Smart light bulbs are a handy gadget for any busy household, letting you set lighting schedules, control multiple lights and adjust dim levels, even if you're not in the room.

Plus, because they use modern LED bulbs rather than incandescent bulbs, they require less electricity, saving you money on your energy bills.

Smart light bulbs connect to a smart energy hub or smart phone, allowing you a wide range of control. Many models have adjustable colour and brightness settings, so you can bathe your space in your favourite shade or take your room from dazzling light to soft warm white. Different bulbs boast all kinds of features, from to sensors to light up the room as you walk in to bulbs that let you save your preferred settings for a range of occasions.

We've picked out five of our favourites, for everything from everyday lighting to party vibes:

Best smart bulbs on the market

Kasa filament smart bulb by TP-Link

Compatible with the Kasa smartphone app, Alexa or Google Assistant, these dimmable bulbs are ideal if you want to combine the look of a classic filament bulb with the latest smart tech. It’s simple to create ‘multi-scenes’, saving your light settings for different occasions, and you can also group bulbs together, letting you control them all with a single tap.

We love: The choice of soft white – great for everyday use – or warm amber, for a softer, more intimate setting such as a dinner party.

LIFX White to Warm Wi-Fi LED smart light

LIFX White to Warm Wi-Fi LED smart light

Offering a range of white shades from ultra warm to almost blue, this bulb is 1000 lumens bright but can dim down to just 1%, so you can change the tone to suit the time of day, or even your mood. There’s no need for a separate hub as it simply connects to your WiFi, and can be controlled with your voice using Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Siri and Google Assistant.

We love: Day & Dusk mode, which sets your lights to mimic the different colour temperatures of the sun throughout the day.

Hive smart colour light bulb

Hive smart colour light bulb

This colour-changing smart bulb needs a Hive hub to work, so it’s ideal if you already own other Hive devices. Control your lights with the Hive app or using your voice, save energy by setting schedules, and adjust the brightness with a swipe. Smart sensors (sold separately) allow lights to turn on automatically when you open a door or walk into a room. Magic! It’s also worth noting that Philips Hue lights can now be integrated into the Hive ecosystem.

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We love: The spectrum of 16 million colours, which means that you can create the perfect ambience for any occasion.

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Nanoleaf triangle starter kit

Nanoleaf hexagon starter kit

Nanoleaf hexagon triangle starter kit

Transform a plain wall by creating your own design with these super-cool light panels. Set it to display as a solid set of lights, or transition through colours at different speeds for a unique effect. They’re controllable through touch, smart home systems and the easy-to-use app. As well as offering a sensory experience that all ages will love, you can also install some simple games that use the touch controls on each panel.

We love: The music visualiser feature, in which the lights change and adapt to the music you’re listening to via a speaker in the same room. Did someone say ‘disco’?!

Hey! GU10 smart spotlight

Hey! GU10 smart spotlight

It’s easy to personalise your home with this smart bulb in handy spotlight form. Hey! smart lighting products are designed to connect directly to your router – there’s no need for a separate hub to integrate them – and they also work with both Alexa and Google Home. You can set lighting schedules to align with your routine, group lights in one room to control them with a single command, and adjust the brightness, warmth and colour.

We love: The affordable price – proving that you can still achieve a smart lighting system, even if you’re on a budget.


Lisa Hibberd is an experience freelance journalist specialising in interiors