Dependable, versatile and oh-so stylish, beige décor is back – but not as you know it.


Forget grotty off-white upholstery and uninspiring magnolia walls - the beige bedrooms of today are chock-full of rich hues, tactile textiles and opulent accessories… and, the great news is that you don’t need to break the bank to create a luxurious beige scheme in your own home.

From earthy, nature-inspired nooks to soft, sandy coastal schemes, we’ve compiled a roundup of our favourite beige bedroom ideas to inspire your inner interior designer.

Keep reading to discover the 31 gorgeous designs that prove that beige is anything but boring, plus everything you need to know about styling a beige bedroom scheme...

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Beige bedroom ideas

Beige and rattan furniture

beige and rattan bed
Black Ink Abstract 3 Piece Wall Art, Etsy

If you want your bedroom to be a calm, grounding sanctuary, take cues from the design above and team beige walls with warm, earth tones and natural textures. Rattan furniture - whether it's a statement headboard, a side table or a relaxed rattan chair - is perfect for giving a beige bedroom a sense of depth and cosiness.

Beige and boho accessories

Secretly® Premium Poster Set
Secretly® Premium Poster Set, Etsy

A beige colour palette lends itself perfectly to a boho-inspired bedroom scheme. If you want to achieve an inviting, laid-back look - just like the one in the bedroom pictured above - layering is key. Pile up throws and blankets in different shades of beige, and finish the look with natural elements in similar tones... think pampas grass, dried flowers, unpolished wooden furniture and jute.

Beige and black

Margot Rattan Bed
Margot Rattan Bed, Dunelm

Many of us love the idea of a timeless black and white scheme, but depending on the layout and orientation of your space this pairing can look cold and clinical. This is where beige comes in! Take cues from this Japandi-inspired bedroom and use light beige instead of white to warm up a a monochrome scheme.

Beige and bouclé

Holly Accent Chair
Holly Accent Chair, Cult Furniture

Beige and bouclé are a match made in heaven. Team sheepskin chairs with cool beige walls, and finish the look with matte black accessories for effortless, minimalist cool.

Beige and taupe

M&S X FIRED EARTH Washed Cotton Duvet Cover
M&S X FIRED EARTH Washed Cotton Duvet Cover in Malm

Warm taupe walls make a great base for beige furniture and bedlinen, and vice versa. Light wood or woven accent pieces will really complement the tones in this scheme, but you could use black feature furniture if you want to add a bit more drama. Take a look at our dark decor ideas if you need some styling inspiration.

Beige and chateau style accessories

Amelie Upholstered Bedstead
Amelie Upholstered Bedstead, Dunelm

This French country bedroom uses a soft beige and powder pink colour palette soft, feminine look. To recreate this romantic bedroom style at home, paint wooden floors with light beige chalk paint and opt for beige toned, ornate vintage furniture. Finish the look with crisp white bedding and some real houseplants to add a pop of greenery. For more elegant French style ideas, check out our guide to Parisian decor.

Beige and grey bedroom

Beverley Champagne Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set
Beverley Champagne Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set, Dunelm

If your dream bedroom is cool and contemporary but still classic, you can't beat a beige and grey colour palette. Paint wood panelled walls with a beige or warm grey tone to prevent your space from looking cold, and then tie in cool grey tones with a feature headboard or cushions. Why not add metallic champagne or silver tones for a luxe finish?

Beige limewash

Casablanca Collection Poste Jacquard Bedding Set
Casablanca Collection Poste Jacquard Bedding Set, M&S

If you're nervous about a beige room looking too simple, textured walls are the answer. Use either a limewash or colourwash technique to give your beige room a sense of added depth and chalky character - it'll achieve a dreamy translucent effect that makes a beautiful base for neutral furniture and accessories.

Beige and blue bedroom

Simply 100% Brushed Cotton Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set
Simply 100% Brushed Cotton Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set, Dunelm

Beige and blue might not be the first colour combination to come to mind when you're decorating, but the room above is perfect proof that sometimes thinking outside the box is best. The light beige walls really allow the room's bold accent colours to pop, and the great thing is that you can recreate the look at home with little to no commitment. Style up your beige walls with affordable art and accessories, then switch them out as soon as you fancy a change.

