A black colour scheme can work in a range of interior styles; sleek, contemporary homes, quirky boho styles and traditional, period properties - they all look charming with a dash of darkness. The depth of the shade adds a timeless luxe feel to a home and, when used correctly, can make spaces feel cosier and even make small rooms feel bigger!


A black colour scheme can work everywhere from a bathroom to a bedroom, so we have pulled together a range of black home decor ideas for different rooms. Whether you're lusting after bold black walls or you'd like to introduce some subtler black home accessories, there is something here to get you on the right track for your makeover needs.

Black home decor ideas

Black living room

Coal emersion paint, £45 for 2.5L, Woodchip & Magnolia

Living rooms, whether you like them minimalist or maximalist (or something in between!) should be cosy and comfortable. When considering black decor in this room, always make sure to add points of light through reflective metallics, candles, mirrors and ambient lighting.

Black is a wonderful canvas for super-bright shades, such as neons and corals to pop against, so if you're a colour lover this is a great way of tapping into the dark decor trend while still keeping vibrant shades in your scheme. It's good news for houseplant lovers too as the lush green leaves look even better against a dark backdrop.

Wickham wooden armchair, black, £269, Cult Furniture

We love the use of black decor in boho style homes, like the example above which contrasts the colour with warm browns, golds and crisp white. This combination of colours is perfect for an industrial interior too, as they evoke the raw materials of a factory or warehouse.

To use this colour palette in your living room, paint one wall black and pick out several accessories in black too; such as cushions, candlesticks, light shades and plant pots, and mix them in with furniture and soft furnishings in a creamy or white colour. Finally, add tables, storage and any additional seats or soft furnishings in earthy shades.

Best shops for black interiors

Black kitchen

Wanda Kitchen Stool in natural loom, from Satara

Kitchens and kitchen-diners are hardworking rooms that are often less decorative than other rooms in the house - but that shouldn't have to be the case! A kitchen can be as pretty as it is functional, and adding a touch of black to the room can quickly add style and impact.

Choose black cabinets or surface tops or pick out solely black appliances and continue the scheme through subtle touches such as black doorknobs, or even black crockery. An open shelf with black accessories such as vases, photo frames and plant pots can be enough to freshen things up.

Rhian black gloss tiles, £26.95, Walls & Floors

Got a small kitchen? Choosing black walls can actually add depth to the space, making it feel bigger and less cramped. Stylistically, it'll bring a cosy charm too, especially when you complement the walls with warm wooden furniture and an antique-style rug as shown above.

Practically speaking, a black kitchen can be beneficial as it won't show up cooking stains and everyday blemishes which can look stark in a white kitchen. Bright task lighting will be essential though, so you don't miss any spots when cleaning!

Black bathroom

Photo: Tile Club

Who doesn't love a snazzy bathroom? As black is such a timeless colour it makes a wonderful choice for a stylish bathroom, whether it's a traditional period bathroom or a modern bathroom in need of some character. Metallics pop against a black canvas, which is another great reason to try this shade in your bathroom, as pipework, taps and showerheads can complement the colour.

We particularly love the combination of gold and black, as shown above. It oozes sophistication and the gold adds warmth and light. You could also go the opposite way and use even more black in your plumbing and fixtures; matte black taps and Crittall-style showers are all the rage nowadays and provide a polished, contemporary look.

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Parisian Café Porcelain Tri Black Tiles, Hyperion Tiles

If you're renovating a period bathroom, or just fancy a refresh, wooden wall panelling is a great way to use the colour black. Statement tiles are another option - we love the monochrome design above which adds depth and interest to a small space.

Black bedroom

The bedroom should be the most relaxing room in the home. It should promote peacefulness and tranquillity and be free from clutter and 'busy decor'. Black bedrooms, when styled in the right way, can help us switch off from the stresses of modern life and envelope us in its deep, cosy shade.

The bedroom above is painted boldly in deep black, with the bed blending in soothingly with it. Note how the top part of the walls and ceiling have been left white, which keeps the room from feeling cramped and too dark once the sun sets. The black window frames meanwhile make the view outside a stand-out feature, almost like framed art.

Soho black velvet ottoman, The French Bedroom Company

Subtler touches of black in your bedroom, through accessories and bedding, can pack just as big a punch as black walls. This look is especially fetching for modern interiors, it's sleek and fresh, tapping into both vintage and Scandi influences.

Farrow & Ball Railings paint

If you're not sure about using a true black shade in your home, an off-black or charcoal colour is a great way of tapping into the dark trend without going all-out. One hugely popular dark shade is Railings by Farrow & Ball, which is described as a soft black with blue undertones. Here are two ways of using this cult-classic paint colour...

Farrow & Ball Railings bathroom

To prevent the bathroom looking too dark, the couple decided to paint just the panelling in Farrow & Ball’s Railings, leaving the top half of the walls a crisp white to give the space a fresh look
To prevent her bathroom from looking too dark, Emma decided to paint just the panelling in Farrow & Ball’s Railings, leaving the top half of the walls a crisp white to give the space a fresh look. See the full room makeover here.

This bathroom makeover features Railings on just half of the wall, on stylish wood panelling. This keeps the room looking fresh and bright and complements the white sink, toilet and bath.

By painting the wooden floorboards black too, the room feels bigger and the ceilings higher. It creates a great backdrop for decorative accessories such as plants, vases and artwork, to shine out from.

Farrow & Ball's Railings bedroom

Estate emulsion in Railings No.31, £47.95 for 2.5l, Farrow & Ball
Estate emulsion in Railings No.31, 2.5l, Farrow & Ball

In this bedroom, a similar technique is used with wood panelling painted in Railings contrasting against a white wall and ceiling. Here though, wooden floors and furniture are used to add warmth - essential for an inviting bedroom!

A black bed frame with black bedding almost melts into the surroundings, making the warm wooden floors and accessories the centre of attention.


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