Lick is definitely one of our favourite new names on the paint scene. Although they've only been around for a couple of years, with their distinct jerry can tins and eye-catching shades with simple numeric names, Lick paint has definitely made its mark on interiors enthusiasts.


After launching online in 2020, they've just opened its first-ever bricks and mortar store on London's Northcote Road, with plans for further Lick paint stores around the UK - so they've definitely got their finger on the pulse of the latest trends. That's why we were excited to find out the brand has put together a colour palette of eight shades that will define 2023. And to get a head start on other decor looks that are about to blow up, check out these interior design trends for 2023.

lick 2023 Palette

Much like Dulux's Colour of the Year 2023 - Wild Wonder - the Lick paint palette for 2023 is inspired by nature and a need to engage our senses and reconnect with the world around us.

'We predict that in 2023, people will be gravitating toward a nature-inspired colour scheme of grounding neutrals, paired with earthy oranges, rich greens and mentally-stimulating teals,' says Lick trend expert Matilda Martin.

'These colours will encourage you to slow down and be more mindful of your environment, to look out the window and take a moment to reconnect with the natural world that surrounds you'

Nature is a source of healing, energy and stability. And so are the colours in this palette. Their warming yellow and pink undertones will both calm and recharge you, whilst their heavy black pigment gives them a grounding, timeless feel.

Matilda says the new palette is made up of what she calls 'slow colours', shades which are strong and characterful but subtle enough to remain inviting for years to come.

'From the dusty pinks and rust oranges of Arizona’s sandstone rocks to the olive greens and earthy beiges of Grecian forests, the colours in this palette capture the comforting natural hues of landscapes and seascapes from around the world.'

Read on for Matilda's secrets on how to create four very different moods using colours within the palette: earthy and grounding, energising, nature's neutrals and mentally stimulating:

Earthy and grounding

Lick White 06
Lick Taupe 03
Lick Beige 02

White 06 - buy now

Taupe 03 - buy now

Beige 02 - buy now

Our lightest hue in the palette, White 06 is not your average white. This contemporary neutral has chalky pink undertones which makes it physically soothing. The perfect option for creating a warm, calm and peaceful space.

Taupe 03 Soho Roc House is our stone-coloured neutral that encourages relaxation. A mix of light brown and grey with subtle notes of pink, it will ground and reassure you.

The colour of the earth and wood, Beige 02 Soho Farmhouse is solid, dependable and totally cocooning. Beige 02’s warming yellow tones will envelop and comfort you, whilst connecting you to the outdoors from the safety of your home

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Lick Pink 13

Pink 13 - buy now

Orange 02 - buy now

Pink 13 Nashville House is dusky, warming, and packed full of emotion. The subtle touch of grey gives this hue an earthiness that will instantly ground and recharge you. A hug in a paint tin, pink has the ability to make your shoulders drop, making you feel physically safe.

More like this

An earthy orange with grounding brown undertones, Orange 02 brings a burst of energy into this palette. This hue will bring joy to any space, stimulating conversation and social interaction.

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Nature’s neutrals

Lick Green 05
Lick Beige 02

Green 05 - buy now

Beige 02 - buy now

Nature’s neutral, the colour green reconnects us to the natural world and symbolises life and re-growth. Simultaneously rustic and elegant, Green 05 Rome House’s earthy olive hues will immediately transport you to luscious forests, bringing life and optimism into your home due to its warming yellow undertones.

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Mentally stimulating

Lick Teal 02
Lick Lighter Teal 01
Lick White 06

Teal 03 - buy now

Teal 01 - buy now

White 06 - buy now

Orange 02 - buy now

Bold and calming, Teal 03 76 Dean Street is a mentally stimulating colour that encourages introspection and clarity of thought. Cocooning and warming due to its green undertones, Teal 03 really comes into its own as the sun sets - giving you a moment to reconnect with yourself.

Lighter Teal 01 combines the mentally calming characteristics of blue with the natural energy of green. Serene and calm - this balancing hue will help you unwind.

This palette engages your senses. You’ll notice how the colours in this palette have a tangibility to them - you can almost feel the powder coming off chalky White 06, and the warmth emanating from Orange 02.

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Where to buy Lick paint

You can buy Lick paint online at Lick's website, where you can also order their fab stick-on colour swatches. These peel-off stickers let you test out colours without having to mark your walls - you can even move them around the room to see how shades look in different lights.

Many Lick paints are also available to order online at, one of our favourite online homeware stores. Check out the MADE X Lick page to see all the colours they stock.

In September 2022, Lick opened their first physical store in Battersea, south London - and if that's a little too far for you, you'll be pleased to know there are plans to open more locations, including in Manchester and Bristol.

How much does Lick paint cost?

A 2.5 tin of Lick paint will currently cost you £42, with free shipping on orders over £100. Each can should cover 25-30 m. sq. of wall space, and most spaces should require no more than two coats.

If you want to test out colours before you purchase, you can also order Lick's peel-off colour swatch stickers for £1.50 each.

You can also buy Lick decorating tools so you're fully prepared to get started once your paint arrives - a starter kit containing a roller, tray, masking tape and a cutting-in brush, all made of sustainable materials, currently costs £20.

How long does Lick paint take to dry?

Paint dry time can vary depending on temperature and humidity in the room, but under normal conditions Lick paint should be dry to the touch in one hour and fully dry in four hours.


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