Beige and sage bedroom

Luxury Duvet Cover Set
Luxury Duvet Cover Set, Linen Bundle

This bedroom combines warm beige and sage to create a soothing and restorative retreat. We love the pairing of relaxed sage linens and the textured beige curtain - the contrasting textures add a sense of cosy interest, making the room feel welcoming and snug.

Beige and terracotta bedroom

Linen Duvet Cover
Linen Duvet Cover in Cocoa Brown, Etsy

We love the layering of Tuscan tones and beige in this boho terracotta bedroom - the result is a relaxed, warm space that'll feel warm and inviting all year round. To recreate the look at home, choose a colour palette of shades that all have the same warm undertone, using the lighter shades liberally and the deeper shades sparingly. This will help you to create a space that feels perfectly cohesive, balanced and open.

Beige and teal bedroom

Egyptian Cotton 230 Thread Count Duvet Cover
Egyptian Cotton 230 Thread Count Duvet Cover in Air Force Blue, M&S

Combining the calming qualities of blue with the energising effects of green, teal bedrooms are all the rage right now - but if you find the idea of committing to a totally teal bedroom slightly daunting, you're not alone. Combining opulent teal with relaxed beige is a great way to embrace the trend in a more subtle, timeless way. Take cues from the design above and use beige as a base, then tie in splashes of teal with statement wall art, a beautiful upholstered headboard or a scattering of teal cushions.

Beige and light blue bedroom

beige and light blue bedroom
Image by Poster Store

This bedroom design teams sandy beige, powder blue and off white for a modern take on coastal decor, using neutral beige to subtly frame and enhance the bright white and blue accents in the room. If you want to create a similar, coastal grandma inspired look in your own home, mirror the light tones and textures in the design above - it'll achieve instant beach house vibes.

Beige farmhouse style bedroom

Middleton Ottoman Storage Bed - Natural

Layering different beige hues, mismatching wooden furniture and tactile textures, this farmhouse-inspired bedroom perfectly balances a sense of minimalism with a homely, cosy vibe. Mirror the scheme in your own room by teaming light beige walls with warmer beige linens, oatmeal throws and voile curtains in a light beige shade. Finish the look with crisp white linen bedding and some artwork with white borders - it'll break up the beige and emphasise the cosy tones.

Beige feature wall

Pure Cotton Floral Painting Bedding Set

If you're looking to create a sense of drama in your bedroom, dark decor isn't necessarily your only option. This cool industrial bedroom uses a beige feature wall to create an effective backdrop for colourful and contemporary floral bedding. Want to recreate the look at home in a less permanent way? Why not use self-adhesive wallpaper to create a removable wallpaper feature wall?

How do you make a beige bed interesting?

From cottagecore-inspired throws to vintage patterned cushions, take a look at the gallery below to discover our favourite beige bed styling ideas.

Is beige a good colour for a bedroom?

Natural Rustic Handwoven Jute Rug

The colour beige is associated with simplicity, relaxation and calm, making it a timeless choice for a bedroom. Colour psychologists often refer to beige as a dependable colour as it can bring about feelings of trust and security. This makes it a brilliant option for the place you begin and end your day!

What colour goes with beige?

Adah Zig Zag Teal Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

As beige is a neutral colour, it makes a great accompaniment to lots of other shades, whether they're pastels, earth tones, bright block colour or jewel hues. You could team beige with white and pink for a feminine, romantic bedroom, with blue and white for a coastal look, or with strong navy and burnt orange for a sense of drama. Beige also works nicely with other neutral tones like tan and taupe, or, alternatively, you could create a contrast by styling beige with black accents. The options really are endless, so if you're struggling to choose, we suggest making a moodboard with potential fabrics and colours and looking at it in the natural light of your bedroom before you get painting.

It might also be useful to take into consideration the age of your home when deciding on your scheme, as homes from different eras will suit different colour palettes. Check out our guides to Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian, Regency and Mid-Century Modern properties if you're in need of some inspiration!


Looking for more bedroom inspiration? Don't forget to check out our real home makeovers and our guide to the best bedroom colours for sleep!


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