient workspace within a bedroom. Available in clean and crisp white or cool grey it’s a great bargain buy. 

2. The perfect chair

Ribbed office chair with short back, £249, Cult Furniture
Set yourself up for a great day with an adjustable ergonomic desk chair. Ribbed office chair with short back, £249, Cult Furniture

Did you know the average full-time office worker spends around 1,920 hours a year sitting at their desk? Research from the University of California even indicates that workers are 17.5% more productive when they are in an ergonomic office chair. 

With numbers like those, it’s only right that your chair has your back literally.

When searching for your perfect chair, as well as a good-looking exterior, it’s important to look at how well it will adjust to your body. Adjustable height settings should come as standard with most office chairs, but if you’d like more flexibility lookout for seat tilt, lumbar support, and a head-rest for a truly customisable fit.

3. Flexible lighting

Task lighting is essential if your job means you need to focus on the details. Type 75 mini desk lamp in Tumeric Gold, £99, Anglepoise
Task lighting is essential if your job means you need to focus on the details. Type 75 mini desk lamp, £99, Anglepoise

The smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, which means the nights are inevitably drawing in. But is your office space ready to handle the darker evenings?

While overhead pendant lights or living room wall sconces are great for your general lighting needs, they’re not ideal when it comes to more detailed desk work.

Luckily the solution doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Desk lamps come in all shapes, sizes and budgets, but be especially sure to look out for desk lamps with articulated arms; their handy movable parts are particularly useful when it comes to focusing your lighting on detailed work, while limiting any distracting glare from the bulb.

Plus, investing in quality lighting will guarantee you look your best on all those Zoom calls!

4. Add-on organisation

Herlev portable drawer unit in white, £55, JYSK
Cut back on the clutter with a portable drawer unit that can be stowed away after the work day. Herlev portable drawer unit in white, £55, JYSK

Your desk is sorted, your chair is feeling comfortable and your task lighting has got you covered, now it’s time to organise your office space and amp-up its efficiency. 

If you’ve only just joined the working from home club, chances are your desk’s storage will be somewhat limited – especially if it’s your kitchen table! Add-on units like separate drawers are a great way to organise your supplies and contain them within one unit. Look out for units with wheels, in particular, as these can be wheeled next to you when you’re working, and then stowed under your desk at the end of the day for a clutter-free feel.

5. Personal touches

Assorted decorative accessories and soft furnishings, from £6, George Home
Put your stamp on your home office with fun and quirky accessories that reflect your style. Assorted decorative accessories and soft furnishings, from £6, George Home

Practicalities aside, your home office should be a part of your home that you love to look at – after all, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time there. One of the perks of working from home is that your desk can be exactly as you want it. Whether it’s patterned ring-binders, an abundance of houseplants, or an obscene amount of fairy lights, now’s the chance to go all-out and make the desk of your dreams! Don’t forget to add some seasonal touches, too. From spooky Halloween cobwebs to tinsel and baubles at Christmas, the possibilities are endless.