Exposed walls, from warm raw plaster to brutalist concrete, are everywhere these days, and the stripped-back look works just as well with wood. Plywood interior walls, storage, furniture and decor are on the rise thanks to the affordability and versatility of the material. The warm, welcoming colour of the wood, similar to cork (which is also on trend), also makes it a great choice for a range of home styles, from contemporary new builds to more retro, period-style interiors.


What is plywood?

Plywood is manufactured with thin layers of repurposed wood veneer glued together with resin. These layers are stuck together at alternate angles to create a sturdy and unbending sheet, ideal for wall panelling, storage, furniture and more.

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Handmade, bespoke plywood cabinets from Jetsam Made

We love the warm and colourful plywood kitchen fittings in the example above which look perfect alongside the raw plaster walls and contemporary stainless steel sink. The steel cabinet handles and protective frame around the plywood cupboards means that messy fingers and cooking spills won't be as likely to damage the wood.

While plywood sheets look fab as they are, you can also have them customised with a range of finishes, from linoleum to laminate, to tie in with the rest of your interior scheme. Take a look at Custom Fronts to see just how much you can do to a plywood cabinet! (We've also included lots of other fab plywood brands below). These finishes can add a pop of colour and contrasting texture, but they're practical too, especially for bathrooms and kitchens where watermarks and mess are most commonly found.

Raw plaster walls

Plywood interior ideas

Plywood cabinets

Nordic birch ply kitchen cabinets from Custom Fronts

When it comes to plywood interior ideas, plywood cabinets are one of the most popular ways of bringing the material into the home. Practical and pretty, plywood cabinets are a smart choice for budget kitchen makeovers thanks to their affordability and durability.

Black-fronted plywood cabinets via Custom Fronts

Not keen on exposed plywood? Or fancy adding a bold colour to your kitchen scheme? Custom cabinet fronts, like these black kitchen cabinets from Custom Fronts, are a great way to add some personality to the material, and offer even more protection from cooking spills and everyday mess.

Plywood shelf

Mid-century style kitchen with plywood shelving from Uncommon Projects

An easy way of tapping into the plywood trend is through shelving. From traditional bookcases to contemporary open shelving, plywood is a reliable material to use. It's both lightweight and sturdy so is especially handy for rented homes and student accommodation where you don't want to be lugging heavy furniture about.

The plywood shelving unit above is seamlessly blended into the rest of the kitchen scheme, and the rich shade of the wood works wonders with the mid-century modern aesthetic.

Bespoke plywood cabinet with corrugated plywood doors and maple veneer carcass with an orb-like light fitting from Lozi

How about plywood in the bathroom? This adorable plywood shelving unit is enough to jazz up the dreariest of loos! Or if you fancy something a little subtler, you could try an exposed plywood cupboard and leave it as it is for a minimal, Scandi look.

Plywood storage

Plywood storage crates, £45, ChopShopSheffield/Etsy

We love storage solutions here at YourHomeStyle and plywood storage is something we can definitely get behind. The following plywood storage ideas are modern, playful, and practical. You could use the versatile material to create customisable storage, like the example above, which is perfect for a hallway, home office or a small home.

Plywood rack, from £42, TheSnowSheppard/ Etsy

For a simpler, but just as efficient, storage idea, you could try an exposed hanging rail and open shelving like this plywood rack. It's the perfect way to make use of dead space or an unused corner, and with some pretty decorative storage baskets, you'll turn your bits and bobs into a statement display!

Plywood boards

Display Birch Plywood Pegboard, £158, Little Deer

Pegboards, from small, wall-mounted designs to larger room-divider styles, are super popular these days. Not only are they stylish, but they also provide handy storage points and areas to show off cute trinkets, houseplants and accessories.

Wooden room divider
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