How to make your own pom-pom baskets

This quick and easy tutorial will give a plain wicker basket an eye-catching makeover

Pom Pom Baskets

Wayfair and Peas and Needles have come up with a great tutorial that will allow you to completely revitalise your storage baskets. We’re talking a simple yet effective way to give some real character! So lets get making…

Pom Pom Basket 1

Step 1

Pom Pom Basket 2

Carefully wrap two different types of wool around one half of your pom pom maker – once you’ve done this wrap this around the second half and close the arms of the pom pom maker.

Step 2

Now cut around the circle with scissors.

Step 3

Tie wool around the pom pom maker – this will secure your pom pom. This wool will also be used to tie the pom pom to the basket, so make sure that it’s about 20cm long.

Step 4

Take the pom pom maker apart and then trim around the pom pon to make sure it’s even all the way around.

Step 5

It’s now time to make the tassel!

Pom Pom Basket 3

Wrap wool around something such as a notebook or piece of card. As to how many times you go round the card will depend on how fat you want the tassel to be.

Step 6

Now tie both ends of wool together with another piece of either string or wool.

Step 7

Now carefully slife off the notebook or card that you used and wrap the wool around each end.

Step 8

Using scissors cut down the middle – this creates two tassels.

Step 9

Joining your tassels together

To make your large tassel decoration you need to make two pom poms, four small tassels and one large tassel. It can be helpful to lay out all of your tassels and beads as this will allow you to see exactly where you need to sew.

Step 10

Use a wool needle to start threading the beads and pom poms in the order of your choice.

Step 11

Finish off with the largest tassel – this will then be ready to tie onto your large basket!

Step 12

Creating a row of pom poms

Pom Pom Basket 4

If you’ve got a medium-sized basket you’ll roughly need 22 pom poms (made using the techniques from above).

Step 13

Tie each pom pom on using a wool needle. Now thread the needle and poke it through the basket. When you’re happy with the spacing, secure the threads with a double knot.

Step 14

Attaching small tassles

If you have a smaller basket you’ll need around 20 tassels (use the techniques mentioned above) Tie each tassel on using a wool needle then secure each one with a double knot. To finish off simply tie some pom pom trim around the rim of the basket.


Tutorial and images courtesy of Wayfair & Peas and Needles