How to make the most of your conservatory

Conservatories can be expensive home extensions so make the most of yours and ensure it's been functionally designed to maximise use, not just display.

white and bright interior design

Whether you call your conservatory an orangery, a sun room or even a garden room, we have no doubt that you’ve spent time and money on having it installed. But, once it’s finished, the really fun bit begins – decorating it. It doesn’t matter if you're creative or if you struggle to come up with inventive ideas for interior design, there are so many different things you can try.


Creating the perfect décor for a conservatory can sometimes be tricky, but, with these ideas, you can’t go wrong. Whether you're decorating a brand new conservatory, or updating an existing one, we have a few suggestions that could be right up your street.

The conservatory should be relaxing, spacious and bright; but with your own personal touch too. Here are just a few styles to consider:

Contemporary floral

floral interior design

A conservatory is often built very close to the garden, so why not bring the two together? The best way to combine the indoors and outdoors is to incorporate a floral theme. If you’re worried this means an overly-feminine, pink colour scheme, then think again. With so many different hues out there, you can opt for blues and greens and do it subtly.

With a less-is-more approach, choose a wallpaper with an understated pattern and go for warm, neutral tones for the furniture. You could even add some real plants or flowers for a more authentic feel.

If you fancy being brave, combine bold colours with rattan furniture and create your own tropical paradise.

Mediterranean coast

mediterranean interior design

Transport yourself and your conservatory, to the Mediterranean coast and use warm tones and strong hues of colour to bring a different feel to the space. Rich oranges, dazzling blues and even earthy greens can completely transform the interior.

There are many different interpretations for this colour scheme; whether you want to go for richer, deeper reds and apricot tones for something very warm and inviting, or you fancy going for classic white with sky blue.

There are so many things you could do, from adding rustic furniture to bright flowers, you might even feel like you’re on holiday every time you step in the conservatory.

Vintage charm

This particular theme oozes comfort. Using mismatched, antique-style furniture such as drawers and cosy armchairs, you can create an eclectic look. This charming theme is perfect for patterned cushions, cosy throws and the perfect ornaments, such as framed prints.

Vintage lampshades and wooden accents could finish off the look effortlessly, leaving you with a snug room to relax in with friends in the evening.

White and bright

white and bright interior design

If you are looking for something a little simpler, this theme will maximise the light and space, giving you the illusion of a bigger room. Bringing a clean, calm feel to the conservatory, use white painted furniture that looks natural. If you’re not quite brave enough to go all white, choose grey or brown accents such as cushions or blinds. With this design, you can always update it at a later date with colour if you change your mind.

Make a statement

Another idea that is incredibly versatile is keeping the walls and floor simple and very neutral, but accessorising with bold statement pieces. Whether you go for a bright armchair, a big lighting feature or a statement coffee table in the middle of the room, you're able to create an effective design with a strong focal point.

By following this idea, you can change the space as much as you like; simply replace the features with new ones, without having to redecorate the whole room. You can choose decorative accessories that will stand out against the neutral walls and create a little haven.

Colour psychology

Colour can have a huge impact when it comes to interior design; while we all perceive colours slightly differently, we respond to them in a similar way. We often connect colours to memories and, more importantly, emotions. For example, white is often used to create a clean and refreshing feel.

The colour pink, while most often connected to femininity, has a soothing and comforting feel, while blue can create an atmosphere of meditation. It has been shown to actually lower blood pressure and heart rate.


Red can provide a stimulating aspect to the conservatory, with warmer shades making you feel more positive. While this is very detailed and specific, it may be something you want to think about if you are starting afresh. Each of the above colour schemes employs a different feel and will create an entirely different effect, so it’s definitely something to seriously consider.


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