Planning an eco-friendly renovation? Cork board should be top of your shopping list! Cork is a completely natural, renewable material with a range of practical benefits when it comes to decorating. As well as its eco-credentials, cork's stripped back look is bang on trend too.


Cork is durable, thermal regulating, fire retardant, has sound-proof properties and it's easy to install and maintain. It can also be painted if you're not sure about the raw walls look.

Wondering how to style cork decor? We've selected some of the best design ideas below to get you inspired...

Cork board ideas

Cork board wall

Cork board wall from Amorim Cork Composites

Cork walls are one of the easiest ways of tapping into the stripped-back, eco aesthetic. The textural material and neutral shade make it a great blank canvas for bolder and brighter furnishings.

As cork is extracted from cork oak trees, it's an ideal material for lovers of the biophilic aesthetic and complements houseplants and other natural home accessories brilliantly.

Natural Traditional Cork, £69.99 per metre square, Carpetright

You can buy cork boards as large cladding panels or, more commonly, as tiles. Some designs are self-adhesive, meaning you just need to cut the tiles to size then peel and affix to your wall. For non-adhesive cork tiles, you can glue them on with water-based contact cement.

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If you're not sure about cladding all your walls with cork, you could try a cork feature wall or room divider instead. As cork has sound-proofing and insulating properties, it makes a great material for dividing open-plan rooms.

This cork shelving feature doubles up as a room divider and adds warmth and privacy to the minimalist, open space. Why not sketch out your ideal room divider (think about privacy, storage and open shelving) and ask your builder (or a handy, DIY-loving friend or family member!) to make it for you using cork panels.

Cork wall tiles

Cork wall tiles, from £46.33, Puretree Cork

Cork tiles are great for covering small surface areas such as kitchen counter walls. And thanks to its durability (it retains its natural finish even if splattered with oil, grease and water) and fire-retardant qualities, cork is a great choice for a busy, hard-working room like the kitchen.

We love the splashback design above which complements the eco-friendly plywood cabinets and adds depth and character to what can sometimes feel like a cool, clinical space.

Cork floor

Cork flooring from Cork Imports

As cork is naturally buoyant and shock-absorbant, it makes a great choice for flooring, especially if you have little ones in the house (think of it as an indoor, stylish version of rubber playground turf!).

The neutral colour of cork is another plus for flooring as it creates an adaptable canvas for rugs and brighter furniture.

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Cork exterior

Cork exterior cladding from Nimtim Architects

Cork's uses can extend to your home's exterior too! If you're planning an extension or garden office, it's well worth investigating exterior cork cladding.


Cladding your house's exterior walls in cork could help reduce your energy bills thanks to its natural heat-retaining qualities. It also resists humidity and mildew and best of all, can be recycled later down the line.

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