How to paint wooden floors

Replacing flooring can come with a hefty price tag so why not bring a new lease of life into your home with a lick of paint? Here's our floor painting guide

Painting wooden flooring

Wooden floors are a staple for many homes, but if you’re tired of that bronze oak finish, why not give it a fresh look with a few coats of paint? Painting your floor is a great and low cost solution to update a tired room and, with our handy guide you won’t even need to call in a decorator!


Step 1

To begin, sand down the floorboards to key the surface and help the paint adhere. Take care to thoroughly wipe clean after sanding to remove any dirt or debris that will affect the paint finish. Then allow to dry completely.

Sanding wood flooring
© cyano66

Step 2

When the surface is ready to paint, use a brush or roller and paint on a thin coat of quick-drying floor paint. Start at the far end of the room and work your way back towards the door to avoid painting yourself into a corner.

Painting wooden floor blue
© Ulf Huett Nilsson

Step 3

Leave to dry before applying the next coat – a good time margin is painting one coat in the morning and overcoating late afternoon, or leave overnight if you have time. Just make sure you leave 6 hours between coats.

If any dirt has settled, wipe it away with a cloth so it doesn’t spoil the next coat.

Step 4

It’s important to leave the floor until it’s totally dry before you move furniture back into the room, and, when you, ensure you lift the furniture and don’t drag. Ideally, to prevent any damage, leave the paint to harden up for a few weeks before any furniture is dragged.