Storage is often one of the most challenging aspects of organising your home, demanding creativity to make the most of every inch of available space.


There are plenty of ingenious ready-made storage units on the market, but if you're a dab hand with a hammer and saw you can create your own DIY storage solutions with a little time and effort.

Read on for eight of our favourite DIY storage ideas from bookshelves to baskets, as well as upcycling projects to give old pieces of furniture a new lease of life as stylish storage...

Make your own storage baskets

3 easy to make storage baskets

If you're a keen sewer, this trio of storage baskets makes for a simple weekend project. We love the pompom and tassel details, which make these baskets not only a practical storage solution, but also a fun addition to any room.

Upcycle tea chests

Upcycled tea chests

You can buy old tea chests online or by scouring car boot sales, antique shops and vintage markets. With a little makeover, they can become a stylish storage solution - add a padded fabric top, and you can use them as handy bench seats, too!

Make your own geometric shelves

How to create geometric shelves

These geometric hexagonal shelves make an eye-catching addition to any wall, and are super useful for holding all those loose bits and bobs that create clutter, from stationery to ornaments. In our tutorial, we'll show you how to make them yourself, with cute pastel shades on the inside for that extra-Instagrammable finishing touch.

Build a bookshelf

How to make your own bookshelf

Building a bookcase from scratch isn't for beginners, but if you have some DIY experience you might find this step-by-step tutorial surprisingly simple. You can use any suitable wood you have to hand for this project, and you'll end up with a sturdy, versatile bookcase that will complement any decor scheme.

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Make a stylish A-frame bookcase

An A-frame bookshelf

Why not take your shelf style a step further by building a trendy A-frame bookcase? They're perfecting for showing off everything from books to ornaments to houseplants. This tutorial uses recycled pallet wood and scaffolding board, making it a budget-friendly, sustainable project, too.

Turn an old wardrobe into a larder

Larders are all the rage these days, but whether you buy ready-made or bespoke, they're not the cheapest item of furniture. Luckily, it's easy to upcycle an old wardrobe into a stylish and roomy larder, packed with shelf space for all your store cupboard staples.

Upcycle a side table into a glamorous bar cart

How to make a drinks trolley

Keep all your cocktail-making supplies in one place with a drinks trolley - and not only is bar cart handy, it's ideal for setting the party mood when you're entertaining guests. Our tutorial shows you how to make your own glamorous gold bar cart by giving an old trolley or side table a luxe makeover.

Make your own rustic bath rack

DIY pallet tutorial: How to make a rustic bath rack

A bath rack is great for holding a magazine, tablet, candle or even a glass of wine when you're enjoying a relaxing soak. Plus, when you're not in the tub, you can use it to hold soaps, shampoo, lotions - any bathroom knick-knacks in need of a home. Our how-to will show you how to use pallet wood to create your own.


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