Seven ways to make a small room feel bigger

A small room can be a challenge, but we have some good news – it doesn’t have to be! Check out our seven step guide to see how you can make a small space feel spacious

Making a small space appear bigger

Simple solutions to make a small space feel bigger © Bulgac


Without due care, you can face a cluttered and cramped space – however, all you need to do is tailor your room appropriately, and ensure you make a conscious effort when planning it.

The good news is it’s actually easier to do than you might think. It normally comes down to tricking the eye and creating the impression that a smaller space is more than it is, by using three elements: scale, light and movement.

That’s why we’ve spoken to Vanessa Arbuthnott, who is on hand to share her seven style tips for ensuring your home looks and feels bigger…


Low profile

Having furniture that’s close to the ground is a great way of creating a sense of openness in your room, mainly because it leaves you with more space above. In a bedroom, pick a bed that is closer to the ground; for instance, a loft bed. When it comes to the living room, think about mid-century or 19th century pieces; these are bound to have low profiles.


Mirror on the wall

Mirrored living room interior
© John Keeble

A tried and trusted way to make a room seem bigger is by welcoming in mirrors. Offering a sense of openness, they’re a crucial part of any room, reflecting light and tricking the eye into perceiving more space. Adding a focal point and angling the mirrors towards it creates the illusion of depth, reflecting natural and artificial light to ensure your room stays brighter throughout the day.



White has many different reflective qualities, as it opens up a room, helping to create a light and airy feeling. It tends to blur the connection between both the wall and ceiling as it causes your eyes to travel up and perceive the ceiling as higher. It’s essentially the perfect colour for a smaller room, simplifying the area and emphasising architecture. Pair it with warming elements like a wool throw, and you’ll avoid a room that feels too cold.


Curtains and wall

A great way to ensure you’re making the most of your space is to pick curtains that are the same colour as the wall. Just remember to blend the curtains into the wall instead of sacrificing the space. A more cohesive colour palette helps a room appear bigger than it actually is.


Move furniture from the walls

Space making in a living room
© in4mal

Make sure you move your furniture away from the walls and corners of the room – it helps to make a space feel larger. Leave the corners clear and open, so you avoid having ‘catty-corner’ furniture placement. Moving furniture away from the walls gives a living area a more intimate and balanced vibe. As a finishing touch, make sure you leave furniture ends oriented towards the door.



Clear pieces are a potential solution for cramped spaces. Similar to the sheer curtains, they provide you with clear accent pieces like Lucite chairs or glass-topped tables that make a room feel larger. There’s a chance you may not even have a practical need for it – however, it draws the eye in and provides you with a focal point.


Shelf space

Clutter makes a small space look tiny – if you do have shelving in a small space, be sure to leave bits clear. If you do tend to over clutter, it could be worth avoiding open shelving, so you know you won’t be tempted.