We all know that the kitchen is one of the most heavily-used spaces in our homes, so it's natural to want to keep it feeling fresh. A full kitchen remodel is an expensive undertaking, but the good news is that you can keep your kitchen looking stylish and up-to-date by incorporating the latest decor trends.


So what kitchen trends will be popular in 2022? We've analysed the looks that are growing in popularity and set to take the next year by storm, from 'broken-plan' to home bars. Read on to discover the kitchen decor styles and colours we'll be loving in 2022...

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Home bars and drinks stations

If you're an interiors fan, you'll probably have already noticed that home bars are popping up everywhere these days, a side effect of lockdown restricting us to at-home socialising. But although this trend may have started from necessity, many of us have come to enjoy entertaining friends at home over a few drinks or just whipping up a cocktail for ourselves at the end of a long day.

With famous aficionados like Siobhan Murphy showing off their home bars in her Art Deco home on social media, expect them to become a popular option, especially in open-plan kitchen/diners with plenty of space for entertaining.

Siobhan next to her bar in her Art Deco home, Chatelaine

You don't have to enjoy an alcoholic tipple to enjoy this trend, either - ever since lockdown kept the nation's caffeine addicts apart from their favourite cafés and office coffee machines, at-home coffee stations have been a popular addition to kitchens.

A Modern DIY Coffee Station [for the Home] - Love Create Celebrate

With hybrid and remote working set to remain part of working life for many of us, installing a personal coffee bar is a fab way to style up your working from home routine - plus, it's a lovely feature for hosting guests, too. Check out our handy guide to creating your own at-home coffee station to help you get inspired.

Dark, matt colours

Dark blue kitchen units have long been a popular choice, joined in recent years by even more dramatic black - and while they will likely remain in vogue for years to come, we're also seeing the appetite for deep colours evolve to embrace a wider palette.

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'The trend for darker and bold colours in the kitchen is continuing, but starting to branch out from just the dark blues to include more greens and even deep reds,' says Charlotte Campbell, a kitchen designer for Harvey Jones.

Chester forest green kitchen, from £2,500 for an eight-unit kitchen, Wickes

It's a trend that Alex Main, director of The Main Company, has noticed too. 'Consumers are moving away from the obvious colour palette of greys, blacks and beige and instead introducing rich, deep colour to provide a pop of contrast that creates a statement,' he says.

Claypaint in Lady Bug, £45 for 2.5l, Earthborn
Claypaint in Lady Bug, £45 for 2.5l, Earthborn

High-gloss units are no longer the must-have they were a few years ago - today, customers are increasingly opting for flat matt for an understated, classic finish which complements in the soaring popularity of chalk paint.

Broken-plan layout

We've all heard of open plan, but are you familiar with 'broken plan'? The year ahead will be all about this clever layout style, which offers the spacious feel and flexibility of open plan living while using design features to break up the space and carve out more private zones.

'Creating smaller areas of intimacy within larger open rooms allows the whole family to use the space for different activities, whether it be working from home, cooking, or indulging in a long breakfast, in a connected space whilst still enjoying a degree of privacy,' says Paul Jenkinson, founder and MD of LochAnna Kitchens.

To bring broken-plan style to your kitchen, think recesses and alcoves, breakfast nooks, open shelving units, and partial wall dividers.

How to use room dividers in open plan.jpg

Boot rooms

'We’ve noticed a shift in the number of homeowners looking for a bespoke boot room or utility solution,' Alex Main, director of The Main Company.

The ultimate kitchen add-on, a boot room is a godsend for busy homes, especially those with children or pets, as well as anyone who enjoys outdoor activities in all weathers.

By adding a separate space specifically for putting on and taking off coats, shoes and wellies, a boot room - also called a mud room - keeps dirty or damp outdoor clothing well away from the rest of your home. Not only ideal for muddy and wet weather, a boot room is also useful after summertime trips to the beach to keep pesky sand off your floors.

Boot room ideas
Image credit: The Dormy House

Although often associated with large, traditional homes, a boot room needn't require a lot of space or money. Get creative with a spare corner of your kitchen - your 'boot room' could be as simple as a shoe bench and open-shelf unit by the back door.


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