How to make a macramé wall hanging

Bring boho vibes to your living space with this colour-dipped tasselled garland

How to make a macramé wall hanging

This easy-to-make wall hanging makes a great feature, and looks especially good teamed with boho-inspired accessories.

Lulu Medallion Tapestry, £39.00, Urban Outfitters

You will need:

  • 80cm-long jute rope
  • Tape
  • Mustard macramé yarn
  • Scissors
  • Neon pink fabric paint

Step 1

First, stick each end of the rope to your work surface with tape and cut 35 strands of 2m-long yarn. Fold each strand in half and loop around the rope.

Step 2

Separate the yarn into groups of 10 strands – you’re going to be working with each group of 10 strands at a time. In your first group, start with the strand on the furthest right. Knot it onto the strand to the left. Keep working with the same strand working right to left knotting on four strands, then stop when you get to the middle.

Step 3

Next, take the strand on the furthest left and knot it onto the strand to its right. Work left to right using the same strand to make a knot onto four pieces of yarn. When you reach the middle, make two knots with the middle strand.

Step 4

Repeat to create four rows of knots, then do the same on all the other groups of 10 strands of yarn all the way across the rope.

Step 5

Starting on the left, take the first two knotted sections and separate the 20 strands into groups of five. Tape the first five to the left and the last five to the right, so that you’re left with 10 strands in the middle. Using the same technique as steps three to five, start with the strand furthest on the right and knot your first row of knots. Repeat until you’ve knotted four rows. Continue across the rope.

Step 6

Place newspaper under the hanging and brush the ends of the yarn with pink fabric paint. Leave it to dry before hanging it up on a wall.